It Steals the Show

Since watching Grace Kelly in Rear Window, I've long had a fascination for bracelets adorned with cool bobbles. Remember the scene when she and Jimmy Stewart are looking across the courtyard from the infamous window. Dressed in the lime green suit, Kelly removes her jacket to expose a white halter top; and on her arm...that jaw-dropping, multi-strand pearl bracelet that jingled as she mixed Stewart's drink. I'll never forget such an iconic fashion scene. 

I now consider a bold statement piece on the arm ultra chic. Imagine this scene - picture yourself in a classic ensemble while dining with friends. You reach for your drink and the adornment on your arm gently clinks against your wine glass. The harmony resonates across the dinner table. All eyes are now on the instrument that created such a beautiful sound. It steals the show.

Today's look, while subtle in details, strikes a balance between quiet and direct. Artistic romanticism (the soft drape of the top and the ornate bracelet) mixed with southwestern (boots, denim and turquoise). However you view this ensemble, the bracelet is most definitely the coveted piece. I hope you enjoy today's look.

Today's Look: Denim Wrap Skirt by Talbots via eBay (Great selection of denim wrap skirts on eBay); Bishop Sleeve Top: Vintage (I found a few bishop sleeve tops on Etsy plus patterns); Ralph Lauren Boots via TJ Maxx (Great selection of riding boots at Nordstrom. Almost identical pair by Aquatalia 'Gaia' Weatherproof Boot); Soft Fabric Clutch: Ann Taylor Loft; Turquoise Ring purchased in Mexico; Bracelet discovered on eBay.

It's fun to wear a garment or accessory that steals the show, or sparks a conversation. Wouldn't you agree?  Enjoy your week, and don't forget to pop over to Bloom for your massage. If you missed my introduction to Bloom visit this link - Bloom...Are You Ready? {wink}
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  1. Oh I love that movie! The first time I saw that, I wanted to be like Grace Kelly. Your bracelet is gorgeous. Why did anyone give that away I wonder. I love bracelets that make the tinkling sound when I move! Love the look you put together today!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Karen. Grace was so lovely and elegant in the movie. Many people on eBay are vintage stores and not solely folks like me who sell on occasion.

  2. The whole outfit is beautiful...but you are right...this steals the show! Just lovely!

  3. Lady! You just made my day with this! That is such a gem of a bracelet..it speaks volume with its simple elegant touch

    1. Yes indeed, Jamala. I love wearing it with everything. I'm looking forward to summer and wearing it with a simple white summer dress.

  4. Ah, it is not just the lovely bracelet that steals the show , dear Glenda! It is you! But I do love the bracelet and the denim skirt, and boots, and white blouse....and....
    xx, Elle

    1. Elle, thank you. I'm smiling from ear to ear with this comment :D

  5. Oh. You're wearing my favorite white top. Such a find. And that bracelet! Stunning. I get lots of fashion inspiration from films, too. Now you make me want to watch "Rear Window" again.

  6. A very sophisticated look. Imagine that.. with a denim skirt. Anything is possible if you know how to style.
    The bracelet is lovely, but I am always afraid it might not touch the glass with a gentle tingle but it might smash the glass, or dip in the sauce. Is it not hard to wear?


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