Peaceful Moments No.1: Tranquility

As we move into the weekend, I wish to take this time to share with you a Peaceful Moment...

Today, I decided to forgo my usual morning workout. Instead, I selected to turn off the computer, the television, the radio, etc and enjoyed a morning of blissful peace and quiet. This time alone was exactly what the doctor ordered. It has been awhile since I have treated myself to tranquility. With a house full of men - two who love watching thunderous games of football and the other who practices his musical instruments, a home without sound was utterly euphoric. 

My morning of tranquility began with a breakfast of 1/2 a toasted bagel with blueberry jelly, a scrambled egg and cranberry juice. It was so pleasurable to sit in the dining room and gaze out the window. Following breakfast, I drew a warmer than warm bath that was laced with lavender scented bath oil and Epsom salts. The only sounds I heard were the occasional drip from the spout and the rhythmic movements of the water. After my relaxing soak, I did something that I've never done while simply laying around the house alone - I put on the perfume that I have officially dubbed, 'My Signature Scent.' It's by an aromatherapy company called Caldrea. My chosen scent is called No. 2: Tea Olive Lime. The scent is so perfect. It's light and completely scented with essential oils of Lime, Sandlewood, Orange and Lemon. The description on the bottle says - A green fragrance with a hint of intrigue. A trio of citrus stays bright-eyed over more subtle notes of tea. I'm in love with it! After treating myself to the lovely fragrance, I then created a cozy palette on the floor which consisted of a soft blanket, a bed sheet which I just removed from the dryer (the warmth from the sheet felt oh so good) and a heap of pillows. And there I lay with my latest read, a book called Jack's Widow by Eve Pollard. Perfection personified.

While I type this message to you, I feel rejuvenated. It was a priceless moment to have uninterrupted time to myself. I hope, that with all the busyness and the desire to remain connected, you can find time to disconnect from the world and spend precious time with yourself and your own wonderful thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend{wink}

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  1. Such a Great Idea.. . pure sweet alone time and I am green with envy! Enjoy it all my Dear.

  2. Replies
    1. It's the best, Connie! Have a great weekend :) The weather has been heavenly.

  3. What a wonderful treat! Your morning sounds so peaceful and there are just times we need to toss aside the routine for a little indulgence. Have a great day!

    1. Yes, absolutely, Debra. I hope you have a wonderful weekend that's laced with moments of tranquility.

  4. Sounds Heavenly, Glenda. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I feel more relaxed already, just reading your post. Those times of solitude are so so important. I don't get enough of them with two children still at home. You have reminded me to grab those few times when I do have an empty house. I love baths, but haven't taken one in a while. So, thank you
    Glenda for your inspiration- Calgon take me away!!


    1. Yes, let Calgon take you away, Cherie! If I don't take this time for myself I would go bonkers!

  6. With Ron's daughter living by herself, leaving just the two of us in the house, it is usually quiet here now. But I love my Sunday mornings, just sitting on the couch in my bathrobe, drinking coffee, reading magazines, doing a bit of blogging... wonderful. When I read your post I could feel the heavenly tranquility. Good on you.
    PS I have actually started my tummy exercises again, thanks to you.

    1. I didn't appreciate the mornings until recent years. Now I absolutely love them. Good for you, Greetje, on the exercise :D

  7. Glenda,
    It is so important to relax and rejuvenate. What you describe sounds so lovely and would accomplish this very well. It's a very good reminder to do just that and I find that in New York I must do it, because there's so much sound and stimulation that otherwise it would be a bit too much.
    I love that you added the cozy blankets and your own perfume, I must say that scent sounds very nice. I think you've given me the idea to go out and get some Epson salts, I love adding that to the bath it is great for my muscles.
    Xx, Elle

    1. The scent is so soft, Elle. I smells clean. That's the best way to describe it. If it were a strong scent, it would have been too distracting. I can imagine New York being very stimulating. That's the way I feel when I venture into Los Angeles...overwhelmed. I much prefer living on the out-skirts. I live by my weekly Epsom baths. Because of my workouts, it keeps my muscles nice and relaxed.


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