Well friends, the much needed rain California so desperately needs has decided to join us during our usually glorious, hot summer. Yep, we are in the middle of a freakish summer storm and I am completely flabbergasted! For the past couple of days, the clouds have unleashed their fiery upon us...rains, wind, lightening strikes. The whole storm thing that we're not use too around here. The cool thing about the storm is it gave me an opportunity to name a post flabbergasted. I happen to LOVE saying flabbergasted. Have I ever told you I love words? Anyhoo...

So here I sit, at my desk on Sunday afternoon, unable to get out to take fashion pictures. I feel somewhat melancholy (I love that word too), however I know the reason behind my sorrowful mood. You see, I'm not much of a rain kind of girl. Give me the sun and I'm a happy camper. But amid all the storms, I know how much my precious California is thirsty, therefore, I will push my emotions aside and put on happy face.

In the spirit of California when it rains storms, I've decided to pull in photos from a post called Silver Linings (circa March 2014 and before I decided to ditch the hair dye) - Another day when the weather decided to not cooperate. If you want information on the outfit, please visit the link to Silver Linings. Thank you. Enjoy the pics and stay to the end where I answer a few questions since being nominated for the Liebster Award by Delilah of Pump & Studz..  


1. How did you decide on the name of your blog? 
I want everyone to know So What to Twenty is not a slap in the face to women in their 20s. It is, however, a slap in the face to an industry which constantly makes women of a certain age feel less than desirable. So What to Twenty is an affirmation for women in my age group and above - we are still beautiful, relevant and can still rock a look so, So What to Twenty!

2..With regards to your blog, what is your favorite blog post/look and why?
Hmm. Ok, my favorite look was recently in MAXImum. The dress I wore was stunning. I felt awesome in it. My favorite post(s) was a series I did on transformation. The posts were: Confident, Dark Liquid, Road Closed, Shine and Emerge. I took my readers on a journey in search of Glenda. It was very therapeutic, indeed.

3. Have you done something which pushed you outside your comfort zone lately? If so, what?
Yes, I'm writing my first book called A Place Called Peace.

4. Heels or flats?
Depends on the occasion and the look I'm going for.

5. How do you motivate yourself to blog regularly?
I like to connect with the people who follow So What to Twenty!

6. What is a common misconception about blogging?
It's easy. 

7. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter? Why?
Instagram. I'm a sucker for pretty pictures.

8. If you could live in another country, where would it be?
France or Great Britain

9. What is the best thing anyone has ever said about your blog?
It inspires them. 

10. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

11. What’s your go-to comfort food? 
Ok, don't laugh. It's soup. Yes, I know not many people crave soup, and my family makes fun of me. But I LOVE a good bowl of soup. It must be connected to some sort of childhood memory...

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to learn more about me, please see my #FearlessWoman Feature by Whitney Nic James. Hopefully I'll be able to take fashion pictures later this week. In the meantime, stay true{wink}

#FearlessWoman Feature

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  1. Glenda, I also looove soups! Justin once said if I wanted to open a restaurant, I should name it Soup Chick (in Russian, soupchick would mean "little soup", so it's playful, and he knows it). :))

    Interesting to learn something new about you!

  2. I will take those rain clouds...send them to South Texas! I love that you wore white in front of the dark clouds. If the soup is homemade, I am right there with you!

  3. Where I live (Ohio) we get rain much more often than we have sun. After a string of sunny days (which typically means two in a row), we are back to overcast. I am with you on the sunshine. It makes me feel wonderful and inspires me. I love a good thunderstorm at night and often sit out on the front porch to watch them. But bring on the sun in the daytime. I will not live here when I retire : ) !! I enjoyed the Q & A very much (in your post). While rice is my favorite food of all, I'm right there with you on the soup. I could eat it every single day, summer or winter! I like the photography in your post too, the contrast against those (I'm sure uncommon) dark clouds! Love the white top!!

  4. I never thought I'd see the day when the clouds over in your district would darken the sky, lately in Pittsburgh we have dark skies on the regular. Those shoes are adorable!

    It's so comforting to know that more women in our age group are speaking out on our relevancy. I think now more than ever, thanks to the digital age, we must work to rid our culture of this notion that just because we are more seasoned that doesn't equate to putting us out to pasture.

  5. Here it is a new English word for me to learn:flabbergasted... ( so, thanks! I always try to improve it trough blogging!)
    The dark sky is very nice as a background for your photos! Beautiful detail on the back of your top...
    I like to learn about you! :-)


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