What I Wore: The Perfect Little White Dress

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling alive and well, feminine and pretty. Is it horrible for me to say I feel pretty? I don't mean it in a conceited sort of way. To be brutally honest, I'm thankful that mother nature has ended her weekly stay with me, that the water weight gain has left, and that I can now fit back into my clothes without them feeling a smidge too tight...goodbye cramps!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, today, I decided to wear a perfect little white dress. This is my way of blowing a kiss to the next 28 days of pure freedom! For today's look, I chose to style a white, puckered, front zippered dress. Here are the details:
Dress: H&M - $24.95
Shoes: Zara (sold out)
Scarf: Glitter Lifestyle Boutique (sold out)
Silver arm candy: TJ Maxx
Silver floral ring: Something Silver (Downtown Disney Anaheim)
Silver hoop earrings: Monet
Phone: Samsung Galaxy

As a side note, if you're wondering where I take my pictures, I live in the historical part of my city. The little downtown portion is very pristine, and lined with brick buildings that host quaint little shops and eateries. This morning we could smell chicken roasting and the sweet smell of cookies baking. Yum!

How do you feel this morning? I hope you're feeling grand. That would bring me so much joy!

Have a pretty day Lovelies {wink}


Photos by Frederick D. Harrison


  1. Super Chic! That dress, oh that dress!

    1. But do you recognize the scarf Myisha?...It is from Glitter :)

  2. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! You little white dress is summer-perfection.

    1. Thank you Patti. It was love at first sight :)

  3. Glenda,
    You look crisp and gorgeous, I love the Zara shoes.
    XX, Elle

  4. You look great in this dress! White on pale skin can look washed out, but in contrast with your gorgeous dark skin it looks really fantastic.

    1. Thank you. I am actually quite obsessed with wearing white. I love it so much!

  5. great look!


  6. Hello, Glenda! So great to meet you. Is this your first Visible Monday? If not, I've missed a great blogger. You are so right that there's a lot of underestimated freedom with the end of our fertile years! I'm even POST-menopausal .. and that's even more relief and more room for good things in ones life!
    Lovely, lovey white dress, and pretty styling with blue. Shoes to envy!
    Sorry to be so slow in response to your post ... I'm usually more timely!

    1. Hi Jan! No worries about being late in responding. We are busy and fabulous women. I completely understand. Yes, this was my first time connecting with Visible Monday. I look forward to the end of my monthly mother nature visits!

      I'm glad you enjoyed So What to Twenty! I'm having such a great time blogging :)


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