Who Are You?

Food for thought for your weekend...

I ask this question...Who are you? 

I lived much too long without knowing the answer to this question. A question which seems so small, but yet, knowing the answer gives you all the power in the world. 

A PLACE CALLED PEACE: For much of her life, stylist and blogger, Glenda K. Harrison lived in emotional turmoil, ruled by pain and heartache and making personal decisions that undermined her own sense of self and well-being.

When a striking realization about her family spurred Harrison to take bold and decisive action, she bravely chose to traverse the difficult emotional terrain that would ultimately lead her to a new understanding of herself, her gifts, and her destiny - a new place where she could finally be at peace.

Now, Harrison shares her story with others who desperately want to find their way to inner health, and a vibrant life but do not know how.

Drawing from her experiences coaching women to embrace their individual gifts and personal style, Harrison gently but persuasively inspires others to take decisive action to change their lives for the better.

Who Are You? Have a peaceful weekend{wink}

Stay True,

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1 comment:

  1. Love the beginning of your new book !!!!!!!!
    A great question to ask.. and being able to answer without all of those other qualifiers.
    When people ask what I do, do you know what I answer.
    Housewife! hmm.
    xx, Elle


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