I couldn't sleep Friday night because of my high anticipation for the coming day. Saturday...Oh Saturday, how I adored thee. I have been a fan of Rachel Zoe's work since she first came unto the Hollywood Stylist scene, and like other Rachel Zoe fans, I was very excited about the release of her new book called Living in Style. Along with the release of her book came the tour, and Saturday was the day that she would appear at our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. On top of meeting Rachel, my family had plans to visit the Getty Center for lunch and to see a new exhibit on Queen Victoria and her passion for photography. Such a purposeful and adventurous day. Wouldn't you agree?

I arose on Saturday morning with an outfit already picked out in my head. The goal was to look relaxed and friendly, organic, and very Californian with an ethnic vibe (that was a mouthful) to meet the one and only R.Z. And just like the weather forecast predicted, we were once again blessed with another warm and sunny day. I wanted to enjoy such magnificent weather while dressed comfortably in fabrics that breath and that weren't constricting.

Today's Look: Flared Shirtdress-Gap, Grosgrain Ribbon Hat-Anthropologie, Sandals-Enzo Angiolini

Ethnic inspired jewelry in orange to play with the orange sandals and ribbon in the hat

Myself and Rachel Zoe

Roger (Rachel's hubby) and Joey (Rachel's hair and makeup guru)
If I could, I would have asked R.Z. many questions, however, the line wrapped around the entire top floor of Barnes and Noble and each guest was asked to make their time with Rachel brief. After getting my book signed, I noticed my husband standing to the side chatting with her husband Roger. My husband manages to make friends where ever he goes. So, there the two of them stood, laughing and conversing as if they had known each other for years. It was indeed a brilliant day my friends and I chose the right look to compliment such an occasion{wink}

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To Thine Own Self be True

I find it very difficult to jump onto the trend bandwagon. For reasons that I couldn't explain until my latter years, when I notice an item...or anything as a matter of fact, being discussed or worn in droves, I tend to push away from it. I think it stems from my high school days. In the early 80s, the big trend was to wear Bermuda shorts, argyle knee-high socks and penny loafers. I was one of the first to wear this preppy trend to school. At first this new look was looked down upon as strange, and I was greeted with laughter. The teasing didn't disturb me in the least. Perhaps it was my inner Isabella Blow (who I had no idea existed at the time), but I viewed the stares and comments as a form of flattery. As time went on, I noticed more fellow classmates sporting the look. I would immediately retire the items from my closet in fear that I would see myself coming and going.

Isabella Blow was a magazine editor and fashion muse

As time went on, I discovered that my strange aversion toward trends evolved from the over-exposure that some items or subjects received. At an early age, I grew fond of the precious jewelry in my mother and grandmother's wardrobes. In addition, the unique items found at vintage flea markets, and boutiques began to find a special place in my heart and my closet - And thus, my great love for classic and vintage items developed.

This year, when the big Pantone Color of the Year announcement was made, I, like others, was excited to see which color(s) were selected. For myself, the excitement didn't foster because I planned on making a mad-dash to the stores to purchase the latest items that were now doused in the new color. No, I simply enjoy seeing which colors already appear in my existing wardrobe. To be perfectly honest, I was quite disappointed in the choice. I find Radiant Orchid to be somewhat pushy. I knew that this color and I would not be good friends.

Radiant Orchid - Pantone's Color of the Year

Another example of when I bucked the system is when the shoe trend changed to the higher-than-high heels with the large platform. I DON'T LIKE THEM. Not one pair found a spot in my shoe collection. When I went shoe shopping and saw them taking center stage, all I could do was hope and pray for their demise. I am so thankful that they are dying a slow death, and once again being replaced by dainty, ladylike styles.


"To Thine Own Self be True."
 William Shakespeare

What is the point of this post? Is it to taunt trends? Absolutely not! Am I saying I never buy trends? Of course I will! On occasion, I will buy something trendy, but when I do, it is something that I know will fit in with my existing wardrobe and works well with my personal style. The point of this post is to state this simple fact...You don't have to follow trends to look fashionable. In fact, the truly gifted in fashion and style have the uncanny ability to look fashionable without having a single overly exposed and overly accessible item on their body. Wouldn't you agree? Get to know yourself...your likes and dislikes, what works for you and what doesn't. Trust in the words of Shakespeare and know that wearing what is trendy isn't necessarily what works for you{wink}

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Stop by to see my interview on Blogspotter 

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I'm so excited to announce that I've been SPOTTED!That's right, the wonderful people at Blogspotter interviewed me regarding So What to Twenty. You can connect to the interview HERE at Blogspotter/So What to Twenty. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed being on the spot{wink}

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Took My Breath Away

I'm chuckling to myself because I just made the following comment in the post titled Perfectly Curated..."Not to say that I don't ever step out from my norm and buy something completely unique. Because I will. But when this happens, it must take my breath away." Days after publishing that post, I wandered over to my favorite store for unique dressing, Anthropologie, and saw the most exquisite top on display in the front window. I gasped for air at its beauty. It was love at first sight.

That evening I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned with vivid images floating around in my head on how I would style the top.  I imagined myself wearing it with my wide array of strappy sandals and slim-cut pants. I envisioned how life would be dressed in the top while going to incredible fashion events and ultra chic wine & jazz festivals in Temecula. It had to be mine! Two days later, it was hanging in my closet.

Today's Look: Dahlia Peplum Top - Anthropologie, Sweetheart Skinny Jeans - Old Navy, Sandals - Nine West (old), Rope and Rhinestone Bracelet - Francesca's Collection (old).

The top is made from a heavy and lined polyester that gives it the amazing, exaggerated shape.

Because I always drink water from the water fountain this way.
A subtle touch of fun accessories add to the appeal of the entire look.
Style Idea: I have given this suggestion before - When wearing a statement item of clothing, in this case, the top, keep your accessories to a minimum. Let the statement piece shine. The accessories should assist in attracting to your look...not distract.

I love the dramatic flare of the peplum's high/low design. From the rear, the top could pass for a dress.

A closer look at the exquisite fabrication

Back in January I said my New Year Style Resolution was to add more color into my wardrobe. My lovely new top definitely fits the colorful bill. I would best describe it as intense, yet demure; quirky, yet timeless. It's fun to step outside of my fashion box and purchase something that is unique, but still represents who I am. I feel coquettish, vibrant, fresh and albeit fashionable in my new top. It works so well with my lifestyle and my existing wardrobe. I believe Dahlia and I are going to have a beautiful relationship. After all, she took my breath away{wink}

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There Was One

On Tuesday evening, I made the trek into Beverly Hills to witness a showing of a collection from a newer designer during Los Angeles Fashion Week. The venue in which the event was held, the Sofitel L.A. Beverly Hills, had unique decor that consisted of an interesting mix of old Hollywood combined with retro glam and modern comforts. I found it very eclectic yet tasteful and inviting.

On the ceiling - a chandelier and an image from old Hollywood...why not!

We sat patiently in a dimly lit room, waiting for the show to begin. I watched as the room slowly filled with a pecurious mix of guests from subdued businessmen; fashion insiders; seasoned photographers; glamazons, who I believe, soul purpose is to show-up to these types of events, and Nene Leakes (from the Housewives of Atlanta) and her entourage...I'm not sure which category she fits into. The guests mixed and mingled under the sound of synthesized House party music. And then without any warning, photographers scurried into place at the end of the runway, and the first model appeared and made her prowl down the catwalk.

The designs definitely catered to the mood of the room...young, party-goers that have a taste for the unknown and might I add...the naughty. Some of the garments were constructed with fabric and appliques strategically placed as to not reveal areas of the body that one would be arrested for publicly displaying. Amidst all the other dresses, there was one that peaked my interest (seen below). The garment was entirely black with a studded leather bra top, front sheer mid panel and a full length skirt. I found the construction on this particular piece well done. I was reminded of a good girl that stripped away part of her dress to reveal a more daring woman.

1. Besomoda Design

Besomoda Design

In the competitive world of fashion design, I would imagine that it would be very difficult to create a fashion voice that speaks to a particular audience. One would have to be equipped with the innate ability to predict what someone may want to wear and/or place within their customer the idea of starting a new trend. I often think of seasoned designers who began their careers years ago, and yet, still manage to create a collection that is viable to a current generation. In order to do this, one would have to have the ability to move forward with the times and still create designs that are modern and new; all while paying careful attention to fabrication, details and construction. Unfortunately, I felt as if I had seen many of these garments before. I walked away feeling as if I had went back in time to relive the 80s, when over-embellishment sometimes took the place of good, old fashioned workmanship.

Because I am optimistic, I do believe that with more dedication to her craft, this designer could make a good go in her career. This idea being evident by the design of the dress number one.

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Perfectly Curated

When it comes to my personal style aesthetic, I usually take the no nonsense approach to fashion, and then I'll add a little something special to make the look completely mine.  Not to say that I don't ever step out from my norm and buy something completely unique. Because I will. But when this happens, it must take my breath away. Though my wardrobe is mostly centered around the classics, I do like to add personality to my wardrobe by adding subtle touches of uniqueness - commonly known as quirk. If you have been following me for some time, you would have seen me make mention of this before. By constructing such a wardrobe, it makes for a perfectly curated closet that works well with my life and my personality.

Today's post is a perfect example of how I generally pull a look together. You'll see that the items I'm wearing are as classic as baseball and apple pie. However, so that I don't feel too basic or boring, I have made the decision to purchase classic loafers that have an added surprise. In addition, I selected my Mickey Mouse watch and fun silver rings for an added wink.

Be sure to read the end of this post where you'll find a list of my Spring Time Wardrobe Essentials, which is a list of items that I insist on having in my closet to have a perfectly curated, very pulled together, no nonsense spring season. Enjoy! 

Today's look: Wide Leg Trousers-Jones New York, Top-Loft, Trench-H&M, Weejuns-GH Bass, Aviators-Loft

Studded Weejuns add a bit of edge and/or whimsy to a very classic look

As promised, here is a list of my Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Spring. As you'll notice, I'm wearing numbers 1 - 5 in today's look.
  1. Striped top
  2. Wide-legged trousers in a lightweight wool or linen
  3. Spectator loafers (my pair have a bit of added interest with studded details)
  4. A lightweight full-length coat
  5. Aviator sunglasses
  6. A pair of slides (I just purchased a great pair by Nine West seen HERE)
  7. Slim cut pants with a fun or floral pattern (seen HERE on the Tory Burch SS '14 runway)
  8. A pretty, breezy dress (seen HERE on the Tracy Reese SS ' 14 runway)
  9. A great billowy white top
  10. A pair of metallic shoes (Did you see my pair HERE)
Have you begun to work on your spring wardrobes? If so, what items are you adding? Do tell, I would love to know{wink}

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Confession: I often burst into song and dance at the drop of a hat. I use to wonder if this behavior embarrassed my family. I think they've gotten use to it. Now they sometimes join in.

Lately, Pharrell's HAPPY song has been on repeat in my head. If you haven't heard the song, I took liberty in placing the YouTube video at the end of this post. Hearing and watching it will put you in a very cheerful mood. Don't we all want that?

I want you to hear HAPPY, so let's get to today's outfit. I want you to go about your day with it playing in your head too. This is my little treat to you. Today's outfit is centered around the top. I have had it in my wardrobe since Christmas. I waited to show it to you when the days are longer and sweet, when the skies are blue and the air is crisp, when birds chirp and butterflies soar. When we all feel the resurgence of new beginnings and our emotions are much HAPPIER.

Today's Look: Top: Anthropologie, Pants: Skinny Mini's by Gap (last year's color, but there are more options), Wristlet: Loft (last season), Sandals: Nine West, and a very special bracelet that belonged to my Mom.

Notice the gold flecks in the top.

A bracelet that belonged to my Mother. Wearing it makes me HAPPY!

Because I'm HAPPY!


Are you now ready to go about your day dancing and clapping your hands? Go for it, it'll make those who are watching very HAPPY{wink}

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Ladylike: appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl. Synonymous with being elegant, well-mannered, cultivated, polished, decorous, genteel, polite.

To be refined, well-mannered and elegant conjures up images, in my mind, of women, who in history, were respected for their ease of sophistication. Women like Babe Paley, Dorothy Dandrige, C.Z. Guest, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco, Lena Horne, and Audrey Hepburn (just to name a few) would appear before us in all their polished splendor. Though not in the generation of these women, I still devour information that pertains to their well-cultivated lifestyles. I marvel at their polished appearances and yet, I admire how they took leading roles in many of history's ground-breaking events. They exuded internal beauty and strength.

As time moved forward, women began to view being referred to as ladylike as insulting to the many triumphs that have been accomplished over the decades. Now, to be described in such a manner could result in having to defend ones self, and to challenge the following statement - To be referred to as ladylike sets women back 100 years. In current days, we can only grasp hold to such an existence by way of dress, not as a way of being. I often fear that by stating my wanted way of life - retaliation from the opposition is imminent.

Today's look is dedicated to the women of today, and in the past, who set the precedence of refined elegance that demonstrates a genteel and quiet strength from within.

Today's look: Sheer Silk Top (vintage); Skirt - H&M (in store), Shoes by Michael Kors, Lace Clutch (vintage), Swirling Silver Ring (custom made), Polish is Vanessa by Zoya

"I often wonder if more women were willing to be ladies,
would more men feel challenged to be gentlemen?"

"Chivalry isn't dead. 
It just followed where ever being ladylike went."


Am I strange for wanting to possess such traits? Consider me odd, but I can't quite figure out why being cultivated, decorous, genteel or polite are such horrible qualities. Would one rather be uncultured, coarse, and rude? Then again, maybe I just answered my own question. As I think about this topic, it appears that the latter is just what society leans toward. In this current day, we celebrate the abrasive, and the brash. This saddens me and I refuse to fall victim to such a way of life. After all, to be ladylike, in my opinion, isn't a quality that places one in a feeble position. On the contrary, in my opinion, this could be one of the most powerful positions that exist. If you let it be{wink}

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