Mid-Week Shout Out!

Hi Lovelies!

By now, most of you should know about the Mid-Week Shout Out. But for new followers, here is the story...

I began fashion blogging on June 13, 2013. During this short time, I have met some incredible fellow bloggers and followers. I am very grateful to persons whom take the time to write thoughtful comments, and genuinely take the time to build friendships. Since I love the camaraderie between bloggers, I decided to begin a new post called the Mid-Week Shout Out, where I personally thank a blogger or follower for their thoughtfulness and their time for offering advice or commenting on So What to Twenty!

My 8th Mid-Week Shout Out goes to (drum roll)...

Whitney of WhitneyNicJames

I first discovered Whitney on a weekly blog link-up. I really enjoy Whitney's blog because it has opened my eyes to a new way to shop. Her blog niche is all about thrifting! Though I have gone into thrift stores, I never really purchased anything. Seeing how Whitney shops the thrift stores as motivated me into venturing out once again. Each time I read her blog, I am excited to see what her latest find will be.

Please, stop by and say "Hi" to Whitney and discover her blog - WhitneyNicJames!

Thank you Whitney for all of your comments, and like I always end my post - This is for you...{wink}.

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  1. I'm still ticked! Thanks so much, Glenda! XO!


  2. As a great lover of thrift shopping, I'm on my way over to say Hi.

  3. Yes she is, and Whit is my newly adopted lil sis!

  4. What a nice idea the Mid-Week Shout Out! I think I will have a look at Whitney's blog. Thanks for sharing!
    I started blogging in February 2013, and I got acquainted with many people all around the world. I feel that every one of them is a dear friend!!

  5. Glenda,
    I will got visit Whitney ASAP.
    XX, Elle

  6. Whitney is a very cheerful person and does love colour (as I do). I sometimes thrift. Not much but I don't have a good eye for it.


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