Sunday Afternoon

There's a beautiful rhythm associated with Sunday afternoon...

Sunday - the final day of the weekend before heading back into work; a day commonly set aside for rest and relaxation; a day with its own coined phase (Sunday Driving) that defines a slower pace in driving; a day which, in its name alone, represents warmth with bluer than blue skies.

On this day of laissez faire, the warm temperature beckoned for patio dining at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The sipping of citrus infused Margaritas, the rhythm of the Mariachi, the great conversation and laughter shared with family...all felt so right and a part of the alchemy of Sunday afternoon. Draped in an intensely blue, coquettish, tiered dress, I felt at one with my surroundings - a hue which reminds me of the beautiful colors the Latin culture embraces, and the intoxicating California sky. Enjoy! 

Dress is courtesy of Chadwicks of Boston
A lovely lightweight, tiered dress that boast an easy drape with a gentle flutter around the hem. Made of 100% rayon.

Today's Look - Peasant Dress: Courtesy of Chadwicks of Boston; Renn Woven Crossbody Wristlet: Charming Charlie; Sandals: Nine West (Options at Nordstrom.com); Delicate Round Stone Necklace: Loft; Ring: Anthropologie (purchased years ago).

On an inviting Sunday afternoon, what activities do you enjoy? Do share, I would love to hear from you{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy and are the property of So What to Twenty!


  1. Loving this outfit! the dress is insanely amazing, Glenda, that color is awesome.

    1. Thank you Lenya! Just hop on over to Chadwicks and the dress can be yours :)

  2. This dress is perfect for Sunday afternoon and you look so relaxed. I love the sandals too - the color is great.

  3. I completely agree with you about Sunday afternoons, Glenda! Especially in warm weather. I have always agreed with Henry James about 'summer afternoon' being the most beautiful words in the English language! I could just imagine your relaxing patio dining experience, and you chose the most perfect dress!! Don't you just feel uber-feminine in something with tiers and a ruffly hem? When the weather is warm and the day stretches out ahead of me, I love to get outside and putter around the yard, relax on the patio with a fun drink and a book and grill someting for dinner. I'm all about patio dining in the spring and summer - at home or away, it just says relaxation to me! You have some really great shoes!! Karen

    1. Karen, thank you for sharing the info on Henry James. I wasn't aware that he had made that statement. I agree with him. I adore Sunday afternoons. Yes, I felt super feminine in this dress, there was a gentle breeze that caused the hem to flutter around my ankles. Your way of enjoying Sunday sounds very therapeutic. If I had a backyard to be proud of, I too, would take part in such activities.

      And yes, I'm a bit of a sandal lover. In my opinion, I can't have enough :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! The dress does make me think of being in Mexico (so thanks for that) and that blue is gorgeous on you!

    1. It truly does, Carol. It such a festive a flirty dress that evokes such wonderful memories of vacation in Mexico.

  5. I remember as a kid we would all pile in the car for a "Sunday drive". Sigh. The good old days ; )

    The blue in your dress is stunning.

    Sundays are a day for reading the paper (yes the real one...we're old fashioned like that). A big homemade breakfast, on the deck if it is nice enough and there aren't too many people out mowing their lawns, walking the dog and maybe some baking in the afternoon. Cooking, baking or creating are my moments of bliss.

    Sundays are pretty much the best day of the week : )


    1. Yes...Sunday driving...with the sunroof open of course!
      Ahhh, your Sundays sound like a slice of heaven :)

      To see the color in person. The dress is striking!

  6. Chadwicks used to be my go-to for shopping online - still have quite a few pieces from the '90s still in my closet!

    1. They're still around. Stop by and pay them a visit or two.

  7. You truly have the best bohemian flair pieces!

    xx Cara

    1. Yes, Cara. A bit of boho is part of Glenda.

  8. Nice post =)
    Kisses from Italy

  9. That sky blue is gorgeous on you!

    Dawn Lucy

  10. This is a stunning color on you, Glenda! Love how you show your beautiful shoulders. xxx

    1. Thank you, Natalia. I love this part of my physique.

  11. First that crossed my mind when i saw the dress was, that dress has some latin fusion to it! You look so regal in blue. Such a beautiful dress!


  12. Glenda,
    You poetic words lead me gently to this astounding outfit! LOVE that dress, the color is such a happy blue sky color! reminds me of your SoCal skies and the water there! Divine.
    The tiers create a nice silhouette ! Now tell me about those rings?!!
    XX, Elle


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