Life: The Digital Fashion Age (a must read)

If you haven't made strides to join the digital age, in particular, social media, it would behoove you to do so. More and more, as we advance further into a world of dot com, apps, podcast, etc our devices have become as much a part of our daily lives as say...brushing our teeth. Trust me when I say, there's no turning back. Just as man advanced from communicating by scratching drawings onto caves, we have most certainly begun to move beyond the idea of phone calls, and pen and paper.  Though I still live for a bit of nostalgia by writing in my journal and keeping an actual day planner - I can't go digital 100 percent. But to those who continue to frown upon the Digital/Information Age, consider yourself a part of the dark ages. Now, to shop the old fashioned way (no pun intended) you might as well scratch your "must haves" onto a piece of bedrock. 

In case you're thinking this technology, social media, app-driven world is just for the younger generation; then you can continue to duck your head in the sand. You're missing out on a mega-watt shopping experience, a heck of a lot of information, and incredible deals. One trip to my local fashion/entertainment center cemented what we already thought...our devices are here to stay. 
Sure, we all still love popping into our favorite clothing stores. However, I would suggest go the extra mile and do more than make a physical appearance. Now, stores have given their social media following the edge in shopping incentives. By shopping online, not only are you still receiving the same great merchandise, you're also receiving a full-blown lifestyle experience. Take Ann Taylor Loft as an example. Yesterday's email contained a wide assortment of new arrivals...and...would you believe recipes for Thanksgiving! To top-off the entire experience - the recipes were Pinterest ready. Do you have a hankering for Pumpkin Ricotta Dip with Rosemary Crackers? Sounds delicious, and now the recipe is on my Epicurious Board on Pinterest. Here's another example: When visiting my favorite eyebrow threading artist, I saw the below contest announcement. Guess who won a free eyebrow threading...ME! It wouldn't have happened if I wasn't on Instragram.

Take a selfie and become a winner of a free eyebrow threading. I won!!
Convenient device Charging Stations positioned throughout my favorite shopping/entertainment center.
Check this out, at Urban Outfitters, download their app (for ios only) for an easy way to shop their Holiday catalog. Once you scan the image you desire from the catalog, you're taken to their online store. Smart marketing, indeed. A perfect way to incorporate lovers of catalogs with the tech-savvy.

I could go on forever with this subject. The information I share is just a drop in the bucket. Let me add one more device advantage - even eBay is in the technology game. Recently while watching a killer vintage bracelet, eBay asked if they could send me a text message just before bidding ends. I was able to put in my bid seconds before the auction concluded. I love it when I receive this message from eBay - Congratulations you won! If you're planning on Christmas shopping on eBay, this is an excellent tool. You don't want those great gift finds to get away. 

So my dear friends, back to my opening statement - it would behoove you to stop living in the uninformed age. If you're my generation or older, for some of us, it has been difficult to embrace this lifestyle. I understand the apprehension with privacy, or feeling like there is no need to accept it. However, I refuse to be left behind. We're not going to go in reverse, rather, things will continue to progress, and the more you leave yourself out, the more difficult it will be for you in the long run. Have an informed day {wink} 

Stay True,

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  1. I do agree. As a reluctant dabbler, I know my issue has always been with privacy. I am a very private person, so this has been kind of like wading into cold water! But I am making the effort because like you said, I don'the want to be left behind. I don't think I will ever tire of shopping in brick and mortar stores as this is fun for me. But online shopping is something I do more and more. I am moving forward in this area (digital) and think that having lived the other way, I do know when it's time to shut things off and take a break. I get stressed always being "connected".

    1. Privacy is a big concern for many. I too wrestled with privacy. I do, however, enjoy the added perks for being a part of the online community. Far greater information is dispersed through this medium. Rarely does a weekend go by when I haven't spotted a fun activity to engage in. Information I doubt I would have found without being involved in social media. Like you, Karen, I'll never part from visiting brick and mortar. It is fun. I love to touch the fabrics. Since I enjoy finding treasures, online shopping seems to be the best for me. I'm always surprised what I find. Also, I completely understand about getting stressed with being connected. I take days...sometimes weeks away from being connected. It can be very stressful, indeed.

  2. Yes get right or get left behind. Technology is king these days! Good post!

    1. You got it right, Robin...get right or get left behind. That's for sure. Thank you!

  3. Even my mother is on Google, Facebook and plays several games with her friends through her virtual Wordfeud game. It took me six years to get her this far, but since three years she is happily googling away. She is now 87.

    1. Kudos to your mom, Greetje! I want to be like her when I grow up. That is awesome!

  4. I would LOVE to be involved in social media but I have no clue HOW to, or what, exactly, one does on social media, other than giving a running commentary about one's day or tweeting one's opinions, or (according to you) shopping. I don't understand the appeal. Why on earth would anyone be interested in my day? Could you perhaps explain more about it all, for those of us who are completely in the dark BUT WHO DEFINITELY DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND (though I realise I already am behind!!!)?

    1. Hello Friend.

      Thank you so much for commenting on this post. I know it is a difficult pill to swallow for some. But, it is a fact our world is becoming more and more digital. To the point where, if you're not utilizing certain communication avenues, you aren't receiving the same benefits. Which is why I mentioned shopping. I have friends who don't use computers or social media at all, and it is evident - they aren't receiving the same information, deals, discounts...you name it. Because of the line of work I do, yes, social media is a must. However, I am picky on which forms I use. Each one has it's own distinct personality. If you choose to enter in the tech world, you can select which one you want to engage in. As an example: Facebook is a community which many families are a part of...sharing pics, etc. On Facebook you can also "Like" your favorite stores, magazines, museums, restaurants, sport teams, etc. By doing so, you'll start receiving great information from them. Information you typically wouldn't find elsewhere.

      When I speak about getting on social media, I'm not talking about joining each one...twitter, instragram, pinterest, google+ etc, etc. You make the choice. Most people start with Facebook.

      You aren't too far behind, you are communicating with me via Blogger, which is a form of Social Media {smile}. I hope this helps.


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