11:45am - Lately, the weather in Southern California has been somewhat fickle by vacillating between sunny & warm, and cloudy & cool. And since I have already transferred my fall pieces for my spring and summer clothing, the temperament of the weather has completely thrown a wrench into my dressing plans. I'm in the mood for shorts, sandals and cute little sundresses, but the cooler weather and threatening rain clouds cause for a bit more coverage. As I type this message to you, I gaze out my office window, watching as the sun occasionally brightens my world, to then disappear behind the graying clouds. 

Outfit Details - Denim Jacket: LOFT (I purchased mine years ago. Here is LOFT's newer version; Skirt was custom made; Shirred Soften Shirt: LOFT; Silver Mirrored Sandals: Zara (Many options @ Shopstyle); Chain Belt: Macy's 


3:00pm - As the day moved forward, the temperatures rose to a lovely 75 degrees, and the clouds became less and less visible. It was necessary to remove the jacket in order to keep cool. We all vacillate between subjects and opinions, I suppose the weather has the right to do so as well {wink}

Friends, with the busy-ness of the end of our school year, my son's school activities, and my husband's work schedule, it has become difficult to find time to take photos. I'm going to take a short break. I'll return the first week of June. In the meantime, you can catch me on Instagram

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  1. I certainly know what you mean, what's with this crazy weather???
    Love your yellow skirt paired with a denim jacket, simple yet chic.

  2. Cute! I have similar items in my closet. Thanks for giving me a new way to wear them!

  3. Beautiful as always. Twirl, honey, twirl! The cheery color and movement of the skirt are so much fun.
    Enjoy your break and the upcoming summer.

  4. Well, your yellow skirt brings some sunshine to a cold day! BTW, the first (well, only) time I was in L.A (long time ago), I was really unprepared for the weather. It was really cold after sunset, in July, I remember freezing... And sunset was so early!!! And I was if course totally unprepared because all I had packed was summer clothes I would wear back home (so, no jacket or long sleeves...)

  5. What a great outfit Glenda! I love skirts like that (flowy) and the color is like a sunny day! I have always liked the look of a denim jacket over a dress or skirt. It's a perfect way to deal with fickle weather!

  6. Love the beautiful pop of yellow and the chain belt. Lovely as usual!

  7. It sounds pretty much like PNW weather. :) The skirt is ADORABLE! It makes me smile - it's like sunshine on you! I like that you wore it with the denim jacket, perfect! The belt and sandals are just the right accessories as well. Have a wonderful break, Glenda! I know, sometimes there is just not enough in 24 hours... Will be waiting for your return! xxx

  8. Have a lovely break. And you can wear this outfit as many times as you like as it is beautiful. If the skirt is custom-made... was that by your lovely sister again?

  9. OK, now something spooky is really going on Glenda. I think I have found my west coast twin!
    Love the full yellow skirt! Love the white and denim to top it off and your shoes, of course, and gorgeous and glam!
    Ah ..fickle weather In SoCal? say it aint so!
    nothing like custom made.
    xx, Elle


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