February at a Glance: Style Recap

The cozy and romantic month of love has come and gone, and to follow, are thoughts of beautiful days of spring. I look forward to the longer and more optimistic months ahead. But before we move forward, take a look back at the outfits that took me through February. Enjoy!

Just Dandy
Styled by Freddy
It Is What It Is

Chuck and I
About Business

Each outfit left me with a very special memory, from being styled by my husband, returning to school, visiting an iconic exhibit, to interviewing a television celebrity. February 2014 was a great month, and I was thrilled to have taken on each day with clothing and accessories that compliment my character.

Spy Girl Digital Catwalk image by Anne Bray

Another surprise came at the end of the month when Anne Bray captured my image for the Spy Girl Digital Catwalk. I had seen the images of other bloggers and was absolutely elated when I saw my own float through cyber world. Do you recognize the inspirational outfit behind the drawing? It comes from the post Ivory Layers of Light. Thank you Anne for this fun image. I will cherish it forever{wink}

Please, visit the next post. It's called, And the Oscar Goes to... It is all about my time spent with Nick Verreos of Project Runway. You'll enjoy it!

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All Photographs by Fred D. Harrison


  1. All gorgeous outfits. Always looking so jolly happy.

    Yeah, time flies but many more beautiful days ahead to look forward to.


  2. Oh lovely, you got a drawing from Spy Girl. Terrific.

  3. Glenda, I am always to happy to you a recap, and to see again your outfit catalogues with so,e context . I am crazy about that green and black business outfit, if I missed that pst, I will get to it at once, and that sketch is so cool! I do recognize that outfit. Layers of light, one of my favs.
    XX, Elle


    1. Thank you Elle! I adore the sketch too :)

  4. You wore fabulous outfits in February Glenda. Most of them were Glenda_ish ;-)

    Glenda for some reason I haven't gotten any updates at my dashboard. Today the Lupita one showed up and underneath were two more. Just wanted to let you know because I love coming here and am not ignoring you honey. I don't know why this google glitch happens.

    1. No worries Lenya, I've been having the same issue. I just make it a point to visit the blogs I frequent; just in case I miss something.

    2. Thx Glenda, I now saved your link onto my desktop.

    3. Good, that way you won't have to worry about Google. :)

  5. February looks lovely! I particularly love your styled by Freddy dress and your iconic dress. Such beautiful flowing lines always appeal to me.


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