Blackberry and Bay

I didn't want you to think I dropped off the face of the earth. I have been enjoying the holiday season tremendously with my family, and, at the same time, I've been working on two projects...

First: I'm working on another publication that I'm hoping to get out to you, my readers, as soon as possible. The new publication is titled, The Best of 2014 Fashion & Inspirational Lookbook. It's centered around my top looks for 2014, the magazine will feature both fashion and inspirational nuggets that you can carry into the coming year. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Second: I've been toying with the idea of having a signature scent, and have been given a few scents a test drive (I thought the new year would be a perfect time to begin having a signature scent). I have heard high praise for the Jo Malone fragrances, so I thought I'd give them a try. I logged onto eBay to purchase a trio of samples that peeked my interest. The three that I ordered are Blackberry & Bay, Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Noir. I tend to lean toward scents that have scents from nature as the top note...vanilla, fruits, soft florals or herbs etc. However, to be perfectly honest, the Pomegranate Noir is a bit too strong for me. Though the Pomegranate is a fruit base, it is extremely pungent. So far, I'm very fond of the Blackberry & Bay. The first spritz is quite tart, but then it settles into a lovely soft and sweet scent...but not too sweet. Almost like the scent of a fresh baked blackberry pie. The website description for Blackberry & Bay - Childhood memories of blackberry picking...A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.

Thus far, the scent has fit in well with my lifestyle. I have worn it consistently since before Christmas to several different events and occasions - some casual and some dressy. I felt like the fragrance matched the mood perfectly. But on the flip side,  I also like the Orange Blossom as well, however, I do believe this scent is more reminiscent of summer and spring.

Just recently I have grown to appreciate scents. Before, my idea of wearing fragrance was to slather on a lush, organically scented body butter...Preferably by Origins. Lately I've moved quietly into making a few perfume purchases and have enjoyed wearing them on occasion. My two go to scents have been Chanel No.5 and a perfume that I purchased from Anthropologie by Barr-Co. The Original Scent which is scented with milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver (sounds odd, but the scent is delicious).  And though I adore these two fragrances, they are a bit too powerful for me to wear everyday.

So that's why I've been a little abscent absent from the blog...just enjoying the season and trying to remain as offline as possible, and playing around with fragrances. Do you have any suggestions of soft fragrances I should try? This is really good fun{wink}

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Photograph by Glenda


  1. Enjoy it all and prepare for your Fabulous 2015.

    1. Thank you Neti and Happy New Year to you :)

  2. Very excited for your new publication. I love the idea of a signature fragrance and the combo blackberry and bay sounds fabulous and not overwhelming. Unfortunately I can't be of any help for any other possible fragrances, I don't wear fragrance because I get headaches from them and my husband is also sensitive to them. The closest I get to a fragrance is Philosophy's shower gels. I'm loving the Almond shower gel now. :)

    1. Thank you Debra! I just published it today so it's available now :) I understand completely in regards to headaches and perfume. I can only wear soft and subtle scents. Like you, I enjoy a nice body butter from Origins or organic companies. The Blackberry & Bay is soft. I think I'm sold on it.


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