Fun With Fashion: Topsy Turvy

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday to you!

Have you all been enjoying the Fashion Weeks as much as I have? OM Goodness, the N.Y. was amazing! I keep logging on to Style.com and Video Fashion to replay the fashion shows. My husband probably thinks I'm nuts. Every time the Fashion weeks roll around, I develop this strong desire to revamp my wardrobe. I have been spending my down time going through my closet and putting together outfits that I've never worn before. After seeing the Ralph Lauren show, I have become obsessed with the black and white theme. I know, I know, that theme replays every spring. But the way Lauren pulled the looks together, it looked so fresh and new. I'm so inspired. As a matter of fact, today's Fun With Fashion is based on the B/W theme.

Here's the story about today's look...
I purchased the skirt years ago. Then, last year, I purchased the top. I never thought of wearing the two together until recently. I originally styled the look with more of a corporate flair. However, as the photo shoot went on, everything went topsy turvy and I felt constricted and uncomfortable. So, I loosened-up the look a bit. You'll see (smile).

Today's Look:
Skirt: TJ Maxx by Willie Wear
Top: the Loft
Sandals: Nine West
Belt: Nine West
Scarf: Vintage
Watch: the Loft
Earrings: Monet
Ring: Purchased in Ensenada, Mexico
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet

Though this isn't the original styling, I'm showing this picture first because it represents how I felt after I changed the look...relaxed!

The original look with a scarf tied as a ascot, and the shirt tucked.

I removed the scarf from around my neck and tied it on my wrist.

Often times I buy my tops a wee bit too large so that I can tie them in the front. Look minus the scarf.

Top and bottom purchased in two separate stores, but I love how they work together.

To scarf or not to scarf? That is the question.

The wind blew my scarf away. Could that be my answer?

Tell me Lovelies, which way did you like the look; more relaxed, or more corporate? With the scarf, or without the scarf? Do tell {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


  1. I am loving all the scarf inspiration in this post. Now if only I can figure out how to tie it under my shirt like that!

    xx Cara

    1. Hi Cara, I think the trick is to select a really lite-weight scarf. Here are some instructions. I also secured my ascot with my husbands tie pin. That way it wouldn't slip.

  2. Dear Glenda,
    I share your passion for all things Ralph, and yo y did him proud. Amazing what we can pull together when we shop our closet. I love the scarf, but like you happy smile better, when it is flowing in the wind...
    XX. Elle

    1. Thank you Elle! That began as such an awkward photo shoot and quickly turned fun when I decided to play with the look :)

  3. You look great! I love your outfits, so nicely put together. :)

    xo GS
    Fall Trends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyux5s2FXtk

    1. Thank you so much GS! Thank you for stopping by So What to Twenty! I hope you'll stay connected!

  4. You know I love the more unbuttoned looks. Cute both ways though!

  5. This outfit is really cute. It's amazing what we can find in our closet and put together when we really think about it.

    1. Thats right Steff. Also, watching Fashion week really inspires me.

  6. I like the idea of tying the scarf around your wrist! And I just love the skirt and the shirt, they look lovely together.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I like it that way too :)


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