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I'm sitting in my home work space and I'm feeling completely at peace and refreshed. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint - Rain drops keep falling on my head. OK, that was a pretty obvious hint. Yes, it's raining! I never thought I would be so happy to type or utter those words. The heat this summer has been daunting and it is such a relief to hear the sound of rain, and to open the windows and have the cool, fresh air come indoors.

Since it's a beautiful rainy day, I'm using this post to share a few tidbits I'm sure you'll enjoy...

First, be sure to check out my sidebar. Do you see the logo for Scentsational Soaps? Scentsational Soaps is owned by a dear friend of mine, Toushonta Hogan. She and I met many years ago, when I was a fashion columnist for a local newspaper. Since meeting, we have partnered together for other endeavors - One being her companies support of A Daughter's Heart, the cancer support service I launched in 2008 in memory of my mother. The mission of Scentsational Soaps is to see nature as a means for beauty while promoting self -awareness thru the use of natural products. They aim to provide handcrafted products that create sustainable communities while enabling people to connect with the environment and themselves. I adore her products and find her handmade soaps to be purely decadent. So, click the link and indulge in the world of Scentsational Soaps.

Second, don't forget to tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) for the next gathering at The Intersection. For tomorrow, I'll share many of my eBay wins and give a quick tutorial on how I make eBay work for me and my wardrobe. The gathering begins at 7:00pm (PST).

And finally, recently Simple Sensitive Skin Experts sent me their latest product to try - Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes. OK friends, I'll have to say I'm hooked. When I wear make-up, I use the wipes to pre-clean my face before the actual cleansing. This way I'm ample sure I've removed all traces of make-up before I end my day. I also used them recently to cleanse my face when my family took a very long, turn-around road trip to Northern California. The wipes leave my skin feeling moisturized and thoroughly cleansed. I even use them on my son after he ends his football games. Like I've mentioned on several occasions, my skin is super sensitive and I must be very with what I apply to it. This product is a sure winner.
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  1. I love scented soaps like this! Actually, I think a lot of it is that they are beautiful to look at! The shape, the colors, I just find them so appealing. I'll have to get some of these. I tend to use them more for decoration, so will get some to actually USE! : ) Looking forward to The Intersection - I need to hear your secrets for Ebay shopping!

  2. Hi Glenda! Long time no talk! It's good to be back on your blog :-) Those wipes sound pretty good! I doubt I can get 'em here though...

  3. Glenda,
    The soaps sound so marvelous. Lemon mint would be a great way to start my day. Also those wipes sound really good. I like to have them with me in my hand bag because New York can be a very Germy place to live. Going to try and connect with you on periscope tonight I hope it works if not next time. Hope all is well
    XOXO Elle

  4. Just finding you is a one to you left on another bloggers post about taking blogging breaks. Loving that dress in your logo pic.


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