Since I was in my youth, I always felt the need to be different. While other girls wanted to wear the latest trends or jump on the bandwagon toward the latest fad, I waved the bandwagon away saying, "No thanks. I'm headed in a different direction." 

I felt no need to join the others. Something within me felt it necessary to blaze my own trail. Some would ask, "Why not take the road which has already been laid?" Sure, it makes perfect sense - the journey would require less work, thought or preparation. But regardless of the less amount of toil, I could not release the idea of being different. In my eyes, being different was and still is much more interesting than being basic.

For today, I'm wearing an outfit which is a reprise of pieces you have seen before, however today, the items are joined by elements which take the look on an entirely different journey...a scarf tied around the neck or on the head, and a pair of unique flats. Pay close attention to the shoes. While on an impromptu shopping trip with my husband, I tried them on. His response was, "They're different." Enjoy!

Outfit Details: Flat Shoes with Ankle Strap: Zara; Frilled Top: Zara (sold out); Petite Dark Rinse Curvy Skinny Jeans: Loft (Loft Jeans); Medium Basic Sunglasses: Loft; Square Silk Scarf: vintage (beautiful scarves at Nordstrom. Love this scarf by Ralph Lauren)

Should I take the road which has already been laid?
My hair blowing in the wind isn't a concern. I'm just being different {smile}

Today I leave you with this to ponder {wink}

"If you always go where you have already gone, 
then how can you see what has never been seen? 
If you want to see what has not been seen, 
then choose to go where you have not gone." 
G.K. Harrison

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  1. Glenda, I adore this look. My favorite piece is, okay pieces, the strappy pointy shoes, and the fabulous scarf! I really love that look, it looks so fresh, yet nostalgic too.
    Love your new header and blog design ! I am impressed!!!!
    Xx, Elle

    1. It does give a wink to the Jackie O era, doesn't it. Early 60's. The pointy shoes are indeed different, but in such a fun and non-expected way. I adore them :)
      Thanks Elle!

  2. I too have an almost compulsive desire to be different!
    Some people I know long to never be noticed so they try to blend and fit in...I don't get it.
    I find different is creative. Bravo! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I was raised to fit it, but I always felt like a round object being forced into a square peg. An awful feeling. I'm so thankful to break free and dance outside the box. You are indeed unique Jazzy Jack :)

  3. Ah yes, The Road Not Taken. I've always liked that one. I find your opening words/quote to be profound and inspirational. I love to be made to THINK, and this puts me right into that frame of mind. I love the creative twists on your outfit, and the shoes are just fabulous. Different yes, but in a really good way!! The scarf is truly cool. I really like that you are wearing it on your head, ala 1970's, but also in a good way. Somehow that always looks chic to me, like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn! Being different is very, very good. I find being different to be freeing. When you aren't forcing a look just because it's a trend, when you are doing what feels good on YOU, that is very freeing! You can be unique in your own way, in a way that can't be compared to the current trends. It's just you! Great post Glenda!

    1. Thank you Karen. Unique or different is very interesting. But often times, people shy away from different. Most want to see the same thing repeated. If it weren't for people being different, we wouldn't have such great inventions.

      I like the scarf ala Grace too. Even though my wearing it isn't to tie-back my hair...just a fashion statement. I've always adored that look. My husband wasn't too sure about the shoes, but I adore them. I'm glad you like them too.

  4. I can never make my head scarves sit up like Jackie O. They always hug my face too tightly and make me look the I just stepped off the schtetl (Jewish village) 100 years ago. Yet you got it right. How???

    1. Hi Charlotte, the scarf that I'm wearing has a nice stiffness to it, yet it is silk. Also, I was fortunate to have a slight wind this day, so you're seeing the wind catch the scarf. Perhaps when you saw images of Jackie she was also caught in a breeze. Also, the scarf isn't tied too tight under my chin. Just enough to secure the scarf.

  5. You always look amazing Glenda! It pays to be different! I love those shoes!! Great quote too! Andrea x


    1. You're sweet, Andrea. Thank you. Yes, the shoes are super cool and very unique. I'm going to have a great time wearing them.

  6. Cute, lovely combination. I like the scarf around your neck. Not a fan of the scarf on your head. Probably because in The Netherlands that means it is lousy weather haha. Your husband was right, the shoes are different and perfect. Good thing your bought them.


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