Peppermint Shower

*This is not a sponsored post, but my own personal experience*

Monday morning, after taking photos for Valuable (which also happened to be my 200th post) and then working out, my body decided to remind me that it's no longer the age it once was. After my invigorating workout, I reached across the table to grab some honey for my morning cup of tea and then...OUCH - I pulled a muscle in my back. The pain was so bad that it gave me an aching headache as well. What I thought was going to be an enjoyable day with my husband, shopping for Christmas and having lunch, turned out to be an excruciating day in bed with a heating pad on my back. I spent the next two days in bed, barely able to sleep or move about with my daily activities.

What's a woman to do when she finds herself in a painful situation? She sends her hubby to the organic grocery store to purchase Aura Cacia's Aromatherapy Shower Tablets. If I haven't shared with you, the organic grocery stores are my favorite places to peruse. I absolutely LOVE the beauty department! Just the scent of the products alone evokes thoughts of days at my favorite spa. The aromas are fresh and herbal, and not at all like the man-made scents that I often dodge in the perfume section in department stores...scents that often give me a migraine.

Since the pulled muscle gave me an awful headache, the peppermint tablets were exactly what the doctor ordered. The back of the box reads: 'Now you can enjoy the luxurious aromatic escape of a bath with the convenience of a shower. These unique effervescent tables will fill the air around you with the delightful aroma of peppermint essential oil - proven to revive your mind, body and spirit.

Yes, the box description is the absolute truth. The experience made me feel as if my pores were being penetrated with the glorious tingly scent of peppermint. Once I exited the shower, my head felt much better. I wrapped myself in my cozy jammies, made myself a cup of tea and crawled back into bed. Sometimes I wonder if when we have to stay in bed for a few days, is it often for our own benefit to nurture thyself completely. I believe this is true, and I took the opportunity to do so. My peppermint shower made me feel revived{wink}

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 All Photographs by Glenda


  1. Very6 good and interesting blog. Super style ! Best

  2. oh this would have been good to know when this also happened to me. Nothing makes you feel older than some back pains! haha


  3. Gkenda ,
    What a fabulous idea, I would never have thought that such a thing existed. It certainly does sound like you could duplicate the spa experience and do so, in the privacy and luxury of your own shower.
    I also love good organic ingredients and I adore the smell of peppermint. I am so glad you shared this product with us. Enjoy the holidays and I hope you get your shopping done soon and please be careful with your muscles. Kisses, Elle

    1. I want to work out very badly, but I must let my body re-cooperate. It is a great product that I'm sure you would enjoy. Give it a try!

  4. I hope you're feeling a little better. Thanks for sharing the products. I just pulled a calf muscle while running on my treadmill. Ugh. Looks like I'm back to square on on the couch to 5k thing.

    1. Oh gosh, Debra, I'm sorry this happened to you. Get better soon. I don't know about you, but I feel even worse when I can't exercise.

    2. Thanks! Yes, I feel worse not being able to exercise. Especially this time of the year. Need to balance out all the cookies somehow. LOL.

  5. I hope your back feels better now. I'm not a fan of peppermint scents in shower or body products, to be honest. I prefer sweeter and softer scents.

    1. It feels great now. Oh wow, I love peppermint products. They really wake me up!

  6. Oh no! hope you fell better already, Glenda.
    hugs and get well soon

    1. Yes Lenya, I feel much better and I'm back to exercising.


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