LV Series 2: The Exhibit

I found the information regarding the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibit days before it opened to the public. Thank heavens for the Flipboard app that I have installed on my Galaxy Note. As I thumbed through the Los Angeles Times section, I discovered the exhibit was due to open in L.A. on February 6th and would run until February 22nd. A short stay, indeed. I wasn't willing to miss out on this exhibition, so I made the trek into L.A. on opening day - February 6th. An experience I doubt I'll ever forget. 

The LV Series 2 exhibit was a true mind-trip that was a cross between a Space Odyssey meets Parisian design house - an artistic and hi-tech ride that left me wondering if I had truly entered the mind of Louis Vuitton's Artistic Director, Nicolas Ghesquiere. Upon entering the exhibit, we stepped into a very dark room which housed a large neon LV logo and a few wall mounts that explained the journey we were about to take. As we moved along the exhibition, we were greeted by women who seemed as if they were from another universe. Each one was dressed in black, and had very similar proportions which made it difficult to distinguish between them. However eerily similar and robotic the tour guides were, it did bring a somewhat humanistic feel to the very technology driven installation.

LV Series 2 logo

Talking Faces

As we moved further into the exhibit, we entered an area called the Talking Faces where visitors stood in a mirrored room while viewing talking model heads over the voice recordings of 25 voices that came together in a robotic narrative. The same talking faces that Ghesquiere showed his guests during the runway show (seen at the end of this post). I was left to wonder if these were the voices that Ghesquiere hears inside his head while he is creating. A creative and futuristic concept that left me hungry for more. I knew that I was entering a realm in which I had never entered before.


After moving from the dark room of Ghesquiere's mind, we then entered a brightly lighted room which housed the accessories. A room so extremely bright that I had to dawn my sunnies. Such a clever way to display the merchandise. After visiting the exhibit and thinking back on the "bright" room. I thought that perhaps this room was aglow because accessories (who doesn't recall that magical LV trunk) were the starting point for the famous label. In the beginning let there be light. Get my point?

Posing next to the famous LV trunk. Even my husband's lips were glowing.

Stepping out from the "Accessories" room and into a lounging area, each guest received a poster and stickers and was invited to sip mimosa and have hors d'Ĺ“uvres. A time to relax before the runway show begins, I assume. I would imagine that this would be the type of faire one would receive if invited to attend a live Louis Vuitton runway show. The next room gave a realistic glimpse into what it's like to go behind the scene as the models prepare for the catwalk. If you saw the February issue of Elle, USA, then you would have seen a collective series of exaggerated and albeit, humorous adaptation of photographs that showed the hair stylists and makeup artists prepping the models just before they glide down the glossy runway. 

A large scaled photograph which was also seen in Elle, USA

Also in this backstage replica we were able to admire, up close, racks of clothing and accessories which showed the pictures and names of the actual models that wore them during fashion week. Trust me when I say, it was difficult to not touch the amazing garments. The details and fabrications were exquisite. Along the wall on the left side of the photo below (as you can faintly see) the Artistic Director's vision board which tells the workers the order in which the models will take the runway.

Finally, we moved into the last section of the exhibit. We stood inside a circle mirrored room that made you feel as if you were sitting front row during the Louis Vuitton spring 2015 runway show.

Circled Mirror Runway Show

I left the exhibit feeling as if I had occupied space inside the mind of a true creative, fashion powerhouse. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by what I had experienced, I wanted more. I felt the need to return to the mind of Ghesquiere. However now, the exhibit has departed Los Angeles and has moved on to another part of the universe {wink}

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  1. Wow! This is intense! It seems to me that it is right in line with a really creative mind, and anything less may have made you feel like something was missing! I love the way the accessories are displayed. No doubt here what you are supposed to notice! What an experience! I found it so interesting that your husband is from Medina! Tell him he's not missing a thing except huge piles of snow and temps so cold you can't stand to be outside! Your pictures in the sunshine (without a coat!!!!) are wonderful! Karen

    1. It was an intense experience. I had to ponder the experience for quite some time after viewing the exhibit. It wasn't until days after the fact that I was able to truly comprehend what it was all about, and I still feel as if there was more in the bigger picture. It would be interesting to have a conversation with Ghesquiere about his vision. I'm sure I missed the point on certain areas.

      We rarely need coats in California. At least not during the day. I nice cozy sweater or wind-breaker will often do just fine. :)

  2. Thank you Glenda for taking me on this innovative and inspiring walk!
    Loved all of the images, the talking faces was the most remkarble, along with the mirrored runways, which I so enjoyed!
    You look happy as can be with hubby by the LV trunk...
    and why not!
    I agree the future of LV is bright under his four de force talent!
    xx, elle

    1. Oh, Elle, I'm positive the exhibit will find its way to New York. I promise you will thoroughly enjoy it! Go! And take your creative minded friends and family :)

  3. I wished I´ve also been there! Looks very interesting and inspiring! I can spend the whole day in such an exhibit! Thank you so much for sharing, love all the images.. but my favorite is the picture with you and your hubby :)

    have a wonderful week dear friend


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