What I Wore: Chic Casual Wednesday!

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday (Tuesday) beat me up pretty bad. I normally start my day by journaling, followed by a good workout, breakfast, and then I begin my work. However on this day, I didn't have the opportunity to embrace my usual morning routine. Instead, I woke with an urgency to get the ball rolling on many things. You see, when I'm not blogging, I run an organization that's dedicated to persons fighting cancer, and in just a couple of short weeks, we're having our annual jazz benefit concert. As you could probably imagine, my days are quite full...meetings with caterers, making sure payments are in, contracts are signed, volunteers know their assignments for the day, receiving auction items...phone call after phone call. Text message after text message. By noon, I was completely drained, and by 4:00pm, I wanted to hide behind a barrier and wave a little white flag and shout - I Surrender!! Oh, and let me not forget to mention...I spent the entire day in my jammies.

Since I was sucker-punched yesterday, here's my way of giving myself a breather. I deem today Chic Casual Wednesday! I'm wearing my favorite chic mommy look to pick-up dry cleaning, go to the bank, and all sorts of mundane activities. Take that Tuesday! That's what you get for keeping me in my jammies all day!

Today's Look:
Shorts: My old cut-off jeans
Blouse: White blouse by the Loft
Sweatshirt: Aeropostale won on eBay
Shoes: Via Spiga
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet
Cuff: J.Jill (similar style)
Lariat Bird Necklace (similar style)
Earrings by Monet
Ring: Purchased in Ensenada, Mexico
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy by Essie

I plan on enjoying this day and taking it at a much slower pace. Let's do this! I've got my favorite denim cut-offs, a tissue soft cotton blouse, the softness of a comfy sweatshirt, a cold cup of apple juice, the shoes that make my husband swoon, and the final top secret...red painted nails.

Have a great day Lovelies! I will {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


  1. You look comfy and sassy in that outfit and I love those shoes.

    1. Oh yes My Kurves...these shoes make men swoon. I love them too, and whenever I wear them, I feel like two million bucks ;)

  2. Yer shoes! I wants them! :-)

    1. Those are fighting words Melissa! These are my favorite shoes. Get back!!!

  3. Very nice outfit. Relaxed and elegant. Especially like the sandals and the sweater.


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