A pair of pants that hug your hips perfectly; the top you receive tons of compliments on; the handbag that houses all your belongings just so; the sandals that go with everything...

We all love reaching into our wardrobes and grabbing our favorite things. Don't we? Except these items are no longer just things, rather, they have become our tried and true friends...reliable, dependable, trusted. You get the picture.

On this relaxed Friday, I dedicate this post to my friends. Some new, and some have been with me for years. But regardless, they hold a special place in my heart. Enjoy!

The pants are quintessential Glenda - lightweight, cropped and with a bit of a slouch - they hang on my hips just right. For some reason they also evoke somewhat of a rock 'n roll feel. I've decided to style them with my favorite swing shirt with ├╝ber puffy sleeves, this summer's favorite sandals and my cherished silver accessories. This outfit can hang-out with me at many of my favorite locations...the Getty Villa, lunch at the Ponte winery in Temecula, shopping the cool stores in L.A., spending the afternoon strolling around Victoria Gardens, or to the farmer's market on Sunday. Anywhere I take my friends, we always have a great time. 
Outfit Details - Stripe Twill Relaxed Cropped Pants: Loft; Navy Blue Swing Top: Gap 1969 Collection (Very old): Tie-Up Sandals: Bernardo Vintage Couture; Crossbody Bag: classic Coach (Purchased years ago. Options Coach crossbody at Nordstrom and Coach); Belt: Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx; Sunglasses: Loft (Sold Out. Similar Leopard Sunglasses at Nordstrom; Silver Jewelry: Purchased in Mexico.

Sterling Silver Jewelry purchased in Mexico

I'm so in love with my silver curls.

What are your #wardrobefriends? I bet you have plenty who have stood the test of time {wink}

Stay True,
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  1. I really like this outfit and how it looks on you. Love the sleeves on that top and how they balance the whole look! Just goes to show how something from years ago can still look current and stylish. I watched your live broadcast today and really enjoyed it! (Love your wall color, is that gray?) Looking forward to the broadcast on Wednesday. You are so real Glenda, it's like sitting and having coffee with a friend whose advice you are seeking! This was a great idea!

    1. I saw you online when it went live. Karen, I was so scared and then I said, Ok, I'm going to talk like I would to my girlfriends. So I'm glad you said that I'm real. Good. That's what I want to be.

      I purchased the top on clearance at Gap for $3.99 and I absolutely LOVE it!

      The color on my wall is a soft powder blue. I really like it. It makes the room very serene.

  2. What a fab look, Glenda. The pants are everything.

    1. I really love them too, Lenya. They're my new best friend :)

  3. You look so comfortable!! Like the broadcast. How long are you able to keep previous episodes?

    1. Yes, I feel comfortable in this outfit. I'm not sure, Steph. I think if you don't repost the broadcast to your blog you'll eventually lose it.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy. They are great pants. Uber comfy!

  5. Stopping by to show some blog love. I love your outfits and your inspirations behind them. Have a fab weekend:)


  6. Lovely pair of trousers, looking good. And yes I have "friends" like that too.

    1. It was love at first sight with the trousers. I'm sure you have many many friends, Greetje :)

  7. It's wonderful and magical to have true friends! This outfit is certainly your good friend - comfy and stylish, very you! I love that photo of you sitting on the floor, very relaxed and cool. Sorry I couldn't see any video (?) - I am not in tune with the modern day technology, and when I clicked on the link, it says it was expired. Good luck with your new endeavors Glenda! Videos is something I'm considering dong in the future, possibly. Anyway, I love the idea and would love to see your videos! xxx


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