What's In Your Night Table?

Hello Lovelies!

There have been many blog post and magazine articles that ask the question, "What is in your handbag?" Well, this post is similar, but in my opinion, more intimate. As I propose the question, "What is in your night table drawer?" Don't blush, as I know that the night table can hold quite a few "things" that I wouldn't dare mention. For the sake of G-rated blogging...let's not go there!

In my night table there holds the items that I cherish: My journal, photographs, my Kindle, and lotions that I love to lavish myself with after a long, warm bubble bath. I have a drawer full of lotions and balms that smell heavenly. Don't you just love to douse your skin with something that smells and feels delightful? I do...and might I add that my hubby does as well.

One of my favorite skincare lines is Scentsational Soaps. I've been wearing the homemade products for years now. Some of the reasons I enjoy the products so is because they are indeed made fresh and with a great deal of love and care. Also many of the soaps, butters and souffle's are scented with essential oils rather than man-made fragrances. If I haven't told you, I have very sensitive skin and I try to stay away from to many artificial ingredients.

Just after my bubble bath, I enjoy going into my night table and selecting a scent according to my mood. Will it be Orange Ginger, Peppermint, Lavender, or perhaps Lemongrass? Whatever I decide, the scent is light, airy and soothing. Often times, just before I engage in a Pilates workout, I'll slather on lavender or peppermint. By doing this, I get a whiff of herbal delight as I enjoy my practice.

This morning, I was prepared myself for a day of volunteering in the hospital. During my volunteer time, I visit cancer patients. Often times, people going through cancer treatments find it hard to deal with strong scents. I decided to wear my Scentsational Soaps Lavender Body Butter so that I could feel relaxed and have a light floral scent that is calming. As you can see in the picture above, I covered my hand on the right with the body butter. It gave my skin a delicate layer of moisturizing. Not too heavy or greasy.

Try Scentsational Soaps by visiting the link from the A Daughter's Heart page HERE. By doing so, Scentsational Soaps will donate 25% to women and men fighting cancer. And as we say at A Daughter's Heart - If you have to fight cancer...Fight it beautifully! {wink}



  1. I see the difference on your hand. I have to remember to moisturize my hands before bed.


    1. It's good practice to keep! By the way, I adore your blog :)


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