Knowing Your Fashion Personality 101

“Style has to do with the ways in which you’re able to 
orient your critical intelligence,
your spirituality, and your sense of character.”
Cornel West

I'm using today's post to respond to a fashion question that seems to be on several minds. The question is, "How do you know your personal fashion personality?" 

To some, the idea of knowing your fashion personality can be daunting, while others can define it within seconds. Many of you have commented on my ability to wear so many different looks and still manage to look myself. Here's why...the key to knowing your fashion sense is to know yourself. When I make this statement, I'm not speaking about general knowledge pertaining to you, like, I'm married, I love Mexican Food, I have two sons, etc; but more of your entire essence - your loves and desires, your spirituality, how you live your life...those types of things. Here's a clear example pertaining to myself:

For those who have been following So What to Twenty for some time, you'll remember me stating I refer to my fashion personality as Classic with a touch of Boho and a bit of Quirk. Here is how I ultimately arrived to my fashion personality: In a nutshell...I'm a native Southern Californian, born in the 60s. The spirit of my homeland courses through my veins. Though I think highly of  traditions, I also am a person who connects with the earth. I live my life connected to the art community. When I'm surrounded by nature and arts, I feel my best. The best way to describe how I feel is free...uninhibited and natural...at peace. Also the idea of fashion non-absolutes fascinates me, etc, etc.

So you ask, "How does that description translate into a fashion personality?" Here's how it works. If you'll notice, I underlined the key words which have basically become the foundation to my wardrobe: 
Tradition = Classic
Nature and Arts = Bohemian
Non-absolutes = Quirky

Of course the state where I live (the warm southwest) and the era I was born (my love for vintage 60s) will influence my fashion choices - that's a given, but now you see how the rest of my essence encompasses my fashion choices. So that you can better understand what I'm writing about, here are examples from previous posts.

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Classic overalls, combined with Quirky lace top and south western sandals - Get to Work
Classic, Quirky - Dark Liquid

Bohemian - Emerge
Classics, Quirky - Details
Southwestern influences - The Great Southwest

Classic with a bohemian feel - Handkerchief Season
1960s, Quirky, Classic - A Rare Find
Classic, Quirky sandals - A Touch of Quirk
Classic, Quirky - Inspired by Cara

Classics head to toe - Continue...

Classic, 60s, Quirky - 49

Bohemian, Southwestern - Fluted
Classics, Quirky - Pineapple'd
Classic, Bohemian - The Game Changer

Classic, Quirky - Flower Power

California, Classic, Southwestern - Loud & Clear
Bohemian, Southwest - The Rancher

California, Classic, Bohemian - Chillaxing

Bohemian - Get Shorty

Classic, Bohemian, Quirky - Freedom

Bohemian - Island Fever

Classic, bohemian, southwestern - Inspiration

Now it all makes sense, and the Cornel West quote at the beginning of this post rings loud and clear - Right? Though my fashion choices are completely different, they all manage to capture my true essence which equals my style. This is why in order for your wardrobe to represent the true you (your style), you must know yourself. When you know yourself, you'll have confidence. Most importantly, you won't find the need to run after every trend that hits the scene. You'll be able to look at the fashion and say, "Where does this particular fashion fit in my life?" You'll view fashion from a unique perspective, and that unique perspective is about YOU{wink}

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Stay True,

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  1. One of the things I like about your style Glenda is your authenticity. You are 100% you in all of your looks. I want to shop your closet!!

    1. Thank you so much, Steph! Perhaps one day I will sell some of my things ;)

  2. So many great looks, we love your blog and fashion sense. Keep rocking it!

    ISA Professional

  3. So true Glenda and such a great read and great selections. xo

  4. I think I was trying to hard to be different, and this put it in perspective for me. I am a classic modern girl through and through, and traditional overall. For example, the photo of you in the coral cardigan with the white shirt and jeans, that is just me when I dress casually. And the black sheath dress with the sandals, that's me at work (except we can't wear open footwear!) I think my 'modern' side comes in with the use of different patterns and colors, but I honestly do know who I am and what I feel great in. You look just right in any of the three looks, classic, boho or quirky. Here's to being happy with who we truly are! Thanks for a thoughtful post - I read this and thought I really need to quit trying to be something else. I do dabble in trends when they jump up and shout and wave their arms at me, but for investment pieces, I'm really into classic styles! I feel good about that! : )

    1. The hard part for some will be in getting to know them self. After that part, it's a piece of cake. Sometimes we look at others and say, "I want to look like them, or dress like them." After reviewing this process, you'll be able to decipher what's for you and what isn't.

  5. This is a really interesting post Glenda, I enjoy your writing equally as much as your always great outfits.I feel as I get older my own sense of my style becomes stronger and the need to care about trends and colours is no longer an issue.

    1. Thank you Jill. I really enjoy writing just as much as I enjoy the business of fashion. I agree with you. The older I become, the more in tune I am with my fashion choices.

  6. You have great taste and timeless style. Your confidence and beauty shines through it all. Very interesting post.


    1. Aw, thank you so much, Busola. I'm blushing :D

  7. Excellent post which showcases your classic style. BTW, check my blog. I nominated you for an award.

  8. Gee, it still sounds difficult. I know myself pretty well and I know people often say "that is typically you", referring to the outfit I am wearing. But I still cannot pinpoint it to words like you did. But you gave enough examples to show it works.

    1. It takes quieting yourself. Once you get the words...you're done. Go for it!

  9. ergh, i just lost my comment!
    Ok, now you, YOU!! This was an eloquent summation of your style. Fascinating to read and impressive that you know yourself so well. Your confidence does radiate with each post. It is clear you celebrate the freedom to choose, and embrace the "experiment "- the creative inclination to create and combine in new ways, never copying someone else.
    I love all of these very different looks, and that Is why I love following you.
    XX, Elle

    1. Gosh Elle, you always say the kindest things. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

  10. Such a great post Glenda! Very insightful. I think it's really important for people to be able to find their fashion personality. Knowing this information saves so much time and money as well as helps you find muses for inspiration. I really enjoyed a lot of your looks especially "A Touch of Quirk", "The Game Changer" and "Flower Power".

    1. Hi Jordan and thank you. I think the industry fails to mention how important it is to find your true style. But then again, perhaps it's smart on their part. It keeps the money flowing. I'm glad you enjoyed the looks.

  11. What a great post! I'm going to share this on Twitter, Glenda! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & hope to see you next week!

    Dawn Lucy

  12. I just adore your style Glenda! I don't know I can define my style yet but it's probably classic feminine with a touch of fun.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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