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Just a few days ago I wrote a post called Daring, where I shared with you my thoughts on sometimes feeling only like a mom, and less like a coquettish and desirable woman. Today's post is the exact opposite of Daring, as I take a 180 degree turn in the direction of motherhood and being mom.

As a style blogger and fashion writer, I sometimes place undo pressure on myself to dress a certain way. Inevitably, someone will ask me what I do on a day when I'm dressed for no one else, but to look and feel relaxed with my sons. Such is the case for today's look. On this quiet Saturday afternoon, my family decided to go on an ice cream run. On these types of days, I still enjoy a pulled together look, however, the outfit must have a relaxed, nonchalant feel to it. To be perfectly honest, I'm not quite sure if today's ensemble is truly "blog worthy" but I felt the need to bring it down a notch after the va va voom from last week's post, and in all actuality, I tend to dress more understated and casual on most days.

Today's Look: Serein Blouse: Anthropologie, Boot Cut Chinos: Loft (old. Similar in linen), Silver Sandals by Zara (old. Available in gold on eBay), Clutch/Wristlet by Hobo (similar styles on Nordstrom.com)

The details on this top are lovely. However, the photo doesn't do it justice. The top is also woven with metallic silver thread.

88 degrees in the shade.

Can you see my son trying to stay out of the picture?
It's time to head to the ice cream parlor. Like most women, I love getting all dolled up, but in my opinion, nothing can replace the times that I spend relaxed and just being mom {wink}

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Visible Monday
Whitney Nic James
Photos by Freddy

p.s. Please be sure to enter the giveaway for a pair of innovative lookielous eye wear. To learn more about the company visit Daring and read my review. Thank you.

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Daring + Lookie Lous Giveaway!

"A woman who dares to dream, has ambition, 
and is smart. That's sexy."
Fred Harrison

My husband and I have been married for close to 22 years. We were fresh out of college when we first met. He was an aspiring sound engineer, and I, the artsy, whimsical, lover of fashion. And interesting pair, but for some strange reason, it was a great match.

After many years of marriage and raising our teenage sons (12 & 16), sometimes I feel rather...well, let's just say that sometimes I feel less than desirable. I feel like I'm a Mom, and less like a woman that one would be attracted too. Do some of you understand what I mean? Am I alone with this feeling? It's not that I don't feel attractive physically, but sometimes I feel as if I've lost my mojo. In these instances, I'll find myself going into my coquettish mode, and I work a little harder at removing the stigma often associated with being a middle-aged mother of two...I go daring.

I have discovered that, for my life, I have to have several different wardrobes to pull from. Which wardrobe I select from depends largely on what I'm trying to accomplish. There is, of course, my wardrobe for having fun with my family; social events; outfits for religious services and occasions, etc, etc. And then there is the wardrobe for alone time with my husband. These pieces usually consist of items that step outside the "I'm a conservative Mom" box and into the "I'm bold and I'm daring" box. Today's look is a perfect example of the latter. Enjoy!

Today's look: Double Side Slit Dress: Tango Rose on Balboa Island for $15, Shoes by Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, Hat: Eric Javitz (old but similar HERE), Stacked cuff: from Mexico (similar on Amazon), Polish is Devil's Advocate by essie.

When I tried this dress on, I stepped out of the dressing room and said to my husband, "I'll have to sew up the side slits a bit." He looked puzzled and said, "Why?" Needless to say, I left the slits alone. This look definitely takes me out of the stereotype zone. I feel va va voom, and yet, with the added touches of femininity and classic details, I haven't loss sight of Glenda. Which is important: (tweet this) When trying a new look, go for it, but still keep pieces of you in the overall look. And no, it isn't your imagination, my legs are a shade or two lighter. I need some sun on them.

During our quiet conversations, my husband will often remind me what attracted him to me. He often states, "A woman who dares to dream, has ambition, and is smart. That is sexy. That is you." Friends, now you know why he's a keeper{wink}

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Visible Monday
Photos by Freddy

And now, a product review from an innovative company called lookie lous!
This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

I have always been impressed when I learn about a woman who has an idea, and then works towards making that idea a reality. Such is the case for Kelly Coty, the creator of the revolutionary eyewear called lookie lous. When approached by the company to do a product review and give-away, I was excited to do just that.

lookie lous and their decorative pouch.
My lookie lous arrived in an adorable orange, white and gray decorative pouch, which doubles as a handy carrier for stashing them away. I was impressed with the quirky pouch design and the creative product name. The stand alone unique feature of lookie lous is the fact that you won't have to worry about misplacing your eye glasses any longer because they can be worn as a headband for your hair! Inventor and mother of two teenage daughters, Kelly Coty, designed lookie lous when she became frustrated with misplacing several of her ordinary readers. The idea came to light after spending a day cleaning up and organizing her daughters large quantities of hair accessories which were scattered around the house. After finishing cleaning, Kelly settled into her home office, ready to review some documents, she reached for the readers she'd begun wearing on her head and realized she was still wearing one of her daughter's plastic hairbands. From that poignant moment, the work on lookie lous began.

Me in my transparent lookie lous.
The lookie lous revolutionary design is perfect for the woman with long hair since they can double as a hairband. Being that I wear my hear short, this feature isn't important for me, but it was nice to know that I could simply swipe them on top of my head without the worries of them bending and breaking. I did find that the quality of the vision prescription was spot on at +2.0. (the other magnifications include +1.0 and +1.5). The lightweight lookie lous are scratch resistant and UV rated to protect the full scope of your eyes. Though the lookie lous featured in this review are transparent, they do offer four (4) other colors to choose from, which include: Los Angeles Sand, Paris Pink, London Gray and New York Black.

While wearing the lookie lous for some time I did find that the fit did begin to feel uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose and behind my ears. Two areas that I am very sensitive. However, when my husband tried them on, he found the fit quite comfortable in both areas. I came to the conclusion that the shape of our heads is most likely the determining factor in the comfort. While my head is more narrow and oval, Fred's head shape is fuller and round.

Fred in the transparent lookie lous.
A great plus for the lookie lous is that they are very easy to care for - Simply clean them with a soft cloth. If you need to remove hair product or oils, eyeglass cleaners or a 50/50 mix of water and alcohol can be used. It's that simple!

My overall impression of lookie lous: First, I would like to offer my congratulations to the creator, Kelly Coty, for inventing such a unique and inventive product. Like a stated previously, I am always impressed by daring women who have the guts and guile to make things happen and come to life. For the low price of $39.99, I do believe that the product is a worthwhile purchase. The only issue I had was with the sensitivity on the bridge of my nose and behind my ears. This may not be a concern for you.

Here's your chance to WIN a new pair of lookie lous in your prescription strength and in your chosen color. All you have to do is enter below. Good Luck!
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I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.



This Memorial Day weekend, was by far, one of the funnest weekends I've had in a long time. If you believe in blessings, as I do, then you could say, without any reservations, that my family was blessed!

About a month ago, my husband called me from work with that special tone in his voice. The tone that tells me, before he even utters a word, that he has great news to share. And great news he had indeed. He informed me that our family will be receiving free entrance into the Magic Kingdom; also known as Disneyland and the California Adventure on May 24th. If you are current with the news related to Disney, you will know that they are very expensive, and for a family of four to spend the day in both parks, well, you're looking to spend close to $1,000 for a single day visit - if not more! So you can understand why receiving this news was shocking. To add additional spice to our weekend, the hubby had entered a contest and won free passes to attend a smooth jazz & food festival on Sunday, May 25th! Can you believe that?...All in one weekend!! I do believe that the heavens smiled on us.

Since I'm basking in the after-glow from continuous fun, I thought it would be befitting to wear an outfit that fit the bill...it's FUN!

Today's Look: Corseted Baby-doll Top: Anthropologie (one of my favorite pieces that I have worn on many other fun occasions), Distressed Skinny Jeans (petite) - Old Navy, Scarf (purchased from a vintage shop), Sneakers: Sperry Top Sider (also HERE), Aviators: Loft, Ring from Anthropologie (no longer available), Polish is Devil's Advocate by essie

After enjoying all the activities, I feel like a happy, little child again! I want to sing silly songs...I want to run and skip and do somersaults in the grass! Well, maybe just the skipping, since I'm afraid my top may fall down. And that wouldn't be any fun{wink}

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Photos by Freddy



I have slacked off from my daily workout. Over the years, I have been very consistent with exercising before I start my day. However, lately, the thought of it makes me want to pull the covers a little higher over my head. I know exactly why this is so. It's because I must increase the momentum in order to reach my goal. According to the fitness experts that I have consulted with, after a certain age, a woman must add weights to her routine in order to see real results. In other words, my zen-like Pilate's workout must be combined with blood, sweat and tears...to say the least.

In the meantime, until I reach my goal, I'll have to resort to articles of clothing that will help out when I feel more...full. Oh heck, let's be honest - I FEEL BLOATED! When I'm experiencing this oh-so-uncomfortable feeling, I like to tie a flowing sarong around me to offer somewhat of a camouflage. Which is what I have done in today's look.

Today's Look: Scarf: Francesca's Collection (in store), Tank Top: Loft, Pants via Nordstrom Rack, Sandals by Nine West (old), Riley Tote: Banana Republic

Hopefully soon I won't have to be sarong'd to hide my middle. If I do choose to wear one, it will be for fashion purposes only. One day, I will remove my sarong and let it blow in the wind. But for now, it makes an excellent distraction{wink}
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Photos by Freddy


A Girl Can Dream...Weekend in Napa!

It's 10:00am on Friday. She is sitting at her desk, frantically trying to complete her final assignment before the day ends. Just then, her cell phone rings. With one eye fixed on the computer screen, she quickly glances down to notice the familiar phone number on display. Suddenly, her heart skips a beat. She smiles. Before answering, she quickly tries to shake off the angst from her busy schedule. Calmly, she answers and hears his voice...

"My Sunshine, the driver will pick you up at 4:00pm sharp. There is no need to pack. I'll have everything that you need." 
"Where are we going!?" She asked anxiously. 
"Napa. We are flying to Napa Valley for the weekend."

An escape, with the one you love, to beautiful Napa Valley, California for a weekend of wine tasting and culinary delight. At your fingertips, a fantasy wardrobe curated especially for you. On the agenda: A romantic hot-air balloon ride, a wine tasting & food pairing tour, a quiet picnic overlooking the vineyards, dinner at the best resort, and a bike ride through the valley to visit the numerous shops. *Sigh* Doesn't that sound heavenly?! Hey, a girl can dream - can't she?{wink}