Unequivocally, the human body is the most beautiful work of art ever created. I'm in awe of the way in which it responds to physical activity; the way it has the ability to heal itself; and the masterful forms and shapes that makeup the human physique. I, by no means, consider myself overly athletic, but in recent months, I have taken it upon myself to debunk the myth that says it is almost next to impossible for a woman over a certain age to reshape her body. We have been told that after 40 the metabolism slows down drastically; that our body loses muscle mass at a much quicker rate, etc, etc. These comments are daunting, to say the least.

With this type of information being fed to the more seasoned woman, it's no wonder that so many have decided to take a back seat to physical activity, or, in more drastic terms - given up on the idea all together. Like I mentioned to you in a post called How'd She Do That, at 48, I began to see my body lose its muscle tone and shape, and on top of the physical change, my mind also began to lose shape. Where I once had the vigor to live life to the fullest, I began to feel an emotional slump as well. By taking my cue from athletes, I saw that hard work, a good attitude, and determination was the formula for rebuilding my physical and emotional well-being. No longer willing to live my life as just a spectator in the bleachers, I now see fit to keep my body active. I watch as soft tissue develops into precise muscle definition, and where I once ached after a nights sleep, I now jump out of bed with ease and the excitement to begin the day.

Today's look is devoted to the athletic in all of us. A pair of cuffed jogger denims are courtesy of Royalty For Me, a peplum sweatshirt with interesting back detail, and lace-up caged shoes create an interesting and albeit dressier spin on workout gear. Enjoy!

Cuffed Jogger Denims courtesy of Royalty For Me
The Cuffed Jogger is a new arrival from Royalty For Me. Denim joggers are the perfect blend of casual and athletic. Features an elastic waistband with drawstring, functional pockets, and cuffed leg opening. 
Fabrication: 69% Cotton, 30% Polyester, 1% Spandex 
*Pants did not come in petite sizing. Keep in mind, I am about 5 feet-1 inch. I had to put quite a large cuff in the pants. Eventually I will have them hemmed for a more precise fit. I selected the pants in a larger size to create a more slouchy fit. 

Other Outfit Details - Heathered Peplum Sweatshirt: Anthropologie (Old. Found one of eBay), Via Spiga Caged Shoes (Old. Newer style at Via Spiga); Aviator Sunnies: Loft, Stacked Cuff: Mexico (similar option); Music Note Ring: Custom made by a local artist, Polish is Marnie by Zoya.

Love this shot with the runner whizzing by.

Today I leave you with a bit of information on Metabolism. Promise me you'll also, click over to Fitness Blender to watch a video that discusses the subject. You'll be surprised at what you hear, but motivated to get moving{wink}

How to get or keep a fast metabolism (Via FitnessBlender.com)
- Do consistent strength training
- Add HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or tabata style intervals to your cardio training
- Implement multiple training styles (we've got you covered)
- Don't wait to start, maintain an active lifestyle
- Try to avoid long breaks in activity
- Eat clean and eat often - try to avoid long periods without at least a snack
- Avoid crash/severe/starvation diets
- Don't be afraid of carbohydrates - All three macro nutrients are important for good health and good energy

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Photographs by Fred


  1. Loving this, Glenda, you look chic and cute at the same time. Adorable. The gray peplum top is gorg.

    1. Thanks Lenya! I adore the peplum. I had my eyes on it for months and was able to get it from Anthro for just $29!

  2. Very well said, making me re visit my Sunday afternoon slump thinking I should get off my butt and start walking! Great motivational post and lovely outfit!

    1. Thank you Nicolene. We all go through the slump. Being a champion is recognizing it and getting it out of your way!

  3. Wonderful post, Glenda - I totally agree about using our bodies and getting stronger at a Certain Age. It's gratifying to see the changes (even to feel sore : > ). Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look wonderful and happy. xo

    1. Thank you Patti, and I agree about feeling sore. It is a wonderful feeling, indeed.

  4. Great read! I believe it is not in the number, it is the will power. I've seen some ladies in their 50s that have such toned and fab physiques! All the best!

  5. Glenda I love both the Anthropologie peplum sweatshirt and the jogger pants, such great casual and comfy look. And, of course, i adore your shoes. Again I love when you pair your great stilettos with such casual pieces! Thank you for linking up with Shoe and Tell on Style Nudge!!


    1. Thank you, Cherie! I enjoy an interesting twist on fashion. It makes it so much more fun :)

  6. Wasn't sure about the Spring looks with roomy pants, but you sure have it right! Pretty top ... cool shoes ... so you! Glad you're enjoying late winter there in Paradise!

    1. Aw, thanks Jan. I love a good slouchy look, as long as the proportions are right. Yes, we've been enjoying some incredible weather here in Cali. I wouldn't change a thing :)

  7. NICE outfit! I love the tension between dressy and sporty. Ever so nice.
    Oh and I stopped exercising again in the morning. Bad girl.

  8. Love the outfit and great advice for the dreaded slow metabolism!

  9. Love your outfit! It's chic and easy - a rare combination but you nailed it. Adore the flirty top!


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