Fashion University: Closet Basics 101 (Chic Meeting)

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday!

I'm introducing the first video from my series of videos called, Fashion University! And today, it's back to the basics with Closet Basics 101, with quick tips on organizing your closet for easy outfit selection. Today, I'm going to show you how I pulled a similar look like below together in less than a minutes time. Enjoy the class HERE.

Chic Meeting

Thank you for attending Closet Basics 101. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Oh, and a special round of applause to my hubby Fred for filming and editing. And, if you're wondering about the background music, it's my sons band, the Jazz Lab!

I hope you have a fantastic week Lovelies {wink}



  1. Glenda,
    This was SO well done!! I loved the collage and the Youtube video. The outfit pics were spot on, and I adore the addition of the Disney watch, a bit of humor goes a long way. You look elegant and ready to impress!!
    XX, Elle

    1. Aww thanks Elle! Filming the video was easy. However, the editing was long and tedious. I think I gave my husband a major headache. :/

      I forgot to mention that the background music is my son's band - the Jazz Lab!

  2. Loving the blazer. I practically live in blazers once fall and winter hit.

  3. This is a very chic and classy outfit!

    I would absolutely wear this!
    Love the gray tank top Glenda!

    Thanks so much!

    TheInsideOutBeauty.com | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. You are very welcome Heidi. It's my way of looking not-so-corporate :)

  4. Such a great video, Glenda. So smart. I have a similar storage system, but still dither when making choices!
    Your sons music was a real pleasure ... you must be so proud of him.

    1. Extremely proud Jan! I'm glad you enjoyed the music and video :)


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