The Irresistible 40's!

At the end of this post, please stay tuned for great tips on How to be Irresistible Over 40! 
by Charly Emery of Charly Sense (www.charlysense.com)

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so excited about today's post. I am in my 40's...Forty-seven to be exact and I love it! I remember in my 30's, approaching the forty bracket with fear and trepidation. Flipping through fashion magazines, watching television, billboard ads, etc all displayed sexy and vitality at a very young age. To makes matters worse, often I would hear people make this statement about other women, "She looks good for 40." As if forty was an age that somehow your looks flew out the window. I imagined myself waking up on my 40th birthday to suddenly look unlike myself. I would look in the mirror and ask, "Where did Glenda go?" Glenda is still alive and doing very well. As a matter of fact, I enjoy my age very much!

I was fortunate to have a family that believed in living a balanced life, before balanced living became hip and trendy. Meals were always well balanced, we grew fresh fruits and vegetables in our home garden, playing basketball, jogging, and riding bikes were considered family fun time. What was instilled in me at an early age became my mantra in life:
  • Eat whole foods (Diet)
  • Take care of your body (Exercise)
  • Live with passion (Do what you love)
  • Have a spiritual connection (Faith)
  • Give back (Community Service)
  • Love the ones your with (Commitment)

I receive many comments about the title of my blog, So What to Twenty! Some ask is it a slap in the face to the younger generations? Absolutely NOT!!!

So What to Twenty isn't an insult to our twenty-something generation. It is however a statement of faith to the women in my generation and above. It is for us to realize and say, "I love who I am, and age doesn't matter. I can still rock a look and be incredibly fabulous at any age, so, So What to Twenty!"

Like many fashion and style bloggers, I blog for the pure joy of it. I have always loved fashion and worked in many aspects of the industry for many, many years. I also have a great passion for writing. For me, writing is very therapeutic. I feel such a rush of creativity when my words form together in perfect harmony. With blogging, I'm able to fulfill two passions at once: Fashion and writing!

To be perfectly honest, life is pretty darn good right now. I'm in love with my husband of 21 years; we have two incredibly gifted and talented sons; we enjoy our time together having family fun; I love working in community service with cancer patients; and I adore meeting new and exciting people via the world of blogging. I wouldn't change a thing. Forty-seven is irresistibly good {wink}


And now - Charly Emery of Charly Sense. I met Charly a couple of years ago at a women's health conference in Pasadena, California. Charly was one of the speakers in a workshop. She was dynamic and engaging. You'll enjoy the advice she shares in this YouTube video. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Glenda, thanks for the intro to Charly. I really enjoyed her youtube. And I love your life mantra. You radiate health and vitality, and it's no real surprise to me that you were grew up eating home grown food, and being active and social.

    1. Thank you Sue. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Yes yes yes!!! You are absolutely right about everything.

    PS: I would like to thank you. I just discovered that you are following me. I would like to follow you too, but you don't have GFC and I am an absolute beginner with the whole thing, though.

  3. What? You are 47? Get outta here... I definitely thought you were younger! High five, girl :-D You have a great sense of style. Very sophisticated but at the same time youthful, on-trend and often also a tad quirky. Like!

    1. I am going to hire you Melissa as my PR agent. Thanks Girl!

    2. Better be careful, I charge a lot ;-)

  4. Totally agree with everything you say. I am as lucky as you are. Smart parents with good values, a loving husband for 25 years (I am older than you haha) and everything I have ever asked for.

    1. Awww, that is fantastic Greetje. I can tell the joy in your life by the radiance you project through your blog.


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