February at a Glance: Style Recap

The cozy and romantic month of love has come and gone, and to follow, are thoughts of beautiful days of spring. I look forward to the longer and more optimistic months ahead. But before we move forward, take a look back at the outfits that took me through February. Enjoy!

Just Dandy
Styled by Freddy
It Is What It Is

Chuck and I
About Business

Each outfit left me with a very special memory, from being styled by my husband, returning to school, visiting an iconic exhibit, to interviewing a television celebrity. February 2014 was a great month, and I was thrilled to have taken on each day with clothing and accessories that compliment my character.

Spy Girl Digital Catwalk image by Anne Bray

Another surprise came at the end of the month when Anne Bray captured my image for the Spy Girl Digital Catwalk. I had seen the images of other bloggers and was absolutely elated when I saw my own float through cyber world. Do you recognize the inspirational outfit behind the drawing? It comes from the post Ivory Layers of Light. Thank you Anne for this fun image. I will cherish it forever{wink}

Please, visit the next post. It's called, And the Oscar Goes to... It is all about my time spent with Nick Verreos of Project Runway. You'll enjoy it!

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All Photographs by Fred D. Harrison


And the Oscar Goes to...

I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening, than to spend it at the hub of the Los Angeles fashion scene, my Alma mater - the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Model wearing a Nikolaki gown. Nick Verreos in the background.

On the evening of Wednesday, February 26th, members of the media were invited to premier the latest collection of red carpet gowns by Nick Verreos. Mr. Verreos is one of the stars of Project Runway: Under the Gunn; designer for the Nikolaki Collection; and he is a spokesperson, alumnus and instructor for FIDM. Before the runway show began, we were first given the opportunity to view the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition featuring the 5 Oscar nominees for Best Costume:
  • 12 Years a Slave: Patricia Norris
  • American Hustle: Michael Wilkinson
  • The Grandmaster: William Chang
  • The Great Gatsby: Catherine Martin
  • The Invisible Woman: Michael O'Connor
In its 22nd year at FIDM, fashion, as well as movie enthusiast would be pleased to view the exhibit. The 5 nominated costume collections along with many other films can be seen on the FIDM campus from February 11 through Saturday, April 26, 2014. Please visit HERE for more information on the FIDM Museum and Galleries. Here are images from two of the Oscar nominated movies:

12 Years a Slave designed by Patricia Norris. Costumes worn by Lupita N'yong'o and Chiwetel Ejiofer

The Great Gatsby designed by Catherine Martin. Costumes worn by Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire

As one would imagine, with the Oscars taking place this Sunday, the topic of fashion has been all a-buzz within the fashion community. And, like most lovers of this industry, I too will sit front and center in front of my television in anticipation of what the actors will wear. After all, says Nick Verreos, "The Oscar red carpet is the biggest runway that exist!" To tantalize us further for the upcoming event, Nick sent down the runway a preview of his red carpet looks that represent his Oscar fashion predictions. Enjoy!

Lovely pastels and my favorite!

Grecian inspired looks with dramatic draping

Incredible jeweled metallics

Bold colors with statement details

Mysterious black with cape details

As the gowns moved down the runway, it took every ounce of energy I had to not reach out and touch them. Sitting front row gave me a birds eye view of the incredible detailing and fabrication of these magnificent gowns. They were simply divine.

After the runway show, I sat down with Nick to discuss our favorite subject. "I proposed this question to him, "Has your celebrity helped or hindered Nick the designer?" 
Nick Verreos explaining his passion for fashion and the industry

Nick's response: "I grew up during the Halston era when designers simply poked their head out from behind the curtain after their show. It is nothing like today when designers have to become synonymous with their brands. When I first did Project Runway in 2005, all I wanted to do was design. But after the show, I was asked to do this and that and I kept telling myself - that's not what designers do. But then, I started receiving phone calls from celebrities wanting to wear my gowns, and I realized this publicity is helping Nick the designer."

Glenda: "Nick, again, congratulations on your continued success with Project Runway and your beautiful designs. I look forward to chatting with you again regarding your next accomplishments."

Nick: "Thank you Darling. I am humbled and I am grateful. I enjoy giving back to the students of FIDM and future designers."

Now, as time moves toward Sunday, fashion lovers are consumed with these two questions - What will our favorite actors wear to the Oscars? Who will win for Best Costume? We wait in anticipation to hear these words spoken...
And the Oscar Goes to...

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All Photographs by Fred D. Harrison


About Business

Tonight, I'm attending an event at my Alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in downtown Los Angeles. The event is a Red Carpet Trend and Fashion Show with Nick Verreos of Nikolaki Designs and Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Which by the way, is filmed on the FIDM campus. In addition to watching a fashion show, guests will be greeted with a champagne reception. I have attended events at FIDM in the past, since becoming a fashion writer, and they are always done to the utmost in style and sophistication.

The challenge has always been - Choosing what to wear to such an event where I'm expected to look my best, and yet remembering, this is about business, and I'll want to be comfortable. In 2008, I usually carried a messenger bag that housed a recorder and pads of paper and pens. Today, with the latest in technology, I no longer have to worry about carrying such items. Now in their place is my trusty Samsung Tablet that's dressed in a colorful Vera Bradley cover. Using my tablet cover as my style inspiration, I chose today's look as an option to what I might wear this evening.

Today's Look: Dress-from Anthropologie, Coat-Vera Wang for Kohl's, Shoes by Isaac, Footless tights from Target, Necklace from Francesca's Collection, Tablet Cover from Vera Bradley.

As with any lover of fashion, I'll probably change my look several times before heading to the event. What will the final result be? Stay connected to see the post from the evening. Also, follow on Instagram for more pictures from tonight{wink}

Keep scrolling. There are more great post from So What to Twenty!

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 Photographs by Freddy


Chuck and I

My Converse All-Stars (better known as Chuck Taylor or Chucks) and I have been on many adventures. Together we have conquered Disneyland, Sea World, Universal Studios, family vacations, shopping excursions, quick errands to the grocery store, trips to numerous museums. They even went with me each time I volunteered at the hospital. The list is endless. Our relationship has grown to be very deep...to say the least. It would be hard to live my life without my Chucks because they meet my qualifications...they are classic, comfortable and cute!

To be quite truthful, I'm not much of a sneaker kind of girl. I much prefer sandals, however, Chuck brings something entirely different to the table. Unlike other sneakers, when I place my Chucks upon my feet, they instantly come alive. I feel the sudden urge to run and leap! When wearing my Chucks, my sons view me differently - I am transformed into a hip mom.

In their cheerful golden color, my Chucks have brought much sunshine to many of my wardrobe pieces...shorts and breezy tops, fun skirts, whimsical summer dresses and of course, denim. While everyday trainers could positively ruin an adorable outfit, Chucks have the ability to bring a bit of fun and quirkiness to an ensemble. Once while visiting the Getty Center (one of Southern California most amazing museums), I sat with my family and enjoyed a cool drink. I noticed a woman dressed in one of the cutest outfits. As I gave her the once over, my eyes came to a screeching halt when I saw her choice of shoe...paired with her Oh-So-Adorable ensemble was a pair of gym shoes. No! I wanted to shout. I understand the need for comfort, considering the Getty is an enormous place to visit, however, what I couldn't relate to was the idea of destroying a perfectly feminine outfit with a pair of bulky gym shoes.


Today's Look: Top - Loft, Denim - Levi's, Scarf - made by my sister, and my Chucks


For spring/summer 2014, fashionable sneakers are all the rage. Everything from pony hair, to leopard print and yes, colorful Chucks have been seen on the fashion news wave. I don't, however, believe this is a pass to pair our chic outfits with unflattering gym shoes. Word of advice...Save them for the gym{wink}

Keep scrolling. The following post is called Video Fashion Friday: Revisiting Kate. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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 Photographs by Freddy


Video Fashion Friday: Revisiting Kate

On today's episode of Video Fashion Friday, I do believe that the wardrobe of the Queen of 1940s Androgynous Cool, Ms. Katherine Hepburn, was reinvented. Today's featured designer's flawless spring/summer 2014 collection made me want to drop to my knees and humbly thank him for clothes that are real and wearable for the everyday woman. Perfectly tailored and loose fitting trousers, the return of the breezy midi skirt, elegant pussy-bow blouses, and trench coats make up some of the must-have pieces in this collection.

When I close my eyes, I imagine vintage 1940's Palm Springs (which during the Hollywood heyday was a virtual playground for the movie stars)...I visualize Kate and many of her famous friends landing at the Palm Springs airport, preparing for a weekend stay which will include relaxing poolside and having lunch and/or dinner with members of the Hollywood elite. The featured collection is structured yet soft, serious yet playful. The collection's hues remind me of the dusty and muted wind-swept, yet well maintained desert community of Palm Springs. Various shades of brown that are reminiscent of the desert terrain, blue that mimics the many lakes that hug the golf courses, green to represent the foliage, and white for the snow capped mountains. Today's Video Fashion Friday features the spring/summer collection of Michael Kors!

Katherine Hepburn - the Queen of 1940's Androgynous Cool

The desert community of Palm Springs, California

The next images are my favorite looks from Michael's spring collection. When you see them, I'm sure your imagination will immediately take you to the effortless style of Kate Hepburn, and the relaxed but sophisticated resort community of Palm Springs!

The desert foliage and sand

The calming waters

The rugged terrain and desert snakes

Modern day Kate Hepburn

The snow capped mountains

 Enjoy the show...

What did you think of Michael's collection? I am in love with just about every item. The collection consists of pieces that are wearable, and can go with many other pieces in my existing wardrobe. And though the pieces are classic, they have been kissed with a little dose of quirk - just the way I like things{wink}

Have a happy weekend!
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Images from Google Images and Style.com


Throwback Thursday: Ivory Layers of Light


Today I decided to revisit a post from August 27th that was called, Ivory Layers of Light. Please click on the post link below the picture if you wish to leave a comment. Thanks a bunch{wink}

Ivory Layers of Light

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Hi Friends!

If you read Monday's post, you know that on Saturday, my husband took me into Los Angeles to see the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit on the 40th anniversary of the Wrap Dress. You can read about my experience HERE. The exhibit is being held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which is in the heart of trendy Los Angeles...near La Brea, the Fairfax District and Melrose Avenue. It would be unreal for me to go into L.A. without dabbling in a bit of shopping. Who would do such a thing? Trust me, my husband knows that when we go to Los Angeles, there is going to be some shopping involved.

As we drove around the crowded streets, we happened upon a thrift store that looked like it had quite a selection from all the people who were coming and going. We decided to stop. I came across the tiered skirt that I am wearing today. Never have I had an interest in wearing camouflage until I spotted this skirt. I always felt like the look was reserved for tomboys, which would clash with my feminine ways. However, with this skirt, I was able to quickly visualize how I would style it, and I knew that I had several items that would pair with it nicely. For the price of a jaw-dropping $2.50, I couldn't pass it up.

Today's look: Camouflage skirt - Thrifted, T-shirt - Vince Camuto, Leather Jacket - Vintage, Shoes - Via Spiga, Mood Ring - Belonged to my Mom, Polish is Wicked by essie.

So here is what I take away from this post:
  • You can try something different, however, don't spend too much money on it...just in case you decide later it just isn't for YOU.
  • The feminine mystique cannot be camouflaged, even when wearing something that is traditionally linked to the male gender{wink}
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 Images by Freddy and Glenda