What I Wore: Boyish-Girl Style

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was relaxing. I didn't have anything major on the calendar, and to be perfectly honest, I was O.K. with that. During the work week, I've been moving a mile a minute. The slow pace of this weekend was a welcomed breath of fresh air.

While lounging around the house, I dawned one of my husband's over-sized t-shirts and a pair of his pajama bottoms. When he came home from work, he smiled at me and said, "You look sexy." His comment got me wondering about a woman in a man's clothing. Men often find it sexy when they see their woman in their clothes. Having an inquisitive mind, I asked him what exactly was sexy about the look. He stated, "You look comfortable. I like how my big clothes over-take you. And I love how they smell like you." Dang, really...that was pretty intense!

After hearing what my husband had to say about girl's dressing like the boys, my outfit for the day is inspired by the boyish-girl, also known as, the tomboy. Gender bending style is a hot trend for fall 2013, and it burned-up the runway in many of the collections.

Today's Look:
Halter Top: Vintage Esprit
Boyfriend Jeans: the Loft
Shoes: TJ Maxx (old)
Cap: H&M

A ball cap...

And baggy boyfriend jeans add to the boyish look.

Notice the hanky in the back pocket.

Pretty jewelry...

And an exposed back add to the feminine mystique.

The two combined = Boyish-Girl Chic!

Did I feel sexy? Yes, I did! I felt relaxed and easy in the baggy boyfriend jeans, yet, I felt sensual in the fitted halter top. It truly was fun to mix the two genders. I am, by nature, a girly-girl and I embrace my femininity whole-heartily. I wouldn't dare throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers with my boyfriends. I had to bring in the lovely feminine details that I adore...pretty heels, jewelry and a hint of soft perfume. On this day, a spritz of Chanel No. 5 on my wrist added to the allure{wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


  1. It doesn't get much better than a ball cap and heels!

    xx Cara

    1. Yes, you're absolutely right Cara. It's such a oxymoron and it works to perfection!

  2. Love this look... and the background of the choices! Kudos for both!

  3. Love this look on you, but , try and you might, YOU GLENDA, will never be a tomboy!
    XX, Elle

  4. What a lovely comment from your husband. What a dear.
    And this outfit is very sexy too. Hot mamma.

    1. You know Greetje, I rarely feel sexy. I normally dont know how I feel. Strange.


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