Life: A Quiet Afternoon

Have I told you I'm an introvert? Where many thrive from spending time with others; I find it necessary to spend time alone in my thoughts. Don't get me wrong - I love people. But I also love quiet. It is, in this state, I gather my strength.

Today I'm sharing the majestic and albeit, tranquil location I visited last week (I made mention of it in the post called Descansar. After feeling over-worked, I was whisked away for a quiet afternoon to the Huntington Library, Museum and Botanical Gardens. Not just your ordinary museum, the Huntington is acres upon acres of landscaped, as well as undisturbed natural beauty. Visit GARDENS and discover more. On Monday, the weather was cool, and we were greeted with a much welcomed rain. I felt like I was in paradise. It was indeed a spiritual experience. There were few guests on this day. It was almost as if we had the Huntington to ourselves. Though we did pop into a couple of galleries, most of the day was spent outdoors. Enjoy the images from my day at the Huntington.

The Japanese Garden

Passage way in the Chinese Garden which leads to the Tea House
The original home of business tycoon Henry E. Huntington is the cornerstone.

The MaryLou & George Boone Gallery

Enjoying the rain from inside a boathouse in the Chinese Garden

Amazing what nature will do when it is undisturbed.
A little camera play.

A view of the cafe looks cozy with the rain clouds hovering over head. We stopped in for tea and dessert.
Chamomile Tea and Carrot Cake - Yum!

Incredible succulents in the Desert Garden

What can be more beautiful than mother with child?

An inviting rustic bench.

I hope you enjoyed the images. This is just a mere drop in the bucket of what the Huntington has to offer. If you're ever in the Pasadena area (San Marino) of Southern California, make sure you pay them a visit. Have a peaceful day {wink}
Stay True,

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 Photographs by Freddy and Glenda and are the property of So What to Twenty!


  1. Oh, I love the Huntington Gardens! It's been too long since we've visited, will have to schedule time again soon. Your photos are wonderful, and capture the amazing variety of landscapes.

    1. Cathy, the front of the museum has been completely redone. The gift shop is unbelievable. You've got to go soon.

  2. Just beautiful! I feel relaxed just scrolling through the photos. Like you, I too need a lot of time being quiet in nature to decompress and center myself, especially after stressful times.

    1. And this is just a small portion of the grounds, Karen. It is truly a beautiful place that takes a couple of days to take in. As I've matured, I have grown to respect quiet. I can feel myself getting irritated when I have to constantly talk or be social.

  3. Oh this post just made me smile. I'm such a fan of Botanical Gardens and your photos have captured it beautifully. Makes me want to hop on a plane to visit it.
    I can totally relate to needing time by myself and these Gardens would be the perfect place for me. I hope you felt truly rejuvenated by your visit.


    1. I enjoy revisiting this post for the same reason - it makes me smile. You completely understand me. Yes, I was rejuvenated. It was truly a lovely day!


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