Road Closed

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During my transformational journey, a key observation I have made, is that, in life, on many occasions, the road I'm traveling on could be closed. Whether I have traveled some distance to find it closed ahead, or to just get going to immediately see the sign that says...ROAD CLOSED. Regardless, the inconvenience of it all can cause great disappointment, and leaving me to wonder - Must I take a detour around the closure, or, do I face the fact, that the place I was headed, is not open to me?

I have discovered, that road closures can represent two separate ideas, and it is up to the individual to determine what course of action to take:
  • First, realizing when a path taken just isn't meant to be, or 
  • Two, that getting to that destination is not going to be easy. 

Often times, when the path is not meant to be, there is still the knowing that regardless of its closure, there are plenty of other options available. It's a matter of switching gears and heading in a completely different direction. It takes maturity to embrace the fact that that particular road just isn't an option. And if it is not, there is the hope that something even greater is waiting beyond the horizon. I may not see it yet, but I just know there is something greater waiting for me. Then, on the other hand, the road closure may come with many detours that make getting to the destination longer and more arduous. But never fear, for I know that if I simply adapt patience and follow the detour signs, I am sure to reach my destination.


Dress: ASOS via eBay
Booties: Nine West via eBay (available on Amazon)
Scarf: Anthropologie (many seasons ago)
Wallet by Bosca

So today, I present myself dressed in an outfit that makes it easy to take that drive of uncertainty. Dressed for what I hope for, but prepared to make adjustments. If the journey gets too tough, I am prepared to free myself from unnecessary restraints that bind me. The colorful, patterned dress represents the many options available in life.  The scarf represents being an important part of the plan, or it can be viewed as restraining; a wallet that houses money and my identification; and the booties represent my stylish form of transportation. The road ahead may be more difficult, it may be easy, or it may be closed. But regardless...


I am prepared to enjoy the journey and keep on steppin'.

To be continued...{wink}

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Photographs by Freddy


The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide is HERE!!

Hi Friends!

With all my talk about taking a journey and transforming into a butterfly (smile), I thought I'd take a little break and present you, my faithful followers, with something special...at least in my opinion.

I sat down and dedicated myself to creating The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide - the Fashion Guide that Doesn't Go Out of Style. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. In it you'll find a list of clothing and accessories that I find to be staples in the ultimate fall wardrobe. Many of you may try to view this Guide on your mobile device, unfortunately, it isn't available for them. But please, come back and enjoy it from your PC. On page 14 & 15 you'll notice that there are rich text links for you to discover. Now, sit back and enjoy a nice cup of tea and flip through The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide. When you're done, be sure to leave me a comment. I would love to read your opinions. Happy Shopping!

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The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide

Have a marvelous week {wink}

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Dark Liquid

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Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. 
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Last night I spent a quiet evening alone at home. At one point, I decided to scroll through Instagram, when I was fortunate enough to come across a photo of artist, Joni James of An Artful Closet. In the photograph, Joni stood boldly before me with a butterfly tattoo on her back. I was immediately captivated by this image, not only because of the sly way in which Joni showed off her tattoo, but because I have a great fondness for butterflies. In recent years, I have noticed butterflies hovering around me just before something awesome happens in my life... 

After seeing Joni's Instagram image, I decided to pay her blog a visit and read her latest post called, Three Times a Charm. In the post, Joni explains her reasoning behind her ink art. She then goes on to say, "Did you know that a caterpillar doesn't just wrap herself in a cocoon and grow wings? It completely breaks down into a dark liquid. It reforms itself into a new creature." Though I somewhat knew about the butterfly transformation, I had no idea that it broke down into a liquid and completely reforms itself. I was intrigued by this information. My new finding immediately struck a cord within me and my own journey of transformation.

I ponder the stages of life for the caterpillar (click HERE for more information), and find that the stages run eerily parallel with my own...the growing pains (dealing with the disappointments), times of ravenous hunger (not feeling satisfied with what I have), times of vulnerability (dark liquid - my current stage), and then moments of miraculous expansion (oh how I long for and anticipate this stage). 

So today, in my time of vulnerability, I cover myself in dark liquid by wearing an entirely black ensemble with the exception of the crystal accessories that represent the shiny chrysalis that caterpillars surround themselves with while this miraculous transformation takes place; and a magazine clutch purse that represents my hope for what is to come.
Ottoman Sleeveless Dress: Loft
 Black Sunnies: Loft Outlet (options HERE)
Caged Sandals by Michael Kors (options Nordstrom.com)
Magazine Clutch Purse (options on Amazon)


In the meantime, I sit quietly while this transformation takes place, for I know, that with time and patience, the outcome will far exceed what my mind could have ever imagined. There will come a day, when from the dark liquid, shall emerge a lovely creature that flutters amongst the flowers; hovering about, in search of a peaceful place where it shall land.

To be continued...{wink}

No. 1 in this series is called Confident. Click CONFIDENT to begin the journey.

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Photographs by Freddy



Confident is #1 in a series: Stay Connected by following one or more of the networks at the end of this post.

Confident: Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured. 

If you haven't noticed, I added my mantra to my blog header - Viable, Confident, and can still rock a look, so, So What to Twenty! Sometimes I feel like I should stick out my tongue in a child-like fashion after making this statement. Not that I believe that the mantra is childish. On the contrary, I believe that these words are very poignant for more seasoned women. I guess my wanting to stick out my tongue stems from the desire to taunt certain people for trying to make me feel otherwise. Have I told you I'm 48 years young?

In a world that constantly bombards us with images of beautiful and viable as a 20ish, waif-like girl woman, I have found that during this stage in my life, I have to dawn my boxing gloves, step into the ring, and fight for my confidence and viability even more so. Truth be told, it is sometimes quite difficult to have an enormous amount of confidence when every time you open a magazine or watch television your age group is cast as The Mother (don't get me wrong, being a mother brings me much joy), or The Dejected Wife. I, too, can sometimes feel defeated and unaccomplished. But by who's standards? One of my favorite romance novels was written by Nicholas Sparks and is called Nights in Rodanthe. I adored this book (which was later made into a movie) because the two lead characters were in the 40 to 50 age range. They met and fell in love in a mature, romantic way. And as we all know, Hollywood loves to give the mature male lead character a 20-something romantic interest. It was refreshing to see a women of a certain age represented as desirable, independent and strong. Though the end of the story is heartbreaking, it can also be celebrated. The two individuals, through their love for one another, were able to reconnect with areas in their past that allowed them to move forward successfully to their futures. This is where I am today.

With that being said, I find myself on a journey. Not a superficial journey that simply looks at clothing as an outward display of confidence. No, this journey is so much more deeper and relevant for the Glenda of today (and perhaps others who follow So What to Twenty!). I have found myself revolting against the rules, that we women, have just gone along with for ages. For one, you may have noticed the abundance of silver now on show on my head. I have decided to stop trying to look younger and look the age that I am. I am finished with the dye and have chosen to embrace my silver. There is a song written by the incomparable, India.Arie, called I Am Not My Hair that is so perfect for how I am feeling at this time in my life:
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no no
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am a soul that lives within

I have taken this significant step so that I can stop living my life through the expectations of others, which keep me living in the past. Why do we dye our hair? Is it to appear younger than we are, or is it a much deeper and complex issue? I believe the latter to be true. I enter this journey to find peace with myself so that I can move forward. I write this post, not as a fashion post, but a post that looks within. I have chosen to wear the simplest of pieces - a scarf tied on my arm that shows a rebellious spirit, creativity and individuality. A crinkled, strapless dress that doubles as a skirt. It forms with ease to my figure. It is uncomplicated, yet, it plays with my silver curls and demonstrates an inner boldness with its bright citrus contrast against the silver. Perhaps it makes a subtle statement on its own about its wearer...I may be seasoned, but I am seasoned with boldness and a zest for life{wink}

Today I Will:  
Discover My Inside Out Beauty
In my quiet times, I will quiet the outside interferences and enjoy my inner voice.
A perfect way to enjoy peace is by listening to this music:
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Photographs by Freddy



When I was a teenager, I remember my mother saying to me, while I woofed down a cheeseburger, "You can eat like that now, but when you reach my age, you'll have to be careful." She was so right. The last time I wore the dress I'm wearing in today's post was almost a year ago to this date. I wore the dress for the blog in a post called Mellow Yellow. Its not that I haven't had the desire to wear my dot-to-dot dress. The simple fact is that I had picked up extra weight in the middle and it made the dress super uncomfortable. So, like most people when they gain weight, I tucked it away to the rear of my closet in hopes that someday I would be able to wear it again. Well, that someday has arrived!

When I picked up the weight, I was very disappointed in myself. I'm not a big eater...anymore, so I knew the extra pounds came from me becoming to relaxed on my workouts. It was up to me to up the ante. And that is exactly what I did by intertwining my home exercise with an intense boot-camp that was hosted by my city community center. Before long, the unwanted weight began to melt away and I was able to slide back into my favorite dresses. Some of them are even a bit to lose and need to be altered.

Today's Look: Dot dress from Loft (old) Option HERE, Sandals: Zara (old), Clutch is Talbots via Refinery 29 (Options HERE), Cat-eye sunnies purchased from the gift shop at the Getty Center (Options HERE).


Wouldn't it be great if we could flip a switch that would regulate our weight when we become completely satisfied with it? What do you do when you find your clothing is getting a bit snug? It was important for me to lose the weight because the pieces in my wardrobe are the same size. It would be awful to not be able to wear my clothing...awful and expensive. My dot-to-dot dress was my wake-up call{wink}
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Photographs by Freddy


Zen City

I'm just returning from a 5-day road trip to the Grand Canyon (Arizona) and Las Vegas (Nevada)...

My husband had a cousin who married in Vegas, so over 40 members of the Harrison clan made the trek to Sin City, for a few days, to witness the nuptials and to just enjoy a good ol' fashioned family vacation. Since we were headed to Vegas, my husband and I thought it would be nice to head out to Arizona first so that our sons could experience the glorious Grand Canyon. My parents had taken my sister and I to the Canyon when we were teenagers and I always remembered how magnificent it truly was. After our stay in the Canyon, we then headed toward Vegas, but first we made a pit-stop at Hoover Dam. One should never go to Vegas without visiting the wonders of Hoover Dam. It's a must see! Since we became parents, my husband and I have always embraced the idea of making our vacations somewhat of an educational experience as well.

I must say that my families little excursion culminated two types of experiences. The Grand Canyon, with its up close and personal connection with nature was very zen-like, (at points, it was so quiet that it felt as if life stood completely still), while our days in Sin City were very fast paced and hectic. I found myself trying to recapture our time in the Canyon. I guess one could say our vacation was somewhat of an oxymoron. But nonetheless, we had a great time. I especially enjoyed watching my sons enjoy the Canyon. It is such a joy re-experiencing life through their young eyes. My husband and I also relished in the idea of being unplugged. Occasionally we did share some photos here and there, but 99.9% of the time was spent living in the moment. It was refreshing. So, here are some shots from our vacation. Don't look for any fashion pictures. You'll be disappointed. Only on one short occasion did I make a little detour into the mall in Vegas (smile). Enjoy!

Entrance into the South Rim portion of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Wild animals roamed freely and undisturbed
Take a moment to watch this incredible ring dance. You'll be amazed! You'll hear me saying, Oh my gosh, throughout. Also, toward the end I lost control of my phone because I tried to avoid a hornet.

Posing with the Hopi Native Americans. We felt such a connection with them.
The chief enjoyed talking with my husband

We're the kings of the world! My sons couldn't believe their eyes

Don't worry, my son was safe. This portion of the Canyon has levels that you could walk down. He is standing on a ledge. 


My men

Me and my babies

Playing around

LAS VEGAS (Nevada)
The Water Show at the Bellagio

Watching my hubby and his older brother play with the children

A little stroll along the strip with the boys grandfather (my husband's dad)

Iconic fashion brands line the strip, and always make me want to shop!

So, I popped into a more reasonably priced store...Zara

I think I need this skirt in my wardrobe
On to the Venetian for the wedding reception

Over the top opulence

Yum - wedding cake

Overall, we had a blast!

Back to reality. Now it is time to get our sons ready for the coming school year. Soon the slow pace of summer will come to an end and I'll be back to chauffeuring my sons back and forth to various school activities. I can still smell the pine from the trees in the Canyon. I can still hear the sounds of the coins dropping from slot machines. I can still feel the hot desert sun against my skin. Vacation never seems quite long enough. At least this one is lingering{wink}

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Video and Photographs by Freddy & Glenda