An Evening of Textiles at FIDM

Whenever my college Alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), contacts me to report on an event, I leap at the opportunity! I am very proud to be a graduate of such a prestigious fashion school, and it gives me such joy to support the students, and witness their excitement as they display their work.

This past Tuesday evening, I journeyed into the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles to attend the FIDM Textile Design Exhibition and Reception. As a lover of fashion, I was thrilled to attend this event. In my opinion, the textile is the first point of reference when determining quality and appeal of a garment. When you enter your favorite clothing store, and an item captures your attention, the first thing you notice is the fabrication...the colors and textures draw you in. 

The work of 17 students graduating in Textile and Fashion Knitwear Design were on display. The exhibit consisted of their original work in textile designs for both apparel and home furnishings. Attendees also had the opportunity to thumb through the students portfolio collections which included knit apparel, fabrics with prints, surface design and computer aided design. From concept to finished product, students work with talented and skilled instructors at FIDM to master the many disciplines and skills necessary to function successfully in today's dynamic marketplace. In addition, the students were given the opportunity to participate in a collaboration with women's wear fashion company, Eileen Fisher. Their objective was to design a print for Fall 2016 that meets the Eileen Fisher brand identity. 

Some of the students original knitwear designs

Student portfolios and original knitwear samples were on display

During my time at the exhibit, I had the opportunity to meet textile student and FIDM Debut 2016 participant (click HERE for a preview of Debut 2015), Eniola Hundeyin. Eniola, a native of Lagos, Nigeria dreamed, as a little girl, of attending FIDM..."I use to read about it and see FIDM on Project Runway," she happily stated. During our conversation, I shared how I also graduated from FIDM in 1986. I watched as her expressive eyes grew even larger. She laughed as if to say, I didn't know FIDM existed back then! She was surprised to learn FIDM was founded in 1969! From a young girl dreaming of attending FIDM, to showing a collection in one of the most anticipated fashion events (Debut) in Southern California, Eniola is definitely making her dreams come true.

Textile Student, Eniola Hundeyin stands next to her mother in a beautifully crafted native Nigerian ensemble.

FIDM at night
Check out this impressive tour of the Los Angeles campus. 
You'll understand why I'm so proud. You'll catch Eniola at 5:27 using the digital loom. Enjoy!

Congratulations to all the talented 2015 Textile Design FIDM graduates. We celebrate your designs and your bright future ahead in the creative industry. If you or anyone you know has an interest in studying fashion, interior, digital media, or a host of other creative arts, please be sure to visit the FIDM website for more information{wink}
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  1. This is such a fascinating report Glenda. I can see why you enjoyed the evening so much. Enroll & her mom are such attractive ladies... I love the mom's dress!! I do see why you are a proud graduate! Really enjoyed this post!

    1. Karen, her mother's dress was outstanding. I wish I had gotten a better picture that showed the incredible beading and details. I was a fun event. FIDM always does things so nicely.

  2. That was a terrific tour. I had no idea it was so wonderful. I did a little stint at Parson's in New York. No comparison. You should be proud of your alma mater!

    1. Yes indeed, Connie. It is a beautiful campus - smack dab in the middle of the fashion district. I'm very proud.

  3. What an exciting event Glenda. I would have loved the opportunity to attend some place like FIDM, what a fantastic opportunity for you and for the recent graduates. I, especially, love the photo of their portfolios. Thank you for the tour!


    1. I knew when I was in the 10th grade where I wanted to attend. At first my mom didn't agree, but after taking the tour, she knew it was the perfect fit for me.

  4. I think it's awesome that you have that relationship with your alma mater. I'm sure the students are excited to meet a graduate who is doing well in her field. .....and "great job" to FIDM for keeping up with the times to serve their students better.

    1. Thank you Sophia. Yes, FIDM is on the cutting edge and very much with the times. They understand relationships are key.

  5. My tablet misspelled Eniola's name! Sorry about that! : )

  6. Untapped, raw and beautiful talent. Great kids and great work. Thanks for taking us with you.


  7. I love textile, fabrics. I would have loved to become a fabric/textile designer. Never knew that back then and I also doubt whether I have the creativity for it. But I do love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. How fun! I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and even taught there for a few years. Its always great to go back and contribute to the school that taught you so much. Its always inspiring to see young talent.


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