The Southwest Revisited

Hi Friends, 

Just a friendly reminder - This week we're finishing up A Place Called Peace, so I'm stopping by to quickly share a trip down memory lane. One year ago today, I published a post called The Great Southwest. It was one of my most favorite photo shoots. The location, the weather, the mood, and a surprise guest, all made the post come together beautifully. I hope you'll stop by to see the original post - The Great Southwest. In the meantime, here is a picture, which I believe, captures the essence of this fashion and life story. Enjoy!

Stay True,

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Photographs by Freddy and are the property of So What to Twenty!


  1. Great short, it s perfect for the theme and so quietly dramatic !
    I am so glad you are nearing the end of your final stages on A Place called Peace....
    xx, elle

  2. The dress, the jewelry, the horse...love it all!!

  3. Just the name 'The Great Southwest makes me want to read right away. Beautiful picture of you.


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