Life: The Beauty of the Handwritten Note

When I was a young girl, I always knew how I wanted to spend my allowance. I would ride my bike to the neighborhood Hallmark store with two ideas in mind. The first idea was to purchase the latest issue of Teen magazine, and a pretty nail color, or second, buy a box of pretty stationary. In my bedroom I had a single drawer dedicated to my pretty paper and pens. Rather than phoning my friends, I would sit and write them notes...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for being my friend and letting me play with your new puppies. 
I'm going to ask my parents if I can have one.

Your Friend,

Strange as it may seem, I do believe this behavior was an early blossoming to what my life would become - a writer. It made me smile when my friends told me they received my letter. What child doesn't enjoy receiving their own personal mail? I can't think of one. Fast forward 40 years and I still have a night-stand drawer filled with pretty stationary, and I continue to relish in the beauty of the handwritten note.  

Though I recently wrote about the perks of joining social media in a post called The Digital Fashion Age, I am still a firm believer in communicating the old fashioned way - by sitting down with pen and paper. In my opinion, taking the time to write a note to someone shows you truly care. Sure there are times when a nondescript email is appropriate, however, in cases when it is not; I suggest sending a message on well-selected stationery. 

During my oldest son's senior year, he was met with some challenges. The administrators at his high school went the extra mile to make sure he reached his goal. One was even kind enough to offer him nuggets of wisdom he could glean from in the coming years. In a day when people typically hear from people when it's bad news...especially school personnel, I took it upon myself to send notes of gratitude. By doing this, it hopefully demonstrated how important their acts were toward my son, but it also made me feel good for spreading genuine, heart-felt appreciation. Do I send personalized, written notes to everyone? No, I do not. I typically send one when my heart moves me to do so...when I'm touched.

To start you on your way to letter writing, here are a few suggestions:
  • Purchase a quality set of stationery. Crane & Co has a lovely selection, and so does Papyrus. Also, if you live near Pasadena, Vroman's has an excellent inventory. Another good source for pretty stationery are museum gift shops.
  • A beautiful writing pen. I adore my new Michelle Morin designed pen for Anthropologie. I also love having a selection of colored pens in pink, purple, orange, etc.
  • Have a fragrant essential oil handy, like lavender. Lightly scent your envelope by dabbing the oil on the seal portion of the envelope. When the receiver opens the envelope, they'll be even more surprised when the scent permeates their space.
  • Don't lick your envelopes. Either purchase a sealer or use a glue stick.
  • Close off the envelope with a seal that represents you.
  • Finally - do not rush when writing your notes. It would be terrible to make a mistake on your pretty paper. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this 'Life' post on the beauty of the handwritten note. And please, take some time to share with the So What to Twenty community your thoughts on the subject by commenting below. We would love to read your words {wink}

Stay True,

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  1. I love handwritten notes...I think they are so personal and elegant. Thanks for bringing it up now. Glenda. The holidays are perfect occasions for handwritten notes and cards.

    1. My thoughts exactly, Pam. This is the perfect season to personalize.

  2. Understand and loving life as it is, never changing anyone or thing, just to enjoy and understand that all is beautiful.

  3. Here here! I have been trying to drum this idea into my kids' heads forever. Long live the handwritten note!

    1. Yes, I'm with you, Connie. I'm also teaching my sons the importance of this art. My oldest son gets it. I still have work to do on the baby :)

    2. I just discovered your wonderful site. Bravo on teaching those two boys to write thank you letters. Their future mother-in-laws will thank you. I have two grown sons and it has served them well. God bless you.

    3. Welcome Rosary! I'm so glad you're here. There are some things we shouldn't give up. Good ol fashioned social decorum is a must in our household.

  4. I agree. It is nice to send and it is terrific to receive. As my handwriting is very bad (always has been from when I was a child), I usually draft what I want to say on a piece of paper before I put it on a card or letter. Sometimes I don't and indeed .., then I usually make a mistake.

    1. I notice whenever I'm rushing, I always make an error. So I try to relax.

  5. A forgotten memory, but not so for me. .every now and then I'll write a note..there's something special about writing on beautiful stationery, not to mention is nice to receive one in the mail, instead of bills all the time

    1. Yes, Jamala, I so agree with you. There is something very special about writing on pretty paper. And yes...instead of the bills any day :)

  6. Love this post! I always love getting a hand wriiten note, but my penmanship is much like my typing ability..
    I do love papyrus papers and Crane, too, of course. i also love handmade cards ! Good idea to use a glue stick!
    xx, Elle

    1. I think I have a mild obsession with paper, Elle. I love the feel, the smell. I think this is why I still read books the old fashioned way. And yes, I adore going to the library :)


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