There is a space between the light and the dark...
The seen and the unseen. This space is called Life.
G.K. Harrison

One evening, while sitting field-side during my son's football practice, I entered into a conversation with one of the football dads. The father, who was more than a decade younger than I, seemed to be searching for approval on decisions he made regarding his own life experiences. The conversation touched on many aspects of the steps we often take in life...marriage, divorce, raising children or choosing to not start a family, career choices, and yes, even religion. A part of Glenda wanted to avoid the conversation all together, so I could unwind and selfishly enjoy my own space. However, as he continued to seek my opinion on the above mentioned topics, little by little, I broke from my self-contained bubble and shared my thoughts. 

In the beginning, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I feared I would say the wrong thing. As the football practice came to an end, we stood to gather our belongings. I turned to him and said... 

"If you're seeking the answers to life's questions, you won't always find them. In many cases, there are neither right nor wrong answers. There is a space between the light and the dark...the seen and the unseen. And with all our planning, and careful attention to detail; there will always be a gray area. In this area is where life happens." 

To capture a visual for light and dark, for today's look, I'm wearing a delicate white, scallop patterned embroidered dress (last worn in a post called Clouds). In stark contrast, I've combined the almost ethereal dress with edgy, leather accessories which evoke an air of mystery...the unseen.

Outfit Details - Embroidered Dress: Anthropologie; Mid-Calf Boots via eBay (Seriously nice mid-calf boots on Shopstyle); Wide Leather Belt (This Ralph Lauren belt is amazing. Other great belts at Nordstrom); Cat-eye Sunnies from the Getty (Great cat-eye sunnies by Kate Spade); Vintage Black Lace Clutch (Great selection of black lace clutch purses on Shopstyle)


This is not sponsored. I only want to share my experience with using the below product:

When the space between the light and dark becomes daunting, I often take refuge in a warm, luxurious soak. Recently I discovered a bath product by the brand, Herbivore Botanical. The soak, simply called Coconut, is a delicate blend of dehydrated coconut milk, sodium bicarbonate, coconut extract, and vanilla extract. The results are a soothing bath experience which leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and baby soft.

If you're interested in knowing some of the other products/services that get me through Life, please join me this (NEW DAY)-----> Tuesday evening at The Intersection - 7pm (PST). I've got an interesting list of goodies to share with you - some you may know about and others may be a complete surprise. Join me on Tuesday{wink}
Stay True,

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  1. I love that dress. You look great in white. And I love that it looks like it has a petticoat underneath. Takes me back to my childhood dressing-up-for-Sunday-school days. The father at the game probably sensed that you are a wise soul which is why he sought your advice.

    1. It is a lovely dress, Connie. There's something very nostalgic about it. It looks vintage from the 50s but it is modern. It is lined with a whisper thin cotton slip which gives it is skirt fullness. No petticoat. I think by cinching my waist, it gives an illusion of fullness too. I'm glad you like it. The father saw something in me, that's for sure. I'm flattered he trusted me with his thoughts.

  2. I love the dress with the boots, especially given that it is autumn. It is a good way to span the seasons. Your thoughts on life deserve more pondering, which I will do. Looking forward to hearing about the products that get you through! The coconut soak sounds wonderful!

    1. I'm working today on the items I'll share. I think you will like them. See you at The Intersection :)

  3. Brilliant post. And awesome dress.

  4. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your light.

  5. Thank you for this story. .your response to the gentleman was on point. .I'm glad you chose those words because so many times when one is seeking answers, people tend to be more judgmental. Your answer allowed him to think more for himself. You chose the perfect outfit for this post. .

    1. I agree Jamala. Those were his choices. Who am I to say they were wrong or right. And thank you!


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