After experiencing my Valentine gift from my husband, I felt the need to smoke a cigarette (even though I don't smoke). Yes, it was that good. I mean let's be real - who wouldn't want to spend the afternoon surrounded by the most iconic dress that has ever been created...

On Saturday afternoon, my husband drove me into Los Angeles to experience the exhibit called DVF 40 - the Journey of a Dress at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or, as we Southern Californians simply say - LACMA. Trust me when I say that a box of chocolates, nor a bouquet or roses could not surpass the greatness of this exhibit. A day celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest designs, the Wrap Dress...a definite YES!

Let me begin by saying, it was such a pleasant surprise to learn that Diane von Furstenberg chose to have the exhibit in Los Angeles when exhibits usually appear in New York. As a native Californian, I have seen the fashion industry at it's peak, and then dwindle, and now make a resurgence, once again. Thank you DVF for allowing Los Angeles to celebrate your iconic wrap dress with you.

As we entered the exhibit hall, we were greeted by a small picture of Diane sitting on a cube wearing the first Wrap Dress that was created for the Women's Wear Daily announcement in 1972. Written on the cube, by Diane herself, was a statement that read, "Feel like a woman, wear a dress!" We moved into the next room, which was brightly colored in pink and housed images of some of the worlds most famous women who have dawned the wrap dress. Images of actors, First Lady - Michelle Obama, models, and Diane herself.  At the end of the pink room was the pièce de résistance - A psychedelic room with walls that were decorated with the many patterns of the Wrap Dress, and mannequins wearing the famous dress (and other wrap-inspired designs) that have been with us over the past 4 decades. I wanted to reach out and touch them, but I knew that a guard would be prepared to tackle me. So, I kept my distance.

Enjoy the pictures from the exhibit. There was so much to take in that I didn't want to weight this post down. However, there was an art room that featured Andy Warhol portraits of Diane. At the end, stay tuned for a YouTube video of the exhibit opening. Also, you'll see me in a Wrap Dress that I purchased from a vintage shop about 15 years ago. There wasn't a tag attached to the dress, but the shop owner was pretty sure it is an authentic DVF.

First Lady-Michelle Obama has worn the Wrap Dress on many occasions.
A simple and liberating dress that comes to life with bright, bold colors and patterns.
Look at the back of the yellow stunner - WOW!
Notice the lovely black evening dress.
The Wrap Dress evolved into other designs, like the jumpsuit
Beautiful draping and sherbet colors.
Andy Warhol's portraits of Diane

In my own Wrap Dress:

When I think back on this exhibit and the Wrap Dress, it is no wonder why this was such a fascinating experience. If you have been following So What to Twenty for some time, you may have seen me refer to Updated Classics. This dress epitomizes classic dressing. As I walked from dress to dress, I saw how the basic design element of the dress remains the same, however, with each year and decade, DVF was able to update the dress to keep it viable to the fashion forward woman.

I took away so much more than just the celebrating of the dress. However great it was to view, I realized that the exhibit was more about a woman who had a vision to empower women. And empower them she did indeed. Thank you Diane for helping us feel more like women, and for showing us that simple is often the most elegant way to be{wink}

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 Images by Freddy and Glenda


  1. I've heard so many great things about this exhibit. And I love the fact that they allow you to take pictures. I'll be checking it out this week! Looks like you were a kid in a candy store :)

  2. Sounds like you had the time of your life Glenda!!!! What a treat!!!! I can imagine how thrilled you must have been. Thx for sharing those beautiful photos with us. About your question, I had a wonderful Val's day which turned into a wonderful Val's weekend.
    Happy Presidents Day

    1. Lenya the exhibit was amazing! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend :)

  3. I love wrap dresses. They love curves as much as curves love them. You look great in yours.

    1. Thanks Charlotte! Yep, every women's wardrobe needs a Wrap Dress.

  4. wonderful exhibition and awesome gift! I have found a DVF dress at the thrift shop a couple of years ago for $7- I should take it out and have a spin with it!


    1. Yes Ariane, take it out and never put it away again! To find one is like finding a pot of gold.

  5. Wrap dresses are the best thing since sliced bread. I have never seen one that I didn't like and can't wait for the weather to warm up to start wearing mine. You look fabu as usual!

    1. Oh, thank you Antionette. You are correct - they are the best thing since sliced bread!

  6. Ooh I might have to check out this exhibit it looks absolutely amazing! And you look absolutely stunning in your wrap dress.

    Oby Grace
    Fellow Socal blogger

  7. Glenda,
    How I enjoyed this post! I agree sunny california is a much better place for this exhibit, the weather, the scenery and the vibe fit well. I adore the photos of all of the dresses side by side, and the Warhol paintings are so incredible!
    You dress by the way is super. I love that print, it is truly classic, and it will always look "right" Amazing tribute to a dress, that it can look perfect for any occasion, for decades!
    You look beautiful, too.
    XX, Elle

    1. Thank you Elle, I love the fit of this dress more than any dress that I own. I feel very elegant, yet relaxed in it. The exhibit was exciting. The location for it was perfect!

  8. How wonderful to experience this extraordinary exhibit on DVF! Your Hubby is truly special for surprising you with such a treasure! High five and fist bump to him...notes taken on my end for my Hubby! Wink, wink.

  9. And may I say you look really classy in your wrap dress. Beautiful.


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