Mid-Week Shout Out!

Hi Lovelies - it's that time of the week again!

I began fashion blogging on June 13, 2013. During this short time, I have met some incredible fellow bloggers and followers. I am very grateful to persons whom take the time to write thoughtful comments, and genuinely take the time to build friendships. About a month ago I began a new post called the Mid-Week Shout Out, where I personally thank a blogger or follower for their thoughtfulness and their time for offering advice or commenting on So What to Twenty!

My 4th Mid-Week Shout Out goes to (drum roll)...

Cara from Cara's Cliche

I've been all over the world with blogs that I've chosen - from New York, to Belgium and Amsterdam. I'm happy to thank a fellow Californian. I first discovered Cara's blog on the Lucky Magazine community over a month ago. When I visited her blog, I immediately began following her post. Simply put...she has amazing style. I enjoy her post because she coordinates her entire look from head-to-toe and including her location for the pictures. Her blog is enjoyable to experience because each time she posts, you learn a little more about her style aesthetic, and she gives you a peak inside of her world. Her comments are always motivating and uplifting. Cara even surprised me via Facebook by sharing So What to Twenty with her followers. I so appreciate camaraderie between fellow bloggers.

Please, stop by and say "Hi" to Cara and discover her blog. You'll fall in love with her incredible style. I did!

Thank you Cara for all of your comments and support, and like I always end my post - This is for you...{wink}.

Past Shout Outs went to:
Elle from My Daily Costume
Greetje from No Fear of Fashion
Photograph by Frederick D. Harrison


  1. You are too sweet. Is it bad that this made me tear up a bit?! Thank you so much!

    PS I enjoy your blog just as much if not more so ;)

    xx Cara

  2. Yes you are right, Cara incorporates her outfits very well with backgrounds. Great posts.

  3. Glenda, I will check out her blog. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Happy weekend!
    XX, Elle


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