The Unpublished

I thought it would be fun to post some of the outfits that didn't make the cut. For various reasons, the below outfits just didn't seem blog worthy. For those of you who blog, you may understand what I'm saying. With each of these outfits, I left the house with a Meh feeling...I didn't feel excited or non-excited. Just an in between feeling that caused me to later leave them unpublished.

With that being said, it is extremely important for me to feel good about what I'm wearing. If not, then the result isn't pretty...just Meh. So here we are, the ones that went unpublished - until now. Let me know what you think.

With this look, the weather was gray and cold and I was irritated by the change in temperature and didn't feel like wearing weather-appropriate clothing. I also believe that the boots have run their course and need to be retired. What I did like was the scarf. Scarves are always fun!

On this day, I just wasn't in the mood for taking pictures. I remember we canceled the shoot and I went back to bed. I was fine with the look, but felt moody.

I couldn't stand this outfit because of the sweater/dress/tunic. I really don't know what it is. It's too long to be a regular sweater and too short for a dress. I can't stand it and wish I didn't buy it. I have styled it in many ways and it just doesn't work.

I can't recall why I didn't publish this outfit. Now that I look at it, it seems fine. Perhaps I was just tired of dressing for fall and wanted it to be done with.

I am greatly influenced by weather. On this day, it was already 80 degrees in the morning. I don't know why I wore a look with thick knee-high socks. I simply felt hot and wasn't feeling my look.

There you have it friends - my unpublished / now published looks. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week, here at So What to Twenty{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy


A Girl Can Dream...Getaway to Maui

I had to change the name of my Sugar Daddy blog series because spying eyes in cyber-world think that I'm either a madam or in need of special services...if you know what I mean. Yep, my email has been inundated with inappropriate messages. So very annoying. The title was just a cheeky name that came from a conversation my husband and I jokingly had, and had nothing to do with __________ (fill in the blank). So, to keep my inbox clean, I have made the decision to change the name of the fantasy wardrobe series to A Girl Can Dream...

If you read my post yesterday called Maui'd, you read that I have been jonesing for another vacation to the tropical paradise. To piggy-back on yesterday's post, today I offer to you a fantasy wardrobe, if money were no object. Enjoy!

A Girl Can Dream...Maui

A Girl Can Dream...Maui by sowhattotwenty featuring flat sandals

Maui is such a gentle and relaxed destination. The items in this capsule wardrobe will blend nicely with the environment and the casual activities that it has to offer. Each piece can take you to a luau, shopping, or relaxing beach side, and much more. Yes, these items are pricey, but a girl can dream...can't she?{wink}

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In July my husband and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage. For our honeymoon, we spent 8 glorious days on the island of Maui, and like most newlywed couples, we were anxious to purchase and sport the famous t-shirts with the words, Just Maui'd scrolled across the front. Lately, I've been thinking about our time in paradise. Our resort sat directly on the ocean front, and each night we slept with our patio doors open. At night, our room was magically lit by the glow from the moon. We were lulled to sleep by the sounds of the waves lapping against the shoreline.  It was beautiful.

Today's post is dedicated to the precious time we spent on Maui, and is a prime example of how location and mood can greatly influence ones clothing choices. Today I feel relaxed and nostalgic for the island...its beauty, its gentle pace...its memories of a time well spent over 20 years ago.
Today's Look: Top-by Koi purchased in a vintage store in Virginia City, Nevada; Shorts-Cut off Old Navy jeans; Sandals-Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack; Straw purse was thrifted for $.50 in Palm Desert, California; Polish is Kyoto Pearl by OPI

Recently, my husband and I have had talks about returning again. I close my eyes and imagine lounging poolside or spending the afternoon exploring the sea by snorkeling. And of course, it wouldn't be a vacation without a little shopping. Right?{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy - the one I maui'd



No, it is not your imagination, nor am I losing my mind. You will notice that, yet again, I am wearing the amazing sandals that I recently purchased by Michael Kors. I guess one could equate this type of behavior to that of a child who has just received a new toy, and continues to play with the toy until the newness wears out. Like a child, I'll continue to play with my new toy until the fascination decreases. However, that may be a long time from now, considering I am quite infatuated with them.

When I first introduced the sandals to you, I wore them with a classic ensemble in a post called On Broadway. Second, I paired them with a more edgy look in Dangerous. Now, I bring another look that shows how amazing the range of style these beauties truly have. Today, I'm wearing them with delicate pieces, a soft and flowing dress and a lovely wide-brimmed hat. How very important it is to invest in quality items that will truly enhance several items in your wardrobe. (tweet this)

Today's Look: Dress-Simply Vera Wang for Kohls, Sandals-Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, Hat-Eric Javitz via Nordstrom (old, but similar HERE)


I adore this outfit. What makes it interesting is the mix of styles. The soft, painterly dress and the hat offer a bit of nostalgia, while the shoes bring into play a more modern and edgy feel. I felt feminine, modern, romantic and playful all rolled into one. I enjoy playing with fashion, while remembering to stick to my personal style{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy



I first introduced these modern, sexy and albeit ultra cool sandals to you earlier this week on a post called On Broadway. Why did I name this post Dangerous? Well, here is how the story goes...

Like most footwear lovers, making a bee-line toward the shoe department is routine, and this shopping trip was no exception. I perused the area in the same manner in which a Hawk watches for its prey. I searched high and low for something that would catch my attention. I found a pair that was interesting, but not drop-dead gorgeous. Suddenly, I rounded the corner and spotted the beauties perched on a shoe display. I immediately dropped the other shoe that I was holding so that my hands would be free to capture the lovely, black patent number. Without hesitation, I swooped them up into my hands and thought to myself, I don't care what they cost, they're coming home with me.

I found a place to sit and to try them on. I slid my right foot into them, and then the left. I stood...they felt like butter. I walked over to the mirror and while giving myself the once-over in the mirror, a fellow shopper came over to me and said, "If I wore those shoes I would break my ankle! I smiled and said, "Believe it or not, they are quite comfortable and dangerously beautiful."

Today's look: Sandals-Michael Kors via TJ Maxx (similar), Pants Pixie Skinny-Old Navy, Sweatshirt-H&M (similar), Backpack (old), Jewelry was purchased while vacationing in Mexico.

Sometimes a girl needs a little danger in her life{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy


When Cranky Is My Middle Name

This would not be a legitimate blog for women if I didn't bring up the touchy subject of hormones. Don't worry though, I'm not going to spat off stats and medical procedures. Instead, I'm going to take the more delicate approach and show you how I provide myself with a bit of comfort when I'm feeling moody, irritable, stressed-out, stank, (insert your favorite word ___________).

Here is my little slice of paradise that gives me the sense of calm that I so desperately need when cranky is my middle name...it's quick and simple and requires just a tiny bit of effort. In my garden grows two of my favorite herbs - organic Lavender and Rosemary. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing qualities, while the Rosemary scent is very therapeutic and carries with it the ability to soothe an aching head. Which is what I needed.

Lavender in my garden

Rosemary in my garden

I venture out into my garden and I cut clippings of each herb, and take them into the house...

Next, I reach for my handy-dandy SpaFinder from Avon (I received this in a women's health conference goody bag). The SpaFinder is a microwavable unit that is used for creating steam. I place water at the bottom of the unit; next a put my two cuttings into the water; I place a moist face towel on top of the water (in the blue caddy); place the lid on the unit and place it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Once I remove the unit from the microwave, you can smell the aroma coming from the 3 tiny holes at the top of the SpaFinder. It smells marvelous. I remove the lid (being careful because it is hot) and allow the towel to cool a bit. Next, I head to a quiet area in my home and place the Lavender and Rosemary infused towel over my face and enjoy inhaling the sweet aroma. Typically I fall asleep while partaking in my aromatherapy treatment.

After a nap, I wake-up to enjoy a tall glass of iced water and a good read, like Darling Magazine, which makes me appreciate my womanhood.

Tell me, what do you do when you feel ___________?{wink}

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Photographs by Glenda