Hi Friends!

Because I always want to bring you good content (I hope you think it's good), I will have to take a break for the next two weeks. My oldest is graduating from high school, and with all the busy-ness of end of school year activities and graduation celebrations, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on the blog. I won't completely disappear. You'll find me commenting on my favorite blogs and hovering around Instagram, but as far as publishing posts, I'll have to put that part on hold. Thank you for understanding my commitment to you. In the meantime, you can revisit or visit some of my favorite posts. Enjoy!

Flower Power

The Rancher

A Bouquet for Tcheng

Loud and Clear


Handkerchief Season

Embracing Femininity

Optimistic + Announcement



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  1. Congratulations on your son's (and thus your's!) milestone! Such a truly special time for the family - enjoy every minute! I'm going with my sister on our annual shopping trip (massive amounts of fun!) and have decided, after all the inspiration I got from you, that this will be my time to select a really special top from Anthropologie! Can't wait! Enjoy your time off!

  2. Congratulations, enjoy this special time with your son and family! Take a lot of pictures as I can't wait to see them on IG.

  3. Beautiful style, congrats to your oldest on his graduation!


  4. I am so glad that you stick to your priorities! That does honor who you are and makes you seem more real. ( You seem real to me! :) ) I love this look backs, and I love to see how versatile your style is. Your exuberance is a constant, though! As is your pretty face and figure!
    I will peek around instagram... soon.. I hope!
    xx, Elle

  5. A high school graduation, how exciting!! My youngest has one year left to go. What a wonderful time of transition for everyone in your household I'm sure. Best of luck to him and we'll see you when you return!!

  6. Congratulations to your son on his high school graduation. Hats off to you for making sure you are present to enjoy your son's accomplishment with your family. Thanks for sharing all the fab photos of your chic style!

  7. Life happens, in the meantime we are not going anywhere!! Love the looks shown, but my favorite is the 70's look you posted some weeks ago. You completely nailed it!!


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