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On Tuesday evening, I made the trek into Beverly Hills to witness a showing of a collection from a newer designer during Los Angeles Fashion Week. The venue in which the event was held, the Sofitel L.A. Beverly Hills, had unique decor that consisted of an interesting mix of old Hollywood combined with retro glam and modern comforts. I found it very eclectic yet tasteful and inviting.

On the ceiling - a chandelier and an image from old Hollywood...why not!

We sat patiently in a dimly lit room, waiting for the show to begin. I watched as the room slowly filled with a pecurious mix of guests from subdued businessmen; fashion insiders; seasoned photographers; glamazons, who I believe, soul purpose is to show-up to these types of events, and Nene Leakes (from the Housewives of Atlanta) and her entourage...I'm not sure which category she fits into. The guests mixed and mingled under the sound of synthesized House party music. And then without any warning, photographers scurried into place at the end of the runway, and the first model appeared and made her prowl down the catwalk.

The designs definitely catered to the mood of the room...young, party-goers that have a taste for the unknown and might I add...the naughty. Some of the garments were constructed with fabric and appliques strategically placed as to not reveal areas of the body that one would be arrested for publicly displaying. Amidst all the other dresses, there was one that peaked my interest (seen below). The garment was entirely black with a studded leather bra top, front sheer mid panel and a full length skirt. I found the construction on this particular piece well done. I was reminded of a good girl that stripped away part of her dress to reveal a more daring woman.

1. Besomoda Design

Besomoda Design

In the competitive world of fashion design, I would imagine that it would be very difficult to create a fashion voice that speaks to a particular audience. One would have to be equipped with the innate ability to predict what someone may want to wear and/or place within their customer the idea of starting a new trend. I often think of seasoned designers who began their careers years ago, and yet, still manage to create a collection that is viable to a current generation. In order to do this, one would have to have the ability to move forward with the times and still create designs that are modern and new; all while paying careful attention to fabrication, details and construction. Unfortunately, I felt as if I had seen many of these garments before. I walked away feeling as if I had went back in time to relive the 80s, when over-embellishment sometimes took the place of good, old fashioned workmanship.

Because I am optimistic, I do believe that with more dedication to her craft, this designer could make a good go in her career. This idea being evident by the design of the dress number one.

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Photograph by Freddy


  1. I agree with you - and this is not a reiteration of the high points of '80's couture, either! You are way, way, way too classy to wear these.


  2. I definitely see what you are saying in these pieces. I think even in my younger days these would have even been risky for me then!

    xx Cara

  3. While the dresses are not my type atall, I do love the floral print on the second outfit, but I cannot get past the model's makeup. Her face has been made a completely different shade than the rest of her body...

  4. Gotta wonder the thought process that goes into designing.... Thanks for being part of my Thankful Thursday and congrats on your nomination of a Liebster Award if you chose to accept! http://bit.ly/1d3BlnM

  5. Neat that you were invited ... were you there as a blogger or for your charming self alone? No matter, and I'm so glad you wrote about it! I've never been to a designer's collection presentation, so it was interesting to read your impressions. I see what you mean about both dresses, and I'm struck that neither model was stick thin. A trend, maybe?


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