Inspired by Suzanne...Relive the 70s

Seeing Suzanne Carillo of Style, Smiles & Stories in a recent post called Boho Style Over 40, plus the buzz about Coachella, the modern day Woodstock. Which, by the way, is going on as I type this and just a couple of hours from my home. Both have inspired me to dress like my inner hippie. Can you dig it? The last time I rocked a 70s look was in a post called, ironically enough - Hippie, back in 2013. I was born in the late 60s, and do not remember very much from that decade. However, the 70s, when I began to blossom, resonates more with my spirit. I remember sitting in front of our black and white television, watching the news while having dinner on TV trays. I recall stories about Vietnam, a horrible mess President Nixon was involved in called Watergate, the "kidnapping" of Patty Hearst, and of course, the ruckus the hippies were causing in the Bay area. Apparently they were attracted to San Francisco, in particular, the community of Haight-Ashbury, which had cheap rooms and a flourishing bohemian lifestyle.

Today, I relive the 70s dressed in an ensemble inspired by the decade. A decade when fringe, suede, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, floppy hats and psychedelic prints were all the rage...and oh yes, the leisure suit. My outfit - a denim halter top, Pucci inspired head scarf, suede jacket and boots, and white jeans is a gentle nod in that direction. I'm posing in a city that has a booming art community and is in the process of restoring old buildings and making them like new again...very reminiscent to the Haight-Ashbury district. Enjoy!

Today's Look: All pieces have been in my closet for decades. Denim Halter Top is vintage Esprit (purchased in the 80s); Espresso colored suede jacket by Live a Little via Nordstrom (purchased in the 90s) (Options HERE); Espresso colored suede boots from J.Crew (purchased in the 90s) (Options on Shopstyle. Love these by Nine West); Emilio Pucci inspired scarf purchased so long ago I can't remember when or where (many options of eBay); Ralph Lauren low-rise, boot-cut denim via Ralph Lauren Outlet (great option HERE); Aviators: Loft - Happy Shopping!

During the 70s, all who know me will attest, I was obsessed with a talented group of siblings called the Sylvers. For my 10th birthday, I went to see them in concert at one of Southern California's popular amusement parks. I was in love with them all, however the youngest of the group - Foster Sylvers, stole my heart. I remember ripping out posters and pictures of him from magazines and posting them all over my bedroom wall. For your musical enjoyment, here is a YouTube clip of the Sylvers on Soul Train. Check out their outfits...very 70s. Viewing this video made me want to grow my hair into a righteous Afro. If you remember the 70s, what was your grooviest part of the decade? {wink}

One more thing...
If you haven't seen my interview called Dressing Confidently at Any Age on Fabulous After 40, you can do so by visiting HERE. Thanks Deborah for asking such fun questions! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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  1. You wear the style very well, Glenda! Nice to have the memories!

  2. Love your 70's-inspired look! That headscarf is lovely.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could remember where I purchased the scarf from. For some reason I think it was Loft in the 90s.

  3. Look at you! Hottie Tottie! : )

    Love the whole boho vibe and thanks for the shout out! Seems like we were born around the same time. I was born in 66.

    I adore that song too.

    I like that you went with white jeans here and your shoulders are looking great in that top.


    1. Thank you for the inspiration. Yes, I was born in turbulent 66. Crazy years! So you've got the Boogie Fever too :)

      I thought the white jeans would make the espresso brown really pop. I love wearing white and dark brown together. I attribute my shoulders to Fitness Blender :)

  4. What a cool style!! Perfect from head to toe! Glenda you can wear everything and it looks always like fresh from the runway.. like your style very much :)

    have a good time

    1. Aw, thank you so much Dana. I feel the same about you. You look like a model :)

  5. Oh Glenda,
    this is awesome! So nostalgic and authentic! Love the denim halter on you, you have great shoulders, and the white jeans are perfection! The rich dude jacket slung around your waist-- oh to dream!
    Also love the print on your hair wrap. Looking great, and now I am smiling!
    xx, Elle
    ps i shot a similar look, but it won't be up for a bit...

    1. Thank you, Elle. It seems my shoulders are a hit! I must say, I had a blast wearing this look. I felt so cool and fun. Will definitely put this one on repeat.

  6. You are a sophisticated hippie now haha. Looking good girl. I am amazed you still have boots from the 90ies. My closet would burst if I had stuff from so long ago. But ai will admit, they look terrific, so you have been clever to hold on to them.
    I saw the video too. How I envy the suppleness of those bodies. It is not just the moves, it is the suppleness of the whole body. I have been a stiff ake all my life... Sigh.

    1. I have many clothes and shoes, Greetje. I try to buy good quality, classics so that I can keep them for so long. Boots are easy to keep because often the weather doesn't permit me wearing them.

    2. aha... there is the difference. The weather in The Netherlands permit me to wear boots more than enough.

  7. I have never been a fan of seventies fashions, but I love everything about THIS. You killed it, Glenda!

    1. Thank you. I hope I gave you a new perspective on the era.


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