Products That Give Me Life: Part One

Last night I was joined by friends at The Intersection on Periscope. During this gathering, I shared many of the products, services, locations, etc, I absolutely love...or should I say - that give me life! Here is Part One of my A-Z list. Enjoy!

My end of day treat usually involves me enjoying a warm bath. Aura Cacia surrounds me in a cloud of silky, lavender scented paradise.
So addictive. I can't have just one. The perfect little cookie to be enjoyed alone, or with your favorite warm drink. 
Clarks Nutrition
Take the time to visit your Natural Food Markets. Check out the events calendar. They're usually loaded with a bevy of healthy lifestyle workshops. This month I'm attending workshops on creating my own herbal delights.
Day Designer Planner
Seen in the first picture. When I saw the Day Designer collection on display at Target, I had to have one. Mine is not only pretty with its bright pink, leather bound cover, but it truly keeps me on point. Many use their smart devices for scheduling, but I'm old school - I need to write it down. There's something very nostalgic about writing it down. 
A huge selection of color. Need I say more.
 When I decided to get into physical shape, I searched around for many types of home workout programs. I came across Fitness Blender while searching YouTube. After the first workout, I was hooked. Daniel and Kelli take you through such a wide variety of workouts from Aerobics to Yoga. Hence the name - Fitness Blender. Free from bells and whistles. Just good ol' fitness at its best.
again F~
With my sensitive skin, I'm not big on fragrances. I have, however, discovered the natural perfumery called Fresh. Fresh has pioneered the use of many natural ingredients in the beauty industry, and offers an experience as indulgent as it is effective. My favorite Fresh perfume is Love. It's lite and airy and evokes the feelings we get when we first fall in love. Available at Nordstrom.com
The Getty Museums
Recently I shared a blog post with you called A Day at the Villa on which I took you on a tour of one of my favorite museums called the Getty Villa. Whether it's to view a new exhibit, take in a lecture, have lunch, or to take in the scenery and atmosphere, a season doesn't go by without paying a visit to one of Southern California's most beautiful museums. I've been quoted saying, "Even if you don't like art, the scenery alone will capture you." I just discovered my Day at the Villa blog post was featured on the Getty Blog. Click HERE to view.
I've mentioned on several occasions - I have super sensitive skin and I'm always on a mission to find products that are gentle and free from man-made perfumes, chemicals and ingredients. Such is the case for Herbivore Botanicals. Currently I'm using the Coconut Bath Soak. The ingredients are Dehydrated Coconut Milk, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut CO2 Extract, and Vanilla Planifolia Extract. Can it get any simpler? After using this product, my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom.
Who doesn't love Instagram? I find inspiration from the many beautiful images which appear each day. I especially enjoy following the many museums, retailers and bloggers I love.
Another great product I found at Clarks Nutrition. Since 1959, JĀSÖN has created products free from harmful ingredients.  This botanically-rich daily skin cream delivers long-lasting moisturization. With each use my skin feels rejuvenated.
Picture from Nom Nom Paleol
As we all know Kale is packed full of vitamins, and is one of the healthiest foods we can put on our plates. Here is a quick and delicious recipe I discovered on Pinterest from Nom Nom Paleol. This recipe is so tasty - I know this to be true because each time I prepare it, my sons gobble it up. Not a drop remains for the next day. In the original recipe, Banyuls vinegar is used. However, since I didn't have this type of vinegar on hand, I did substitute for Apple Cider.
Lavender Shea Soap by Scentsational Soaps
I love the creamy lather and scent of the Lavender soap. And when combined with the Aura Cacia Lavender Bubble Bath...Yes Please! Check out the Scentsational Soaps ad on the sidebar. It's your gateway into a handmade bath experience.
Seen in the first picture. I this beautiful floral writing pen to commemorate myself in becoming an author.

Stay connected for Part Two of Products That Give Me Life coming next week. I hope to see you at The Intersection{wink}
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  1. Thank you for this list Glenda! (The picture of the kale and bacon made me want to run back home from work and make this!! And it's 7 a.m.!) I enjoyed the broadcast and wanted to say how I appreciate you for 'keeping it real' and showcasing products that are natural, good for you AND affordable! I have seen products promoted on several blogs lately that are rather pricey (ex. $95 for a small jar) and while I know the bloggers often get these products free to try, and it's always a 'take it or leave' it kind of thing, I appreciate seeing products like the ones you show here that don't break the bank. I have found wonderful products for my face that work and fit my budget. I am going to order some of those soaps to include with Christmas gifts for my daughters-in-law. I know they are going to love them!

    1. Karen, truth be told, I do not have the budget to spend on expensive products. If I do buy something that's pricey, it is a treat and not something I do often. I do believe in shopping wise, but purchasing quality. It can be done. I don't like wasting my money on things that are cheaply made or poor quality. Foremost, I am a wife and mother with two sons, and our families resources are spent on what's important - not an expensive jar of face cream, etc. I cook with whole foods because I want my family and myself to be healthy. Rarely will I cook with processed foods, and take-out is only done on the rarest occasions. And like I mentioned last night, I've had issues with my skin so it's important for me to stay clear of harsh chemicals. I'm always amazed at what I find in the natural food stores. They're virtual treasure troves. :)

  2. Also, just wanted to add that I think it is a habit worth 'stealing' - your cookies and hot drink in the afternoon. And such low-calorie cookies...no guilt!! Even though I'm at work for such a major part of the day, a little routine like that (even at my desk) would be a calming little respite. I'm going to borrow your idea and stock up on those Bordeaux cookies!

    1. Often times it's the little treat that makes the world of difference. I look forward to this part of my day. Enjoy it Karen!

  3. Love this simple as ABCs index of great and useful products. A scent called love, this I will check out. I also love a fragrant bath, and i adore that cookie, my fav!! Thanks for sharing!
    xx, Elle


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