Lifestyle: The Fun Ship Follow-up

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back from vacation, and I must admit, this was by far one of the best vacations I have ever had! Last week, my family boarded the Carnival Inspiration in Long Beach, California for a 4 day cruise with stops to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. It was absolutely fabulous!

The Harrison family has taken quite a few journeys, but this one stood out in the pack. A few years ago, I heard a woman speak at a women's health conference on the subject of Mindful Living and journal writing. I have now written in a journal since being a young teen, so, I understood her reasons for accepting this form of therapy into your life. However, Mindful Living was foreign to me. I first thought it was some type of hocus-pocus that I wanted to avoid. Needless to say, I discovered that it had nothing to do with religion, but more of an approach to being aware. I walked away with a new way of coping with stress. I made sure to take this approach on our vacation. When we boarded the Fun Ship, I, in essence left all my cares and concerns behind and lived completely in the moment. Each hour, minute, second was appreciated on an entirely different level. I lived my time on vacation in the moment...appreciating the sounds, scents, sights, touch and of course the tastes. By living in the moment, time moved along gently...my time was savored.

Before I show you a few photos from my journey at sea, I want to share with you an excerpt from my journal...

Thursday, September 5, 2013
"It's 10:00am and I'm sitting on a terrace that overlooks the Lido Deck. There are a few people mulling about. Most are quiet and in their own thoughts. Some talk amongst themselves, while others enjoy a morning swim, jog or miniature golf. Yesterday, Ensenada greeted us with a full day of excursions, with parties and entertainment by night. Fred and I enjoyed a dance club that featured hit songs from the 70's and 80's. Today is our final full day aboard the Carnival Inspiration. Today we will have a complete day at sea. Fred and Chris are having breakfast. Sean is sleeping after a late night of hanging out in Club O dancing with the other teenagers. The sun feels like heaven on my skin. I can see and hear the waves lapping below. The sea is endless...mysterious, yet calming. Today the ship rolls with more aggression. I haven't seen any gulls this morning. Perhaps because we are too far from the shoreline."

Life On Board the Carnival Inspiration
Fred and I as the Inspiration leaves the Long Beach Harbor
Taking in the warm sun
One of the beautiful sunsets that I witnessed
A view from my favorite cubby
Each time the ship left harbor, packs of Dolphins raced along side. It was quite a sight to see!
The Lido Deck - Where most of the outdoor fun took place. Party music played, many silly games and contests...and lots of food & drinks

While in the harbor, seagulls flew around the vessel
  Catalina Island
Being tendered to the Catalina Shore. The Inspiration stayed out in the open sea so that the casino could remain open.
The Board Walk of Catalina Island
On shore in Catalina. Fun and silly moments. Fred found it almost impossible to get a serious picture out of us.
A view of lovely Catalina with the famous casino in the background
 Ensenada Mexico

A beautiful cultural center we visited in Ensenada while on an excursion
An open-air market. Ensenada is known for its silver.

Inside the cultural center where we were greeted with Margharitas and vendors.
A rooster that wandered around in the restaurant that we dined in.
A street vendor makes a bracelet for our oldest son's girlfriend
I fell in love with this seaside rest area that has fallen into disrepair. The architecture was beautiful (next 3 shots)

My three loves!
It has been two days since we disembarked the Inspiration, and my mind still believes it is at sea. They call this condition Sea Legs. Oh how I wish it wasn't just a mere condition of the mind, but the real deal. I want to return to the sea {wink}



  1. My husband and I cruise every year and we absolutely love it! I'm glad to see you had a good time! :)

    1. I am positively hooked KTR, and looking forward to our next cruise. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you will stay connected!

  2. Wow, such great shots! I love the rest stop in disrepair, the rooster, and the beautiful island shots. Thanks for sharing this, I just need a Mai-Tai and i will have really felt that I have traveled!
    XX, Elle

    1. Oh Elle, it has been difficult to return to reality. I left my heart onboard the Carnival. Would you believe I had my very first margharita on vacation!

  3. Found you via 40+ feature and now following via Bloglovin. My family go on a cruise every two years and we were on the Inspiration, during its first year as the first non-smoking ship in the world. We loved it then and I am glad you enjoyed it also. When you have some time come visit My Kurves.

    1. Hello, thank you for following So What to Twenty! Unfortunately smoking is now permitted in designated areas. I will visit my curves!

  4. Welcome back! I am so glad your vacation was such a success! :-D The pics are great.

    1. I would say it's good to be back...but I wouldn't be telling the truth. I miss my time at sea terribly!


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