The Best of November 2013

Hello Lovelies!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends!

Today is an easy post as I am still recovering from all the festivities of yesterday, and tomorrow (Saturday), my family is headed up the coast to spend some time enjoying the California coast line. Every year we select a Christmas ornament for our tree, and this year, we have decided to visit a quaint little touristy Dutch town called Solvang to do our ornament shopping. It's such a cute little town full of pastry shops, eateries, quaint inns and adorable little shops.

Since I haven't had much time to focus on my wardrobe, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post my top looks for November. Enjoy!

a. Frothy

Have a lovely weekend {wink}


Mid-Week Shout Out!

Hello Lovelies!

Normally my Mid-Week Shout Out photo is of me dancing, however, this week, I'm switching things up a bit. This week's shout out stems from nostalgia. Just before my mother passed away, she spoke these words to me...
"One day you're going to fly. But don't just fly, you'll want to soar."

At the time she spoke these words, I didn't quite understand what she meant. As time went on, I began to ponder exactly what she meant by wanting to soar. To soar means to rise, fly, or glide high and with little apparent effort. Oh how I want my life to soar.

Recently, I was approached by the owners of Curated by Glitter to help introduce their line of prints. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a print that depicted what my mother had spoken to me over 18 years ago, and since I love the color yellow, I chose to show the below print for today's blog post. In addition, you may remember seeing me wear their accessories, like HERE (key charm).

Don't Just Fly - Soar print from Curated by Glitter

My 6th Mid-Week Shout Out goes to (drum roll)...

My Turner of Curated by Glitter

My is a young and ambitious wife, mother, business owner and blogger. Her blog is called Chic Glitter Gal. I first met My quite a few years ago, but in the past year, I have gotten to know her better by way of her fun and quirky boutique near my home. I am impressed by My and many young entrepreneurs of her generation. I admire the way they go after their dreams. I was raised in a household where you were taught to follow the basic pattern in life...get good grades, go to college, work in a job, get your benefits, have a family, retire...end of story. Now, in my later years in life, I regret having spent so much time pursuing the path of others and not becoming a trail blazer.

With all the activities in My's life, she still finds time to stop by So What to Twenty to leave a comment.  Please visit My's online store called Curated by Glitter and explore the unique items she has to offer.

Thank you My for all of your comments and support, and like I always end my post - This is for you...{wink}.


A Little Quirk

Hello Lovelies!

Well here we Americans are, in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations. This week, I have had cooking on my mind and less wardrobe. Last night I took my turkey out of deep freeze and placed it in the refrigerator so that it can begin the defrost process. I have to give the bird four days to shed its ice. To make Thanksgiving fun, I prefer for my Thanksgiving dinner and table to have a little quirkiness to it, rather than straight traditional. After all, who can go through life without adding a bit of humor...the unexpected? Not I!

In honor of the unexpected, today's outfit is a gentle nod in the direction of the quirkiness that should dwell in us all. When I feel like expressing myself outside of my classic zone, I often head into the Masters of the Unconventional...Anthropologie. On this lovely day, I was greeted with sunny, blue skies and mild temperatures.

Today's Look: Embroidered Corset from Anthropologie, Sweetheart Skinny Jeans from Old Navy, Tights from Anthropologie, Shoes were purchased on consignment, Silver Bangle is vintage, Hand painted bracelet from the Getty Center Museum gift shop, polish is Wicked by essie.


When the mood strikes, add a little quirk into the mix. My colorful tights sure made me giggle {wink}

Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison (the man who finds my quirkiness refreshing)


Mid-Week Shout Out + Featured In Announcement

Hi Lovelies!

I apologize for being late with this week's Shout Out, however, I've been fighting a dreadful cold and I finally have the strength to drag myself out of bed. So here it goes...

I began fashion blogging on June 13, 2013. During this short time, I have met some incredible fellow bloggers and followers. I am very grateful to persons whom take the time to write thoughtful comments, and genuinely take the time to build friendships. A little over a month ago I began a new post called the Mid-Week Shout Out, where I personally thank a blogger or follower for their thoughtfulness and their time for offering advice or commenting on So What to Twenty!

Photograph by Frederick D Harrison

My 5th Mid-Week Shout Out goes to (drum roll)...

Lenya and I discovered one another during one of the weekly fashion blog link-ups when we discovered that we had on similar outfits. From there, we both began to follow each others blogs. I can tell that Lenya truly enjoys fashion and blogging by the energy that she radiates from her post. Her comments are always genuine and I feel as if I have known her a life time.

Please, stop by and say "Hi" to Lenya and discover her blog - Fashion Dreams and Lifestyle!

Thank you Lenya for all of your comments, and like I always end my post - This is for you...{wink}.

Featured In...Announcement
Some time ago I ventured over into the Google+ family of fashion blogging and immediately noticed a fellow blogger named Terry S. of Terry's Two Cents. I found myself connecting each day to see what Terry's Outfit of the Day would be. He has impeccable style...classic, with an urban, laid-back feel...and always with a fun pair of socks. I love it! 

To my surprise, Terry informed me that he would be featuring one of my looks in his "What I Love" page on his blog. Here is the link to Terry's What I Love, where you'll see me in my Little Black Dress.

Terry, thank you for featuring my LBD look and So What to Twenty on your blog {wink}



Sheer Madness

Hello Lovelies!

I'm not really wearing today's outfit today. How do I know this? Well, for one thing, I've been in bed for days fighting a horrific cold, and two, it's storming down rain today. I took these pictures on Monday when all I had to deal with was a scratchy throat and a few clouds. So with that...on with today's fashion story...

Earlier this year my husband took me out to hear my favorite jazz band at an intimate restaurant. There wasn't any special celebration, we just wanted to spend some alone time away from our two sons. For that occasion, I wore the blouse that I'm wearing in this post. However, I'm not quite sure if it is a blouse. I purchased it from the Grove Vintage. It's made of the most delicate silk. The label simply says Made in France. Because it is so very sheer, it would be safe to say that it may be lingerie. Nonetheless, I choose to wear it as a blouse.

When I first put it on, I realized that I needed to wear a black strapless bra. I stepped out from the bedroom to show my husband. I am very modest and usually dressed very conservative. I thought my husband was going to say, "Are you mad? You're not wearing that in the public!" However, I was wrong. His eyes bugged-out like when Roger Rabbit first laid eyes on Jessica Rabbit, and he then broke out with a huge grin. I guess the top met his approval. So with my sheer blouse/lingerie top, skinny jeans and strappy sandals...just like that, I stepped out to dinner in my new sheer top...ala Carrie Bradshaw.

For today's look, I decided to give my blouse a more conservative feel and paired it with a great pair of wide-legged, wool crepe pants by Jones New York, a jeweled pair of Enzo Angiolini sandals, a simple vintage clutch, and a statement ring.


In my opinion, this look could take you to a great after work soiree. During office hours, keep your blazer on (of course), and then for the night time magic, remove it and you're good to go {wink}

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Photographs by my sheer loving husband :)



Hello Lovelies!

Believe it or not, my husband is the social butterfly in our family. I can do the party scene for a little while, but after a couple of hours, I start fantasizing about crawling into bed with a good book and a cup of hot tea. Last year, during the holiday season, we attended several social gatherings. On one Friday, we had three events to attend. The grand finale of the evening was dinner at a great jazz supper club. By the time we returned home, it was 3:00 in the morning. I was pooped and so was the outfit I wore.

This coming holiday season I found an adorable and albeit frothy number from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's. I normally shop Kohl's for my hubby, sons and lingerie. However, fellow blogger and entrepreneur, Myisha of Chic Glitter Gal told me she loved the Lauren Conrad Collection. So, I decided to take a peak at it. When I first spotted the skirt, I was attracted to the color, but it lacked in hanger appeal. But when I tried it on, I fell in love with it and decided it would be one of my go-to pieces for the holiday festivities. I love the color, the way it moves, and of course, the fact that it was super easy to style.

Today's Look: 
Skirt - Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohl's, Sandals - Stuart Weitzman(old), Jacket - Loft (old), Tshirt - Vince Camuto, Belt - Calvin Klein, Necklace - Loft, Ring belonged to my mother.



Have you ever passed on something because it didn't have much hanger appeal and later kicked yourself for not buying it. That has happened to me too many times. That is why I made the decision to try it on. As you can see, I had a great time being photographed in this skirt. I can tell it's going to be the life of the party {wink}

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Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison



Hello Lovelies!

Unless you're having an unwanted financial situation, you don't have to think much about turning on your water faucet and then seeing that pure liquid flow from the spicket. Right? There are some things you just don't have to think about. Such is the case for my outfit selection on today's post...the Little Black Dress or LBD to fashion insiders. The LBD is a constant, it's always relevant, and it's always chic and in style. For myself, my Little Black Dresses have saved the day on many occasions.

Let's be perfectly honest, I'm not always in the mood to think about what I'm going to wear. On those days, when I still need to look pulled together without using too much brain power, I usually reach for my constant Little Black Dress and a few pieces of accessories, and...Tah Dah - a polished ensemble that will take you just about anywhere.

Today's look isn't to show the latest and greatest in a recent shopping excursion. No, it's to demonstrate the timeless appeal of the classic of all classics...the staple that stands against the test of time...the grand dame of any fashionista's wardrobe...the Little Black Dress.

"When a little black dress is right, 
there is nothing else to wear in its place."
Coco Chanel

Today's Look: LBD - Loft (old) Similar, Sandals (these old things), Necklace from Francesca's Collection (old) but I saw a similar necklace on eBay; Wallet from Kate Spade New York; Basket weave gold ring from H&M; Polish is Brownette by Ulta


The most poignant suggestion I could make to anyone wanting to add to or revamp their wardrobe is to add a good quality LBD to their wardrobe. One made of a great fabrication that could carry you from season to season. Might I suggest a lightweight wool crepe or crepe blend.

 So, Lovelies, the next time you're needing to dress without much thought...let the water flowing from your faucet be a reminder that the LBD will never let you down {wink}

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Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


Cheers to YOU!

Hello Lovelies!

I love to begin the weekend with cheerful news! Like all bloggers, the excitement builds as we begin to interact more and more with the public. For myself, I thoroughly enjoy talking about style and fashion with women and men from all over the world. It's so cool to see how the fashion language has no boundaries.

When I checked my stats this morning, I realized that because of YOU, So What to Twenty has reached over 200 page views on any given day!!! With that being said, I would like to give a toast...

To all the wonderful women and men from across the world who have taken the time to visit and stay connected with So What to Twenty - I thank you. You are the reason why I continue to write about what I love. It is such a thrill to read your blogs and comments as well. Let's always remember this...Like fine wine, the fashionable woman gets better with age - CHEERS TO YOU!! {wink}


Audrey Wore Turtlenecks

Hi Lovelies!

Recently I saw an article on WhoWhatWear that read, "Ways to Make Turtlenecks Look Cool." Frankly, I was taken-aback by this article. What do you mean, make turtlenecks look cool? In my opinion, turtlenecks are extremely cool! There's such a classic, cool sexiness about them. I never needed a recent photo of a turtleneck wearing, street scene fashionista to convince me that they are cool. After all, over the decades, the chicest, most well dressed women in history were advocates of this style. Who doesn't remember Audrey Hepburn in that classic scene from Funny Face when she states, "I rather feel like expressing myself now." What was she wearing? A black turtleneck with black skinnies and loafers. Audrey didn't just reserve them for just the movies, often times she was photographed wearing them. Cool I tell you...so cool! 

Today's outfit is dedicated to the classic, cool and ever-so chic turtleneck. I've decided to pair my favorite Anne Klein, short-sleeved turtleneck with a few classic pieces:

Skirt (Banana Republic), Boots (Migliorini of Italy, Backpack by Liz Claiborne -purchased over 20 years ago from the Broadway, Rose Gold Bracelet from Glitter Lifestyle Boutique.


Tell me Lovelies, do you find turtlenecks to be cool or uncool? Just in case you have never scene the famous Audrey Hepburn scene that I mentioned above, I'll leave you today with a treat, and let me know if Audrey looked uncool in her turtleneck. Enjoy {wink}

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Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison

Mid-Week Shout Out!

Hi Lovelies - it's that time of the week again!

I began fashion blogging on June 13, 2013. During this short time, I have met some incredible fellow bloggers and followers. I am very grateful to persons whom take the time to write thoughtful comments, and genuinely take the time to build friendships. About a month ago I began a new post called the Mid-Week Shout Out, where I personally thank a blogger or follower for their thoughtfulness and their time for offering advice or commenting on So What to Twenty!

My 4th Mid-Week Shout Out goes to (drum roll)...

Cara from Cara's Cliche

I've been all over the world with blogs that I've chosen - from New York, to Belgium and Amsterdam. I'm happy to thank a fellow Californian. I first discovered Cara's blog on the Lucky Magazine community over a month ago. When I visited her blog, I immediately began following her post. Simply put...she has amazing style. I enjoy her post because she coordinates her entire look from head-to-toe and including her location for the pictures. Her blog is enjoyable to experience because each time she posts, you learn a little more about her style aesthetic, and she gives you a peak inside of her world. Her comments are always motivating and uplifting. Cara even surprised me via Facebook by sharing So What to Twenty with her followers. I so appreciate camaraderie between fellow bloggers.

Please, stop by and say "Hi" to Cara and discover her blog. You'll fall in love with her incredible style. I did!

Thank you Cara for all of your comments and support, and like I always end my post - This is for you...{wink}.

Past Shout Outs went to:
Elle from My Daily Costume
Greetje from No Fear of Fashion
Photograph by Frederick D. Harrison


The Masters

Hi Lovelies!

In my opinion, a carefully curated wardrobe is one that will take you through many aspects of your life...day to night, winter to summer, from the boardroom to the bleachers, etc, etc. In an instant, the telephone rings, and on the other end, a friend inviting you to a great art opening and wine tasting. Without any worries, you open your closet and pull out a few options for the occasion. You make your decision without hesitation. You're good to go without any quick trips to the shopping mall to find that perfect outfit. There's no need to panic because you already have a closet that works for you and your life.

How does one achieve such a user friendly wardrobe? By dedicating a good portion of your wardrobe to the Masters. Notice I stated a good portion. Always leave room for a little quirk and fun! The Masters are those pieces that can take center stage, or they can work behind the scenes as discrete background pieces. They are your building blocks...the pieces that complement various items in your existing wardrobe, and when paired with others, they allow you to dress on point each and every time. To keep from repeating what has been stated time and time again, I'll refrain from repeating these stellar wardrobe staples. Some of the women I've admired over the decades were masters in wearing the Masters, women like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her daughter-in-law Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (my Style Crush HERE), and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Today's look consist of a few of the core pieces in my wardrobe - Winter White Jeans, a Cashmere Turtleneck, a Statement Coat, Great Accessories - They are the Masters. Trust me when I say, these items have never let me down.

What are the Masters in your wardrobe, and have they ever let you down? {wink}

PS. In case you're wondering, the coat was purchased from Anthropologie two years ago, and I simply adore it!

Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison 

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