What I Wore: Boyish-Girl Style

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was relaxing. I didn't have anything major on the calendar, and to be perfectly honest, I was O.K. with that. During the work week, I've been moving a mile a minute. The slow pace of this weekend was a welcomed breath of fresh air.

While lounging around the house, I dawned one of my husband's over-sized t-shirts and a pair of his pajama bottoms. When he came home from work, he smiled at me and said, "You look sexy." His comment got me wondering about a woman in a man's clothing. Men often find it sexy when they see their woman in their clothes. Having an inquisitive mind, I asked him what exactly was sexy about the look. He stated, "You look comfortable. I like how my big clothes over-take you. And I love how they smell like you." Dang, really...that was pretty intense!

After hearing what my husband had to say about girl's dressing like the boys, my outfit for the day is inspired by the boyish-girl, also known as, the tomboy. Gender bending style is a hot trend for fall 2013, and it burned-up the runway in many of the collections.

Today's Look:
Halter Top: Vintage Esprit
Boyfriend Jeans: the Loft
Shoes: TJ Maxx (old)
Cap: H&M

A ball cap...

And baggy boyfriend jeans add to the boyish look.

Notice the hanky in the back pocket.

Pretty jewelry...

And an exposed back add to the feminine mystique.

The two combined = Boyish-Girl Chic!

Did I feel sexy? Yes, I did! I felt relaxed and easy in the baggy boyfriend jeans, yet, I felt sensual in the fitted halter top. It truly was fun to mix the two genders. I am, by nature, a girly-girl and I embrace my femininity whole-heartily. I wouldn't dare throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers with my boyfriends. I had to bring in the lovely feminine details that I adore...pretty heels, jewelry and a hint of soft perfume. On this day, a spritz of Chanel No. 5 on my wrist added to the allure{wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


Fun With Fashion: Lilac Legs!

Hello Lovelies!

One aspect of fall/winter fashion I love is the opportunity to wear colorful and interesting leg wear. During my college years, at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, my first job was working in the accessories department in a large department store. It was during those times that I fell completely in love with adding pops of color and/or texture to my legs for a more entertaining look. I remember the visual display team dressing the mannequins in the coolest, most unexpected hues, patterns and textures. From that point, I began to add fun leg wear to my wardrobe.

Today's look isn't so much about what I'm wearing as a whole, but more about the legs. Because, as you'll see, most of the look is composed of items that I've had in my closet for ages. Recently I popped into Anthropologie (the experts on cool leg wear), and discovered a lilac colored tight on sale. I had to have them! I also purchased a paprika color, and loden green. My shopping buddy for the day said, "What on earth are you going to wear those with?" I just laughed within myself and thought..."What can't I wear them with." Though the color I'm wearing today is from a past season, I want to share the Anthropologie link so that you can see what they have this year. I purposely pulled a look together from older items in my closet to show how adding fun and flirty leg wear can add a lot of spice to your wardrobe.

Today's Look:
Tights: Anthropologie 
Dress: TJ Maxx (year's ago)
Shoes: Via Spiga
Scarf: Glitter Lifestyle Boutique (old)
Silver Bracelet: Vintage
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet
Earrings: Monet (old)


What do you think Lovelies...are you big on wearing colorful, patterned and textured leg wear? If not, I strongly suggest trying them. If you feel uneasy about having a bold leg, then start with subtle looks and work your way up as you gain more confidence{wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


What I Wore: Chic Casual Wednesday!

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday (Tuesday) beat me up pretty bad. I normally start my day by journaling, followed by a good workout, breakfast, and then I begin my work. However on this day, I didn't have the opportunity to embrace my usual morning routine. Instead, I woke with an urgency to get the ball rolling on many things. You see, when I'm not blogging, I run an organization that's dedicated to persons fighting cancer, and in just a couple of short weeks, we're having our annual jazz benefit concert. As you could probably imagine, my days are quite full...meetings with caterers, making sure payments are in, contracts are signed, volunteers know their assignments for the day, receiving auction items...phone call after phone call. Text message after text message. By noon, I was completely drained, and by 4:00pm, I wanted to hide behind a barrier and wave a little white flag and shout - I Surrender!! Oh, and let me not forget to mention...I spent the entire day in my jammies.

Since I was sucker-punched yesterday, here's my way of giving myself a breather. I deem today Chic Casual Wednesday! I'm wearing my favorite chic mommy look to pick-up dry cleaning, go to the bank, and all sorts of mundane activities. Take that Tuesday! That's what you get for keeping me in my jammies all day!

Today's Look:
Shorts: My old cut-off jeans
Blouse: White blouse by the Loft
Sweatshirt: Aeropostale won on eBay
Shoes: Via Spiga
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet
Cuff: J.Jill (similar style)
Lariat Bird Necklace (similar style)
Earrings by Monet
Ring: Purchased in Ensenada, Mexico
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy by Essie

I plan on enjoying this day and taking it at a much slower pace. Let's do this! I've got my favorite denim cut-offs, a tissue soft cotton blouse, the softness of a comfy sweatshirt, a cold cup of apple juice, the shoes that make my husband swoon, and the final top secret...red painted nails.

Have a great day Lovelies! I will {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


What I Wore: 60's School Girl

Hello Lovelies!

I have been literally obsessing over the Ralph Lauren S/S 2014 collection! I think I've viewed the show on YouTube at least 10 times. Did you see it? I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the way he opened the show with a parade of black and white. We know that this combination is hot every spring/summer, but Lauren added a unique twist to the dynamic duo by giving the collection a retro 60's feel. I believe I'm having a 60's moment...perhaps it is because that is the decade in which I was born. If you didn't see my post called, What I Wore: The 60's Revisited, please check it out. Though I don't actually remember the time (I was born in the late 60's), I do recall looking through family photo albums and seeing my mother and family members decked out in the coolest looks...sky-hi Afros, bohemian influences, mini skirts and dresses. So fun!

Today's look is, once again, inspired by the 60's...a decade that was so radical, you don't even have to put the number 19 in front of it! Before you leave, watch the Ralph Lauren s/s runway show!

Today's Look:
Sweater: Anne Klein from TJ Maxx
Skirt: Martin + Osa from TJ Maxx
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadina from TJ Maxx
Knee Hi Socks: The Grove Vintage
Monogram Pendant: Swell Caroline
Signet Ring: J. Crew (past season)
Earrings by Monet
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy by Essie

Truthfully, I haven't worn a pair of knee-hi socks since the preppy look took over with penny loafers and argyle socks in the early 80's. What do you think Lovelies, can more mature women wear knee-hi socks, or should this style stay tucked away? I actually felt chic in them. Do tell {wink}


Thank you Vodka Infused Lemonade for the link-up

Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


Girl On The Go: Give Me A "M"

Hello Lovelies!

Fall is upon us! Time for football, pumpkin spiced everything, maple leaves on the ground...Ok, let me be honest, I'm not really into sports, but I absolutely love sitting in the stands and cheering on a good ol' high school football team. Especially when it's my son's school. Tonight is the first home game and I'm excited! No, my son doesn't play football, instead, he is in the marching band. I love to watch them take over the field for the 1/2-time show. Oh how I enjoy the cool, crisp night air; the view of the foothill mountains from the stadium; the screaming fans; munching on a bag of hot buttered popcorn; all while looking chic, yet appropriate for the occasion. Today's look is inspired by that time honored tradition of attending a football game.

Today's Look:
M Sweatshirt: Forever 21. Similar HERE
Pants: Zara. Similar HERE
Boots: Tahari (old season)
Necklaces purchased from Bloomingdales (old)
Signet Ring: J.Crew
Knuckle Ring: YoursNMineDesign at Etsy
Watch belongs to my husband
Purse by Perlina
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet


Now that fall is upon us, tell me Lovelies, what do you love most about the season...and you can't say the clothes (lol). By the way, I selected the "M" sweatshirt because my maiden name begins with an M {wink}



What I Wore: The 60's Revisited!

Hello Chicks (Lovelies)!

Today I finally pulled myself away from my office space to spend the day running errands with my husband. Finally the weather is more fall-like. We are now experiencing some relief from the scorching heat, here in Southern California. With all the errands for the day, I wanted to be comfortable, but with a retro feel. I was also looking for an excuse to pullout my powder blue flats by Zara (seen HERE).

My look today is inspired by the era in which I was born...the 1960's! A time of free love, social reform, the Kennedy family and Angela Davis. Rags (fashion) had taken an entirely different road from the demure looks of the 1950's. Gone were the nipped waistlines, with fitted bodice and full skirts. The 60's look consisted of mini dresses and skirts, boho was set into motion, skinny pants, mock turtleneck sweaters, pointy-toed shoes, and patent leather was all the rage.

Today, my chosen ensemble makes me feel as if I stepped out of an episode of the Mod Squad...can you dig it? Right on!

Today's Look:
Sweater: 1960's vintage purchased from the Pasadena Flea Market
Pants: Michael Kors from TJ Maxx
Shoes: Zara (sold out)
Belt: Nine West from TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Sterling Silver cuff purchased in Ensenada, Mexico
Rings: Something Silver at Downtown Disney
Watch: Disney
Sunnies: Loft Outlet
Nail Polish: Forever Yummy by Essie



I would love to pop-a-wheelie on this motorcycle.

Let's Boogie!
What do you think Lovelies? Is my outfit wicked or totally square? You be the judge. In the meantime, me and this cat (my husband) are going cruisin, and then we're going to make-out in the back of his circus wagon. Peace {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


Fun With Fashion: Topsy Turvy

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday to you!

Have you all been enjoying the Fashion Weeks as much as I have? OM Goodness, the N.Y. was amazing! I keep logging on to Style.com and Video Fashion to replay the fashion shows. My husband probably thinks I'm nuts. Every time the Fashion weeks roll around, I develop this strong desire to revamp my wardrobe. I have been spending my down time going through my closet and putting together outfits that I've never worn before. After seeing the Ralph Lauren show, I have become obsessed with the black and white theme. I know, I know, that theme replays every spring. But the way Lauren pulled the looks together, it looked so fresh and new. I'm so inspired. As a matter of fact, today's Fun With Fashion is based on the B/W theme.

Here's the story about today's look...
I purchased the skirt years ago. Then, last year, I purchased the top. I never thought of wearing the two together until recently. I originally styled the look with more of a corporate flair. However, as the photo shoot went on, everything went topsy turvy and I felt constricted and uncomfortable. So, I loosened-up the look a bit. You'll see (smile).

Today's Look:
Skirt: TJ Maxx by Willie Wear
Top: the Loft
Sandals: Nine West
Belt: Nine West
Scarf: Vintage
Watch: the Loft
Earrings: Monet
Ring: Purchased in Ensenada, Mexico
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet

Though this isn't the original styling, I'm showing this picture first because it represents how I felt after I changed the look...relaxed!

The original look with a scarf tied as a ascot, and the shirt tucked.

I removed the scarf from around my neck and tied it on my wrist.

Often times I buy my tops a wee bit too large so that I can tie them in the front. Look minus the scarf.

Top and bottom purchased in two separate stores, but I love how they work together.

To scarf or not to scarf? That is the question.

The wind blew my scarf away. Could that be my answer?

Tell me Lovelies, which way did you like the look; more relaxed, or more corporate? With the scarf, or without the scarf? Do tell {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison


Fashion Orgasm: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Recap S/S 2014!

Hello Lovelies!

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York for spring/summer 2014 coming to an end, I, like the majority of fashion lovers from around the world, have been spending the week in fashion heaven. Though I haven't yet had the privilege to attend the shows live, I have been sitting front row in my own virtual world...right in front of my computer!

Today, I would like to give you a taste of what I simply found beyond FABULOUS, or as Rachel Zoe would say, "On another level." The design houses that I'm going to showcase made me want to bypass the fall season and head right on over to spring/summer 2014. It's just that good. My absolute favorites were Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Nanette Lepore and Michael Kors. I fell in love with the major black & white statement, and then pops of citrus at Lauren. Burch and Lepore made me want to have a garden luncheon with their flirty florals. Look closely at Burch and you'll see how she cleverly cut white leather to resemble a garden lattice. And then there is Kors with his muted subtleties in desert hues and finely woven fabrics. Love! Watch and discover exactly what I mean. Enjoy!

Well, I told you. Wasn't that like having a fashion orgasm? I need a cigarette {wink}



What I Wore: Re-Purposed Top and Pants

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday I had such a huge urge to add something new to my wardrobe. I decided to go through my closet in search of something that I could make new and improved, or...re-purpose. If you saw Fashion University, you would have noticed me wearing a pair of teal slacks. Though I love the cut of the pants, I wasn't too fond of the length. What did I do, I re-purposed them and made them into a pair of capri's. In my opinion, the new length makes for a more interesting pant. After giving my pants an over-haul, I was inspired to do a post with a re-purposed look. The top is also revamped. It was once a too big, t-shirt dress that I purchased from Old Navy several years ago. Check out what I did with it HERE. I think you'll be inspired by today's look. Perhaps you'll visit your closet and decide what you can re-energize. It was fun!

Today's Look:
Pants: Originally from the Loft, but re-purposed.
Top: Originally a dress from Old Navy, but re-purposed.
Sandals: Nine West
Bee Clutch: Originally from Talbot's, but purchased from Refinery 29 Shops
Earrings: Vintage
Ampersand Necklace: Little Things on Etsy.
Horseshoe Bracelet: Polka Dots and Moonbeams (old). Similar HERE
Jeweled Cocktail Ring: The Icing 
Belt: Michael Kors
Sunnies: the Loft Outlet


Original Old Navy Dress

Would you believe that I didn't use either needle or thread with these two projects? I used the miracle product to all "Non-seamstresses" around...Stitch Witchery! What do you think Lovelies? Do you feel inspired to recreated and re-purpose some items in your existing wardrobe? Rather than chucking your clothes you no longer wear, consider this fun and adventurous approach in DIY {wink}


Photographs by Frederick D. Harrison