Risky Business

I once lived my life in fear of what others would think. I always wondered how I would be perceived or judged. I didn't have the courage to pursue my dreams. After all, it's considered risky business to have the gumption to step out and go-for-it. It was safer to live my life inside the precise confinement of the box - where ideas of advancement and freedom to move about are inevitably constrained. Until I decided that taking a risk would be well worth the interruption of my known routine of life. It was time to add mystery and release myself from my comfort zone. So, I climbed out of the box, and I'm so glad I did! Now I'm free to move about without the fear that once held me back. I wiggle my hips with the beat of a song; I laugh out loud at myself; the taste of something new entices me. Oh the thrill of it all!

For today's look I'm wearing head-to-toe black to represent the mystery that keeps life exciting. To display a touch of risk, I'm wearing a faux leather peplum belt (courtesy of Kya Kya by Markina).

Kya Kya is offering a $5.00 discount between Nov 5th thru Nov 12th on the Faux Leather Peplum Belt. Use discount code - sowhatto20

Black T-shirt: Gap; Merona Pencil Skirt: Target; Peplum Belt: Courtesy of Kya Kya by Markina; Embroidered Pumps: Isaac via eBay; Delicate Pave Ring Necklace: Loft

At the end of the day, I have zero regrets for taking a risk. I throw my head back and kick my feet up because I now know...
The future belongs to those who belief in the beauty of their dreams.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Embracing Femininity

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you." 
Oscar de la Renta 

Oscar obviously knew of the female secret weapon. With his suggestion, he plainly states that there is zero shame in embracing femininity by making men swoon with just the powerful sway of our hips. A couple of years ago, I had to cue my youngest son in on our secret weapon. Here is how it went: While driving home from school, my son said to me. "Mom, why do girls bottoms move back and forth when they walk?" My response to him was one that he had to think about as he matured. I simply said, "It worked didn't it?" He replied, "What worked?" I wrapped up our conversation with, "It got your attention." He sat in quiet contemplation for the remainder of our drive home. Now, two years later, he recalled our conversation and told me he now understood.

I was fortunate to marry a man who absolutely loves my femininity. He lets me be me without trying to enforce other stipulations into the mix. He adores my need to have the word Pretty as the focal point of my existence...vases filled with fresh cut flowers, lovely lace curtains that flutter in the breeze, tea from a floral teacup. You get the picture. Sure, there are times when I can clap, cheer and shout from the bleachers, but you better believe it's being done with a perfect red lip and manicured hands. I never want to be mistaken for one of the guys. But I'm quite sure that will never happen. You see, when I scoot past you on my way to my seat, you'll be reminded of my feminine mystique when my vanilla scented aroma enraptures you. 

Today, I have chosen a look that speaks volumes about my love for femininity - a bright fuchsia drop-waist dress, sexy strappy sandals, a pashima shawl and delicate silver jewelry. The dress was purchased a couple of years ago from Loft as a limited addition garment that supported breast cancer awareness. And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here in the states, it's even more apropos that I chose this look. Sorry, there are no links for this post. Everything that I'm wearing has been in my closet for quite some time.

Since I'm sharing with you my views on femininity, I thought it would be nice to share with you 16 ways that I capture the essence of being feminine:
  • Exercise to maintain my womanly physique;
  • Dressing to compliment my body type;
  • Indulge in weekly lavender scented Epsom Salt baths (helps keep my muscles from tightening);
  • I give myself weekly manicures and pedicures. I find this very therapeutic;
  • Morning and afternoon tea in a pretty teacup;
  • I love organic scented body creams. I prefer the scents of lavender, spearmint, vanilla and almond;
  • Continuously learning and staying current on news;
  • Dates with my husband;
  • Fresh cut flowers in our home;
  • Eating whole foods rather than processed;
  • Slathering my hands and feet with a rich cream each night before bed;
  • Keeping my pout lush by giving my lips a weekly exfoliation (More info at my post called SKIN);
  • Weekly peppermint scented hot oil treatment for my hair and scalp. While sitting under the hooded dryer, I enjoy reading the latest fashion magazines;
  • Telling my husband and sons that I love them on a daily basis;
  • Embracing what God made me to the fullest;
  • Seeing my doctor for my annual physical and mammogram

As you can see, I cherish my life and the lives of those whom I share. I believe femininity is a powerful trait. What do you do to embrace femininity? Do tell, I love to read your comments. In the meantime, remember to do what Oscar suggest...Walk like there are three men walking behind you{wink}

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Organic+Sexy =SkinTone Clothing

I can't recall the words Organic and Sexy ever being used in the same sentence, until recently, when I had the opportunity to witness the runway collection for SkinTone Clothing during Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Made from 100% raw, natural, hand-woven Peruvian cotton, the SkinTone Clothing line beckoned us to live our complete lives in these go-green, coquettish pieces. 

As the models sashayed down the runway to the hip tunes of smooth jazz, I felt an inkling, deep down within me, to get up from my seat and start grooving to the music. However, strange that may have been, it truly didn't matter since each model found the rhythm just as enticing. SkinTone did its due diligence by not sending the typical sullen-faced model down the runway, instead we were greeted by sassy divas and handsome men that reminded us of when the catwalk was a fun experience that actually made you want to buy clothes. A highlight of the show were a set of twins who dazzled us with their synchronized movements that landed them, in my opinion, Best Interpretation of the Model Strut. I found the feel of this runway show to be particularly cool...hip, and albeit jazzy...in a very fashionable way.



In contrast to many other clothing lines, SkinTone Clothing caters to the Jazz enthusiast and musicians who use music to heal souls. They often travel to Jazz events where they know people of like interest would embrace SkinTone and the green movement of healthy living all the way down to their clothing.Their main focus is to provide a clothing movement by selling SkinTone Clothing at every beach side community in the world.

In my opinion, I could imagine many of the pieces in my wardrobe. I had a particular fondness for the long, hooded maxi dress (Picture 3 and 4) and could visualize my lifestyle being lived in this easy, breezy garment. SkinTone Clothing managed to capture the essence of the hip, cool, healthy, carefree heartbeat of California. I have no doubt that they'll steal the hearts of others from around the world as well. Bravo to you SkinTone Clothing for making sexy, together with organic, plausible{wink}

I love to read your views, please, leave your comments below.

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All Photographs by Freddy Harrison


A Girl Can Dream...Supreme Fall Basics

I'm still enjoying a bit of R & R after a busy two weeks at Los Angeles Fashion Week...

I enjoy viewing high-end fashions and then re-creating the look for less. Below is a grouping of items, minus the Warby Parker eye wear (which I already own) that are very high-end. And yes, I'm fantasizing about each luxurious piece. But for a budget-conscious woman, like myself, it is still possible to create this look with more wallet-friendly prices. I love the timeless quality of the garments while being paired with the modern Marc by Marc Jacob shoes and retro YSL belt. A classic look that can take a girl anywhere.

How about you...do you enjoy thumbing through magazines and scoping out the designer goods to later re-create the looks with more budget friendly items? 

I love to read your views, please, leave your comments below {wink}

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The Aftermath

Like many of you know, I spent the last two weeks at Los Angeles Fashion Week and its counterpart, Style Fashion Week Los Angeles. Two separate and albeit fashionable events that showcased the latest and greatest in Los Angeles based fashion designers. Week one was put on by Los Angeles Fashion Week and was the more intimate of the two. The designers showed their designs in an up close and personal setting that allowed media to touch and feel the garments. Style Fashion Week Los Angeles was the more boisterous event that was held in a large tent setting. The atmosphere was more party-like and had all the bells and whistles of a typical Hollywood production.

After spending my time moving back and forth to Los Angeles, while still maintaining wife and mommy status...I'm pooped. The aftermath from all the fashion shows has set in and I need a good ol' fashioned break from...would you believe...fashion. Yep, this girl is tired and in no mood to think about clothes. When I got on my way this morning, I realized I hadn't taken any fashion shots since last week. The thought of getting all dolled up just didn't set well with me today. So, I decided to wear my cozy stuff - my favorite men's GAP hoodie, worn in jeans and loafers.

Today's Look: GAP Men's Hooded Sweatshirt; Loft button down; Old Navy Petite Jeans (old); G.H. Bass Studded Loafers (past season. Other options); Loft Aviators (similar)


Have a great week friends. I'm headed to breakfast with my husband/photographer.

I love to read your views, please, leave your comments below.

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